Sunday, February 3, 2008

simple public service

earlier, while i was walking along katipunan after i had breakfast in a nearby carenderia, i saw this post. if not for my full stomach i should have walk faster and not notice it. in a way, i felt the desperation of the family of this person to find him, considering the physical challenges he have.

then i realized, everyday, we tend to think of doing something good to our fellowmen (at least for me). but sometimes the busy and hustling metropolitan life can make us oversee those simple and noble things that are already infront of our faces.

i remember weber, when he contended that urban people are not apathetic. its just that they are so preoccupied in running along with the fast paced metropolitan life that is why they fail to see other people who needs their help.

thus, i am asking you. have you ever tried taking a halt and look at such posts as you go along your way everyday?
yes, indeed there might be some photocopy posts such as the one above that is near impossible to decipher the actual person's appearance and even recognize them if you'll happen to pass across them. but nonetheless, i am still willing to take the chance.

if you can please post a link or a picture in your blog. let's try helping the family of this person to know his whereabouts. thank you.


Bulaang Katotohanan said...

hmm mahilig ako magbasa kaya binabasa ko ang lahat pati yung mga leaflet na iniaabot sa akin. ill post a link.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad that these people are missing. I always felt that these people's organs have been harvested by criminals already.

Marocharim said...


pardon the correction: when you referred to alienation in metropolitan life, it wasn't max weber. i distinctly remember that it was georg simmel who talked about metropolitan life in his work "metropolis and the urban life," or something like it.

anyway, i feel kind of sad: i'm reminded of simmel yet again. our preoccupation with "objective culture" sort of corrodes our sense of community. we obsess ourselves so much with getting a living and earning money that we forget those who have less, those who really need help.

good for you, fwend!

DN said...

grabe, nasa may amrikina-bayan din ang panawagan na 'yan...

wanderingcommuter said...

bulaangkatotohanan: its nice to know na hidni ako nag iisa. hehehe! salamat sa pagpost ng link.

bino: hala! oo nga noh. parang touristas lang. ang sad naman nun...nag alala tuloy ako.

marx: dahil lumuwas ka naman ng baguio at kasama kita kanina...hehehe. uulitin ko na lang sinabi ko. i stand corrected! hidni po yun si weber, si simmel daw ang nagsabi...

dn: ang sigasig pala talaga nun...haaay. sana makita na siya