Wednesday, December 1, 2010

before 2010 ends...

last year, i have decided to come up with a list of things i wanted to do before 2009 ends. and now, lo and behold, its already december 2010 and i still haven't crossed them all out.

so before i come up with another set for next year, here are some that im catching up in my life list.

go back to the gym (april 2010)
i did my best but i guess my best wasn't good enough.
yun na lang masasabi ko! nyahaha!

make or star a shortfilm (march 2010)
in one of my former film classes,
we were required to mount a short film/mtv
with the use of montage.
unfortunately, hindi pwede ipost dito as requested by the talent. hulaan niyo na lang kung bakit... yung sex scene namin, given na yun! joke! HAHAHAHAHA!
create a love potion- my own alcohol mix (june 2010)
go figure kung ano ang name... hehehe!
fill a jar of coins and give it to charity (july 2010)
been trying to save up some spare coins from the alms that i am getting.
there were times when i'm tempted to break it open or steal some from it.
but the feeling of being generous for charity always overpowers me.
i just hope when i fill this up, it will be for the best use.

be published on a book (september 2010)
the story and concept was not mine.
but the illustrations were fruits of my own hands
and imagination.

for privacy purposes,
i will not be disclosing the title of the said book.

sagada (october 2010)
awesome food trip: must try are yogurt house and lemon pie house!!!
sumaging cave and the hanging coffins
beach (september 2010) : Costa Bella Resort, Cebu
it was not exactly the way it looked from the internet and its pretty way out from my budget. not to mention, its not also friendly for someone who does not drive. but the feeling of just dipping in cold sea water and the relaxing cool sea breeze makes all the trouble worth it.

sleep all day (november 2010)
never fond of sleeping really.
always feel like there so many things pass by when you are asleep
but that day i made an exception.
brewed happy thoughts and continued it in my dreams.

dinner with the first (november 2010)
last week, i received a message from an unknown number. little did i know that it was from the first, telling me first is in the country and inviting me for dinner.
we met in moa, a place i rarely go to. since the first just came from abroad, i took the initiative of thinking where to dine. i thought of my favorite dining place. but when i was about to text it, the first called and said, lets meet in yakimixx. well, the thought made me smile. never really change after all.
yihihihi! ayan, pwede na magmove on for 2011! bring it on!

life list 2009:

enchanted kingdom/ birthday party
full body spa
ocean park
isdaan gerona, tarlac

in this list:
make or star a short film
be published on a book
fill a jar of coins and give it to charity
create a love potion (my own mix of alcohol)
sleep the whole day
have dinner with my first love

carried on for 2011:

go to the zoo
lipat bahay
go back to the gym
open a savings account
bachelor's ref
out of the country trip
zero balance credit card
open a savings account
bachelor's ref
out of the country trip
buy mum washing machine, aircon and microwave
establish a stable business
have a pictorial
quit smoking
scuba diving
learn a new sport
join a rally
have an exhibit
change someone's life


Spiral Prince said...

Good luck with fulfilling your life list! Paki share naman sa secret formula ng love potion mo ha? May gagayumahin ako! lol!

orally said...

interesting to do list. sana matupad, sana mangyari.

MkSurf8 said...

wow hanep sa lista. dami. good luck ewik! =)b

kalansaycollector said...

ang nice! gusto ko rin makapunta sa sagada!
mukhang fruitful ang 2010 mo ha? hehe
sakin din e. daming first na nangyari sakin ngayong year, i guess we had a blast this year. sana next year ulit. ;p

Mu[g]en said...

Makikikopya ng life list ha! Nyahahaha!

Kane said...

Ayan na... is it time for the checklist na pala? I didn't even notice 2011 creeping up on us.

Looks like you had quite a year =)


wanderingcommuter said...

spiral prince; hey! thanks! hindi naman gayuma yung love potion ko. malupit lang na alcohol drink na come to think of it, pwede din palang pang gayuma. NWAHAHAHAHA

orally: cmon! join the wagon!

mksurf8: hey salamat! uwi ka na daw?

kalansay:sagada, its worth it. dumaan lang ako for a night pero i had so much fun!

mugen: kelangan mo na ba?madami na bang magagandang nangyayari at magandang plano? lol

kane: yep... hoepfully,. magtuloy tuloy hanggang next year!

GB said...

makapagbilang na nga din ng mga nagawa this year. hehehe...
at maglilista na rin ng mga gagawin sa 2011.
nakakatuwa kasi pareho tayong nag-iipon ng pera para sa charity. I'm filling up a piggy bank for the church and gathering my old clothes to be donated in a NGO. way to go!

Diamond R said...

wow dami nakalist. sana magawa mo lahat yan.kya mo yan

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

ekisan mo na yung change someone's life. madami nang nabagong buhay tong blog mo. aysuuuus talent fee ko next time ha? haha