Wednesday, April 30, 2008

have you ever wondered, where they are now?

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last night's dream was totally out of this generation and would probably be the weirdest dream i ever had. it was about meeting and actually working with movie artists of my childhood. but like most of my other dreams i forgot the details of it, sorry.

then i thought where are these artists now?

if you do have any information about them can you post please post a comment of it. i am really curious about there life and where abouts. thanks!

10. cynthia luster

cynthia luster is a japanese martail artist and actress who extended her talent during the early 1990s in the philippines. i first remembered her as fara's sided kick in the tv flick, bioman. but i forgot her character's name. she made more or less 10 filipino films. b when action film was being replaced by ST films in the mid of 1990s, her stardom was beginning to flunctuate and she ended up going back to her home country.

9. anjanette abayarri

one of the most sexiest women during the 90s. if she'll still be in the industry, probably she would still make her way in the FHM sexiest list.
8. red sternberg at bojo molina

well, the last things i've heard from these guys are red is working in a call ceenter, which would probably be a rumor. while bojo is managing full time his bar somewhere in the metro.

7. priscilla almeda

she started as abbi viduya in that's entertainment. then went to priscilla almeda when she made a comeback, to do sexy films in the latter part of 1990s.
i just wondered what her name is now and what she's up to.

6. antonette taus

popularly known as one of the main cast of the hit teen show, tgis in the late 1990s. she paired one of the most eligible bachelor in the countrty at present, dingdong dantes.
the last thing i've heard from her was, she went to california to try her singing career. but up until now, we never heard anything from her again.
i wonder if she is or still bitter with karylle?
and would you believe her online fan site is still active and ongoing? hehehe.

5. tom taus jr

if there is antoinette taus, there should also be his brother tagging along.

believe it or not, he happens to be my role model when i was growing up. when he played cedie the munting prinsipe movie for star cinema. after he reached puberty and his pimples were going out of control, i never heard anything from him again.
4. serena dalrymples

she would definitely be tom taus' counter part for me. serena has made her way among the list of the most notable child actress of the philippine film industry. she was the only child actress that made me cry in the film: bata, bata, paano ka ginawa.
okay, i admit. i also cried at agatha tapan's portrayal of trudis liit... as much as its hard to admit.

3. leandro baldemor

before jay manalo, he ruled the world of sexy men. he was probably the only man that could make a last wo/man standing against rosanna roces. now, i don't know where the heck is he. if i am not mistaken, i think i saw him in the latest episode of MMK.

2. amanda page

probably after tatsulok, i haven't heard anything from her again. i even remembered one time, i was already on the verge of texting this local showbiz show that has a segment in which they'll answer any of their viewer's showbiz question. unfortunately, i still lack the guts of doing so. sigh!

but still, for me, she is one of the most brilliant actresses we have in the industry. atleast during those times and i'm also lookign forward for her come back.

1. and finally, liz alindogan

most of the younger generation wouldn't probably know this actress. but for some personal reason i happen to know her and i think even one of the bloggers i know know this person. right, nova? hehehe.

anyhow, before ST and bomba films. wet look reigned the cinema houses in cubao and recto. and liz alindogan happnes to be one of the most successful sexy stars during those times. and this i wrote without any personal biases at all.

*sorry for being so show off, about my expertise in the field of philippine show business. basically, that's what you get when your mom rears you in watching only showbiz news shows every sunday since we were kids.

**to end it all, isn't it just right to be curious where they are now?


Abou said...

mukhang me plano ka atang i revive ang kanilang career a, he he.

uy, dame salamat talaga sa comment mo sa post ko, di ko akalain magustuhan mo yun. :-)


may nakalimutan ka..

si heart evangelista.

red riding odin hood said...

hahahaha uu nga asan na si heart evangelista?!

mrs.j said...

migs of manilagayguy
has pix of tom taus na recent.. infairness malik ang pinagbago..baka maging role model mo sia ulit!

mrs.j said...

si heart eh kapuso na!

jericho said...

eh si crispin at basilio? chos! ganda template natin ah

the donG said...

hindi ko na rin alam kung nasaan na sila. hehehe... sila pala mga pinapanaginipan mo.

red riding odin hood said...

hahahahaha si heart kapuso! kapuso si heart hahahahahaha gets

totoo? eew!

blackdarkheart said...

si red yeah convergys alabang sya. hr personnel.


blackdarkheart said...

si red yeah convergys alabang sya. hr personnel.


