Wednesday, June 27, 2007

film spoiler: silip

(for the sake of posting something)

the other day, i've met a couple of dating friends while passing gateway on my way home. they've snatched me to the next nearby mall to watch the movie, silip directed by joel lamangan. since the said film was not shown in gateway. despite the exhaustion and sleepiness i kept on struggling against with, i joined them just to stand with my kaladkarin reputation.

aside from the fact that most of the people i knew wanted to watch the film as well, i was also intrigued by the movie as it was the only r-18 film that was allowed by sm to be shown among its cinema after it put a r-18 ban early last year (i think). probably there was something innovatively and aestheticaly wonderful about it, i thought.

the cinema fee was only P90 only. cheaper than the cinema fee of gateway but far too expensive from our provincial cinema which was only p30, may kadobol pa'ng bold (as quoted by a close friend).

there were only a number of people inside the cinema house mostly are couples and i just don't want to dwell on that anymore. after the movie, the only thing i've said to my friends was, " what a waste of 90 pesos!"

why?3 reasons.

first, both actresses, diana zubiri and franscine prieto always had the same, very monotonous acting attacks for all of their roles, that would basically include this film. they always have the exaggerated naive eyes and the over rated flirty lips. in other words, the bold starlet-like acting attack. it seemed like there were no progress on their acting skills, considering the fact that they have been on this field for quite a while.

second, the story. it was very very very very very very predictable, i could just swear in the name of my ever wonderful discounted air bed that it was 'freakin' (all conotations and denotations included) predictable. even the attempt of creating the 'ununsual' twist was a big boo-boo. it failed to give substance on the story that eventually gave nothing new to the film. bottomline, it is a 1 and half hour of a raw and undeliberated film story concept that was not aesthetically elaborated nor thoroughly put into consideration.

and lastly, the director. this would be the third strike of joel lamangan for making me walk out a cinema house frustrated after watching his film. strike one: zsa zsa zaturnah the movie, in which was first introduced as a local pinoy comic, was directed by him. adding up characters, lame comic punch lines and getting zsazsa padilla as the film heroin were among the factors i consider as the downfall of the film. no wonder tanghalang pilipino mounted it again. strike two: midnight dancer that was tagged as lamangan's coming out film. well, just see it to understand. there are just too many things i have to critic about this film that would make me open another blogsite to write it down. but i must say, this would be in exception to the 'great' cherry pie picache who was able to carry the film out from total wreckness. i could still remember one of her lines: "genius talaga ang umimbento ng tite." that would be put into the rank of the famous lines of philippine cinema like cherry gil's "you're nothing but i second rate, trying hard copy cat" and nora aunor's "my brother is not a pig. ang kapatid ko ay hindi baboy ramo."

and the third strike, will be silip. i just want to rest my case.

on my opinion after consecutively loving him through the films sabel, i love you (i dunno how to spell the japanese words for it, so just to play safe), kadre, death row, laro sa baga, tuhog among others, it seemed like his aestical skills are slowly fading away at the very least. i really don't know what his intentions could be. it could probably be he is just giving some breaks to rising actors and actresses: if this would be his stepping stone in becoming a full pledge porn director or he is just getting too old for these crap! well, nobody knows!

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