Saturday, February 2, 2008

at last(?)

when my memory card for my camera broke the other day, i have decided that i need to buy a new one. but due to some folds and twists of event, i ended up buying a new mobile phone instead. i have just thought that i've been using 3210 for quite sometime now, probably 5 months, that even the device itself is knocking me for it's retirement.

1. it could no longer make or receive calls more than two minutes.
2. its battery life is only around 5 hours without using it and 3 hours for regular use (that is around 50 short sms). thus i am required to bring over a charger everyday at work.
3. and the most annoying reason of all is that contacts who maximize their unlimited text promos keep on forwarding atleast 3part forwarded messages that often times being sent to me twice, eating up my bloody 20 messages inbox capacity. in addition, these irritating messages blocks other very important messages going in to my phone and ended up coming a day after the sender sent it. how nice is that?

so i took the risk of making a step further and embrace the push of modern advances.
yesterday, my friends drove me to a nearby mall after work and looked for one. i don't have any preferences at all. as long as i would be able to make and take calls and it has a good camera resolution as a plus that would be fine for me.

after a long and tiring walking and bargaining from stalls to stalls, i have finally ended up getting a sony ericsson cybershot. i was actually hesitant at first because it would be my first time to have a sony ericsson for a mobile phone. i have been a samsung user for all my life until my last samsung phone broke and led me in using 3210. the features are quite nice and most of all, it has 3.0 mp for its camera resolution quite big for a mobile phone. although its a second hand item, i was able to have it for a very reasonable price with the actual serialized box and all the original accesories that came with it (or so i thought).

okay, now, i am regretting. i should have just bought the memory card as originally planned. impulsive me! bang!


Kiks Phulumulu said...

mukhang maganda naman ang cellphone. mas sanay ako sa nokia pero sony can be pretty interesting. ang micro-SD nga lang ay mahal at tanging SOny lang ang nababagay.

but otherwise, winner pa rin ang sony. you will learn to love it now that it lays naked and ready to fire in your hands. ;-)

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

w0w! c00l!

jericho said...

ayaw mo sa phone? sige bili ka ng MC... akin na lang ang phone... hehe. Impulse buying gives a high and then you bang your head afterwards. goodluck with the phone!

wanderingcommuter said...

kiks: yeah, probably i will learn how to love the new phone too. ay yun nga lang. totoo, i tried looking for the micro-SD, sobrang mahal!!!

bulaangkatotohanan: hahaha...thanks! ganun talaga ang reaksyon eh no?

jericho: hahaha. pwede rin! nyahahah. biro lang...haay, mapapalaki ata ang gastos ko nito micro-sd pa lang ng phone ko. wala pa yung sd mc ng camera. tsktsk!!! madami na akong bukol, actually!

Coldman said...

bigay mo na lang sa kin. dyuk.

impulsive! Hahaha!

wanderingcommuter said...

alin yung 3210? hahaha!

Anino said...

Using cellphone for taking pics instead of a real camera?Why you're at it,use your hand to comb your hair instead of a real suklay.

wanderingcommuter said...

anino: hahaha. paano mo nalaman? seryoso hindi ako nagsusuklay. my hair is short na for the past two years. so i just used my fingers to comb it. compare before. hehehe!