♥nova-san said...

Hmm... well I don't know any of these actors/actresses! Well, except for Liz Alindogan, of course. Hahaha. I wonder what she's up to now? That picture of her is so funny. Is she supposed to be looking sexy? Because, no offense, but she looks like she has gas or something. Hahaha! Don't tell her I said so!

You know, I wouldn't mind having my fifteen minutes of fame, earning some money in the process, and then disappearing. It's better to be known as a "has-been" than a "never-been." =)

wanderingcommuter said...

abou: oo, bagong career path ko ang maging talent manager. hahaha.

kj/ red: si heart evangelista tulad ng sinabi nila ay kapuso nah. at dahil sa pagiging jumper din ata kaya siya natanggal as endorser ng sunsilk. hehehe. pinalitan siya ni nikki gil.

nrs. j: hahaha. maganda yan. gusto ko siyang makita ulit.

jericho: special thanks kay nova san. hehehe!

the dong: kaadikan man subalit oo sila nga ang napapanaginipan ko. hahaha

black dark heart: hmmm, pwede kaya ako mag apply dun para lang makita ulit siya.

novasan: nop, the picture is supposed to be a part of a porn video. since i don't want to watch the entire thing, i just decided to save the first part of the video. whic h happens to be this.

liz, is already living in bf parañaque and already has a family there. i think she is into movie and theater producing. papataubin daw niya si mother lily. hehehe

Niel Camhalla said...

e si harold pineda, rodel velayo at leonardo litton kaya, asan na?

Aracir said...

nakakamiss tung mga taong 'to.

i think si Leandro nga yung sa MMK, yung episode ni Carlo Aquino.

Diablo said...

wow, u took interest to write about these nawawalng kalabaw ah. hehe.

leo baldemor was a hottie, i think he still does tv extra.

and i heard he has a rich gay benefactor? lol, sino nga ba naman ng ex-sexy star na walang ganitong balita?

un lang, am sad about amanda too.

and red, cute kid, that red.

Mugen said...

Amanda Page... I miss her.

amicus said...

oo nga. nasan na ang magkapatid na taus? hehe. dati kyut na kyut yung nanay ko kay ceddie.

The Gasoline Dude said...

Hindi ko ata kilala si Liz Alindogan. Hahaha! = P

tapsiboy said...

oh yes! abby viduya! I lab herrr!

Toilet Thoughts said...

Hehe. di ko rin kilala si Liz Alindogan. hehe

Tapos, si Amanda Page, baket ang naalala ko sa kanya, ay bilang isang bold star?

At para kay Heart E., sabi ng kaibigan ko, mekakabit daw na malas yan. Lahat daw ng napapair sa kanya biglang nilalangaw ang career. Si Geoff lang ang nakaligtas kasi di nmn masyado nalink. hehe ala lng.

MakMak said...

I remember Francisco Martin 'Kiko' Vergel De Dios in TGIS. Aw. Crush ko pa naman yun dati. Lol.

gerrycho said...

antoinette guested once in goodtimes with mo, never heard the whole thing though, overprotective answers -- too boring...

you wonder where the hell is LA Lopez? nyahaha!

Coldman said...

Hahaha! sorry pero di ko talaga kilala yung Liz Alindugan!

asan na ba si Anna Luna?

dabo said...

so it finally solidifies.. like what you said kahapon.. hala maka-showbiz ka nga.. anyway kamusta na rin kaya si nini jacinto?

