Wednesday, February 20, 2008


i've already received my statements for all of my expenses that includes my credit card, space and other city services, and god! i was surprised with the amount that i saw. i really need to cut off my expenses for the next couple of months for me to be able to save for my summer vacations and classes. i tried computing all of my regular expenses for a month and the second surprise came up, when i found out that the second biggest part of the pie is actually being allocated for transportation.
at first, i was really on denial that the fact regarding my transportation was playing a major decadent part of my expenses. i thought it was probably a miscalculation again. since i am so dumb with math. but no matter how i reformulate or recalculate it, it still ends up on the same outcome---i am spending a lot with my transpo.
usually, i ride a cab twice a day. i ride one to the office and another back home. the number of taxi rides will differ if i am going to somewhere else after work. normally, i spend 100php for each ride. so if i take a cab twice a day, five days a week and this is for a no-social-life-month, the expenses would run around 4000php. it also has the tendencies to soar higher. since i used to go out with friends.
well, the problem with katipunan is that there is no direct route for jeepnies from home to office. i need to ride atleast two rides always. for me, it is actually quite fine if i commute all the way to alabang as long as it would be just one jeep/bus ride. but if it is a 15-minute trip but would take me two rides, for some reasons, i am having extreme difficulties.
so started yesterday, i am convinced to familiriaze myself in riding jeepnies again. i actually remembered posting one entry previously regarding my mishaps when i attempted to ride a jeep. where i got lost, got confused (which was not really a nice feeling) and got late for almost an hour.
call me, shallow. but a probisyano like me, as fierce as i may look to taggle my counterpart's stereotypes, still hides naiveness inside and that is so evident once i hit an unknown street in manila. honestly, direction is next to math on my list of my weaknesses. believe me, i just learned left and right last year. when i realized, that since i am right handed, whenever i point a direction i always raised my writing hand before i could tell whether it is right or left.
anyhow, the past two days of riding a jeepny actually went well. it is just that i tend to wake up earlier than i used to do and arrived work almost an hour earlier. but the good thing about it is, it actually gave me much time to think and see a lot about the streets of the metro.


Marocharim said...


Come to think of it, transport will also be high on my priority list, but thank heavens that I don't have to ride a cab.

My friend suggests keeping P2,500 from your salary as savings every payday (dapat mauna i-deduct yung savings bago yung expenses, he says). In my short stay there, I saved big bucks riding the MRT.

But really, dude: P100 each ride? You'd better rethink your financial status by then. I don't spend that much on a good no social-life day.

wanderingcommuter said...

MARX: honestly, i swear. i really thought it was normal before to take a cab for 100php/ride. i even didn't consider that when we were in baguio, taxi rides run cheaper. like 25 flat down and 1.50. i

i am going to follow that method.

where you able to look for a space here in manila na?

just ext me when che arrives okay?

Anonymous said...

creditcards, fare, food, clothes, gimiks.. haayyy wala na rin akong savings, hehehe.

good thing nakaka-adjust ka na sa jeepney rides mo!

Alam mo ba na pag-iniwan mo ako sa
araneta center ay naliligaw din ako kung papaano makaaalis dun... and usually, when i say to d tricycle/cab na kanan o kaliwa, i have to raise either my right or left hand so i'm sure na im not confused with my direction, hehehe.

DN said...

hehehe...bakit ba ang layo ng place mo sa trabaho mo? hehehe. pince david? burgundy? o myplace? alin kaya sa mga yun? hahahaha

@kuya josh

wakekeke,,,ako din, kasing dali ako ng pusa iligaw. and i also raise my left and right hand when telling the driver where to go.

jericho said...

naalala ko tuloy n ung naging expert ako sa 1-2-3 pag sumasakay ng jeep at walang pera ... haha. buti na lang 5-minute walk lang ang office namin sa bahay. nale-late pa ako minsan! ;)

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

groan! ide rather get lost in another country than in manila! mababaliw ako dyan! may time pa na umiiyak ako habang naglalakad.

naku! wandering c! yang 100 bux mo iinvest mo na sa sidecar/pedicab.

Katrina Marie said...

ang landi kasi, taxi ng taxi. hahaha! i miss youuuu

wanderingcommuter said...

josh: hayy, sobra palang parehas tayo. mag twetwenty three na ako, wala pa rin akong savings. huhuhu.. i thought nakaadjust na rin ako. pero hindi pa pala, nalate ako kanina for an hour. hahaha

bk: naku, one time lang ako umiyak sa kalsada. nung good friday last year, i woke and dressed up early just to know na sobrang hirap sumakay ng taxi. it took me almost two hours to get one. i can't call office pa kasi it was around 2 in the morning that time and i ran out of prepaid load.

jericho: naku, gustong-gusto ko rin gawin yan. but i just noticed that jeep driver because of probably hard living are just so keen against 1-2-3 passengers.

dn: how i wish i lived there?! hahaha. pero hindi katipunan is actually quite near sa bahay. its just that there is no direct jeepny route going to work. so i need to take two rides pa just to get there. i am actually late today! hahaha.

kat: parang hindi ka rin nakinabang nung nandito ka pa manila ha? hahaha...luv you kat. feeling ko mahal ang taxi sa singapore.

DN said...

hehehe...ang sososyal nga mga kaklase ko. hahaha dun nakatira.

wanderingcommuter said...

dn: hmmm...marami nga dun mga taga up law. teka, may mga friend din kasi ako sa up law from baguio kaya i know. hehehe.