Thursday, February 28, 2008

for every man

it is everywhere, women empowerment. bold, italicized, underscored with a smiley icon at the end.

i watch it, i hear it, i read it, i study it, i even interact with it.

indeed, society is ever changing. i could say that our society nowadays, is more vigilant and aware of our individual rights, more particular to gender. the sexuality (biological) that was once (or up until now) deemed as lower than the other is now making a stand for equity. while the issue of gender (social) is making its own way as well when it comes to acceptance and recognition.

i have always been an advocate for social equity (not equality,) particularly in the concept of class, race and gender. but after reading the poem of simone de beauvoir, for every man, i have realized a different perspective regarding gender advocacy. i realized that for every advocacy that we pursue, we fail to recognize that the opposite party also has a right that we should consider as we go about our goal/s.

the poem, basically states that, patriarchy is not always a one way inclination or advantageous to the male gender. it argues that both sexes are actually victims of the system and i am saying this not because i am a man but as an individual who have realized something he thinks is important.
to quote one of the lines of the poem: for every woman who cries, there is a man who is holding his tears. come to think of it, while women are deemed to have the stereotypes and prejudices of being emotional. men are also suffering the consequences of being a patriarch. simply because they are expected to be strong because if not the prejudice and discrimination of being a homosexual, eventhough he is not, would likely follow. although being homosexual couldn't be deemed as something negative, but in the status of our society as of the moment, unfortunate it still is.

being emotional is deemed to be weak because it is putting your emotions above your rationale. in addition, being emotional is also being idealistic rather than practical. these are characteristics that are believed to dispower an individual in a particular society.

yesterday, i took a sit after wandering around trinoma thinking where to go or what to do. then i overheard these three highschoolish-kikay-looking girls with those really annoying fake eyelashes while having frap on the next table. they were actually talking about their boyfriends. the girl with the longest eyelashes with a freaking highlights on it said that,
"well its his responsibility to drive me home everyday. i don't care if he has something else to do or what not. he's a man and a man should take care of his girl friend very well whatever may it take."

from the looks of it, it seemed like this girl wasn't beenfetched by his boy friend that day after school. so she was frustratingly (and annoyingly) telling it to her girl friends, which instead of pacifying her actually push her more to get mad to her boyfriend.

"i don't care what happened to him. i don't care if he bumped his car, or his mom wanted him to drive her or he got sick. i no longer believe of his alibis. he is so unfair."

wow!!! talking about fairness, girl!

well, i just hoped i made my point.



i got ur point. mentally i meant. LOL.

Portable Bitch said...

that girl's stupid..

she's oh-my-f*cking-vagina stupid..

jericho said...

a discourse on feminism? hehe prep na ba ito for March 8?..;)

♥Nova-san said...

Just browsing through and saw that you're a fellow Filipino, and studying law...

Anyway, that girl at the mall that you described is the type that gives the genuine strong woman a bad name. She is the enemy of the feminist movement, and it's no small wonder that her boyfriend didn't pick her up.

wanderingcommuter said...

kj: hahaha... well, thats a good start

portable bitch: funny, because i actually felt the same thing.

jericho: sorta...advance IDVAW (international day tooot violence against woman---shet nalimutan ko na!!!)

nova san: hi, thanks for dropping. hehehe... why? where are you located at ba?
haay, well, like most of what we considered as enemies is just a matter of educating. hehehe.

Anino said...

Mga istiryotipong dapat basagin!

DN said...

mmmm... women want to be treated equally. but they also want to keep the "girly benefits". hindi equal un. hahahaha.

dapat pati hirap maranasan din nila.

bitter? lol.

Fjordan Allego said...

Yes, you do have a point! madalas dahil na rin sa ka-abnormalan ng mundong ginagalawan natin (pagiging selfish natin) tinatawag nating unfair ang maraming bagay.. where's the equality? Its unfair!

ang gulo ko nu? hhaha!!!