--hugs and kisses-- angelina jolie...

dabo said...

aww seksi seksi ni nini he he he.. gamit ang mahiwagang wig ni priscilla almeda..

wanderingcommuter said...

niel: hindi ka naman kaya parokyano ng mga rated R na pelikula noh. actually naiisp ko din sila. si harold pineda medyo nag eextra extra pa rin siya. si rodel velayo ayun kasal na dun sa sexy star din. although nalimutan ko yung name. si leonardo litton, ay ewan. baka bumalik ng pampanga. hahaha. parang close kami eh noh.
dati pala kasi akong sexy star din. hahaha.

aracir: uy, namiss niya. sino kaya sa mga taong yan, siya na link? hehehe.

diablo: hahaha. eto ang tinatawag na lack of magagawa. hahaha. sana nga pag minsan pinapakilala din ang mga rich gay benefactor nila. para hidni lang sila yun sumikat. hehehe

mugen: nasan na nga talaga kaya siya? hmm..

amicus: hehehe, baka nasa california pa rin. naku, magkakasundo kami ng nanay mo.

the gasoline dude: hmmm...kapag nakamalisya ka na nuong mga 1980s. baka kilala mo siya, kundi tanong mo sa mas nakakatanda sa iyo. hahaha.

tapsiboy: hehehe. gustong gusto ko siya sa pelikulang SUTLA.

toilet thoughts: wala ka pa sigurong malisya bago matapos ang 1980s kaya ganun.
actually nagsimula ata talaga siya sa pagpapasexy pero nakitaan ng talent kaya yung mga sumunod na pelikula niya hindi na ganun ka daring. hehehe.

uyy, magandang observations yang kay heart. naku, sana itambal sa kanya yung anak ni joey marquez para mawala na sa showbiz. isa talaga siya sa mga hiwaga ng industriya, bakit nagtatagal. hahaha.

makmak: oo nga, crush mo nga siya. kabisado mo ang haba ng pangalan ng character niya. at character pa lang yan. hehehe.

gerrycho: oo nga natatandaan ko nga yun. pero medyo matagal na rin yun. hahaha. naglaban pa sila sa kantahan ni mojo. hahaha..

hahaha. naku, inaalala ko palang yung kanta niyang yakap. parang tinatakwil na ng sistema kong alalahanin siya. hehehe..

coldman: hahaha. ipagtanong tanong mo sa mga nakakatanda.

dabo: hahaha. pinandigan ko ba masyado? hahaha! naku, hindi ko masyadong nasubaybayan career ni nini jacinto. madalang kasi siyang laman ng showbix shows. teka, tanong ko sa nanay ko. hahaha!

--Mr. N. hahaha

> Vanny said...

hey hey! natatawa ako sa post mo. at baket mo sila hinahanap? wanna manage them? kiddin.

nice layout btw. love gren so much! ^_^

Ely said...

i know them all except Liz Alindogan?

Leandro Baldemor happens to be a cousin of my brother in law. I saw him when i went to Laguna recently. He ran for re-election as a councilor (?) in Paete, Laguna pero natalo na ata.

Si Antonette, di ba nasa US? Baka tuloy pa rin pag-aaudition sa Hollywood. Si Heart nasa GMA na. LOL. Wala sa list mo si Dominic Ochoa at Carlos Agassi.

Myungwoo42 said...

Si Leandro andito lang poh sa paete laguna...having a good life with his beloved wife...i know him a lot beacause we are kababayans and i always see almost everyday at his house near the downtown paete, minsan nakatambay lang sya sa kape kesada a famous coffee shop here in paete...he is fun to be with guy...i hope he could another break in showbiz so that we here in paete could be proud again to have such a good talent like him...

Anonymous said...

Si Nini Jacinto sana may mag revive ng career niya. hottie kase yun at ganda tlaga. Sayang at panahon ng burlesk nung pumasok siya sa showbiz. Siguro kung ngayon lang ang kabataan niya sa showbiz eh mala marian rivera siya. Hay. Mas ok pa nga siya kaysa kay diana zubiri na nakasurvive sa burlesk era. sana may makapansin sa kanya. Hottie pa rin iyon hanggang ngayon for sure.