Tuesday, February 19, 2008


aside from survival, one of man's biggest problem in life is finding the truth. come to think of it, in almost everything that we do in life, there is always the struggle of finding truth for us to believe and react in.
as simple as living at home, where we tend to look and work as a group to answer our family's issues.at the office, where we work to foresee and address the truth with regard to the outcomes of our professional fields and to achieve its goal. and most especially at school, where we keep on looking for the correct answers in our exams, in formulating truth as we create and debate for a discussion in class and in writing essays to fabricate our opinions.
probably the most concrete thing to explain it is our politics, where it is presently more prevalent between the administration and opposition that is currently headed by jun lozada regarding the ZTE scandal. everyone is claiming that they are telling the truth. but obviously between the two ironic claims there should always be one who is telling a lie.
probably by now, basing from my previous posts, you should know which side i am at. but my stand is not with regard to what my ideology lies nor what my previous experience had been. this is simply depending on the consistencies the claims are being delivered by both parties.
everybody should know by now the details of this controversy. who wouldn't? its been in almost on all news paper (broadsheet or tabloid), radio air waves and it is also being aired for almost every hour in the television. even the internet tells a lot about it.
on my opinion, the truth lies in what jun lozada is claiming. the consistencies of his claims to what jose de venecia jr. earlier exposed are outstandingly and strongly intact and perfect. it even didn't fall against the tough interpellations of various individuals of the administration who are also associated with the scandal which includes the PNP chief of staff, DENR secretary, and the malacanang.
in addition, it just so obvious that the defense of the administration is so fabricated. funny because they were the one who is actually complicating it. in which, they are tanggled with their own complications leaving them pointing into their own noses at the end of the day.
nonetheless, there were some who would claim that filipinos are already exhausted with all the people power issues that the most opposition wing is clamoring. where they are being asked in going to the streets, chanting and asking for the resignation of these people who they believe are involved. that is why they are some who opt not to join to such issues anymore. i could not deny this fact as much as really want to. probably such actions might be indeed already faced out and could no longer be as effective or attracting as it was used to be during the people power 1 and 2. but come to think of it, this is the one of the most effective venue any democratic country could act upon in expressing their disgust or discontentment to their government. nobody has the right to complain if s/he doesn't do anything about what s/he is complaining about, that is the mortal rule for me.
i may not be as gullible as i look but i can say i actually am. but recognizing this characteristic in me made me realize to be very cautious on everything that i believed and should believe in. i am just hoping that it is the truth i am believing.


thesocialcritic said...

this whole zte/nbn issue is very tiring, seriously. id rather spend my whole afternoon sleeping than watching the lozada drama.

and its very ironic to think that in the word believe lies the word LIE.

OT: lang taon kn po? :D

jericho said...

i got to watch the "Harapan" episode featuring Lozada and the hooligans ... it was a rich experience.

ginabeloved said...

Lozada's courage has exposed many unbearable truth about the administration. i say truth on the specific issue of corruption. we may not be certain about the figure but, according to my experience on how a "deal" is dealt with or how a servant serves, we are certain that "under the table deals", bribery and greed was present in the NBN issue.
this truth that Lozada have exposed should not be forgotten nor just be left dead. People always say, "Im tired of this issue" which should not be. Lozada or other personalities have made the first move, now the concerned governmental sector should also do their part.
We need not go to streets to shout but we must address the right people to bring this case to the court.
Now, the Ombudsman is doing their investigation- hope that the investigation will not just die but will bear fruits that the Filipino people deserves.
Besides, if in case it will not turn out the way we wanted, never forget of the word "KARMA".

DN said...

it IS already tiring. and most people will just opt to wait for gloria's term to expire. ang problema, pano pag nag-chacha ulit si madam hobbit? ewan ko lang... sana 'wag nating ipagwalang-bahala ang mga naririnig nating ito.

it's not yet too late. :)

hmmmm... ayon nga sa isang kanta, "there can be miracles, when you believe." Hehehe.

Holy Kamote said...

technically, we are all believers in our own rights. even though some might claim he's a non-believer, that's his belief, and makes him a believer too.

everybody is craving (others are dying/died) to know the truth. yeah, it's good to know the truth. but it's also important to know what you're going to do after when you've found it, and how strong-willed are you to protect it in your possession to stay intact against people who are also determined to destroy it.

lies vs lies is possible; lies vs truth is also possible; but truth vs truth can never be possible!

so, it's really a tough fight.

and we should be very careful which side to choose and to die for. if you are uncertain and confused, it's better not to join either side s than to get yourself caught in the middle.

icka said...

i almost spent my day watching the the hearing. para na siyang telenovela. immune na nga tayo sa mga ganyan, i guess we need more believers of the truth to create another sequel of people power.

William said...

"i am just hoping that it is the truth i am believing" - If DN quotes "there can be miracles," then ill say "When there's no one else...Trust the voice within." DRAma.. wahaha but, seriously, that's true, the quest for truth is never easy, a price has to be paid. and as long as we exist that quest will never end.

bananas said...

...trust, to me, is a lot more powerful than "believe."

wala lang. heheheh...

wanderingcommuter said...

the social critic: indeed, ity is tiring. parang gusto ko na nga lang rin malaman kung ano ang kakahitnatnan.

kool noh. the last time i've checked i am 22. hehehe.

jericho: hahaha. the experience was quite different from the previous cases we have seen.
pero may future si jun lozada sa pagiging komedyante/stand up comedian (lakas mang inis eh) just in case mawalan siya ng trabaho. hahaha.

ginabeloved: i agree on the fact na we should not get tired of all of these. but sometimes kasi even the agencies were we could address these exposes are doubtful and even the same agencies na sangkot sa mga ganitong kaso. haaay...honestly, i really can't think of anything, where we could properly address this aside from the streets.

dn: sabi nga ni ate guy, walang himala. sabi naman ni andrew e, nasa diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa. sabi ko naman, nalimutan ko yung point ko. hahaha. sorry.

holy kamote: tama! hmmm...believing is indeed something to risk with.

icka; i think we just have enough believers. probably kailangan lang ng initiative at motivation ang mga tao para magpeople power ulit.

but tulad ng ibang bagay, ang people power ay marahil gasgas na at kailangan ng palitan ng ibang porma. although i am not really suggesting because as i have mentioned, i can't think of anything.

william: probably trust/believing is among one of the driving force for life to exist. kungsabaya kapag alam na natin ang lahat parang wala na rin saysay mabuhay...thanks for the comment dude!

banana: seriously, i was put into deep thoughts thinking about this: could we really trust something someone without believing on him? or believe on him without trusting him? how does this go for you?

thesocialcritic said...

lozada is a very gooooooooooooood actor. indeed.