Thursday, February 14, 2008

the wanderer who spoiled valentines

i think its too early to write something about how to spoil this day. but i can say that i already have done quite a number of things. i woke up quite late this morning though not that alarming to be late for work with a frown in my face. this is one of my pre-set plans that i've came up before i slept last night. the list would include the following:

hope that you'll wake up on the wrong side of the bed or pretend that you did.

i just realized that waking up on the wrong side of the bed with a temperature that drops around the 70s, which is chiller than the past days, was already not a good day to start valentines. knowing that even the weather is actually teasing me and rubbing,

"hey this will be a long cold day for you, erik"

or probably its just me trying to relate almost everything to this day. i just hope i am not the only person who realized this.

wear something that would ruin or divert the essence of the occasion.

i thought of wearing green today. i realized wearing black would actually be something quite obvious. it would either mean you're so bitter about the day because you don't have someone with you or your participating the black valentine event of a shampoo commercial because you think you are sexy. well, wearing red is not actually on my option. people who doesn't have anyone with them doesn't wear red during valentines. its like torturing or putting yourself into fire if you're going to wear red and being single is you're gasoline.

i decided to wear green because of very silly idea that if everyone will be wearing red and i am wearing green, if i go near them we will look like yuletide colors. eventually, the essence of valentines will be replaced and diverted with christmas and atleast, everybody will be happy.

wear a very dark tinted sunglasses.

the traffic in katipunan is still horrible, as usual. but today, it actually took me 20 minutes to get a cab. but the thing that annoyed me most was the burning view of everything in red. don't they realize the view looks like hell? it was like almost all corner you passed through, there is something red on it. as if everybody is overrating the occasion (now, look who's talking?). good thing, i have my sunglasses on. atleast, everything was in black or in darker hue. but i should have brought a .45 magnum pistol instead, and shoot anyone that is either wearing or carrying something red, seriously.

annoy everyone around you.

the traffic jam when i reached edsa wouild already tell me how most people are excitedly anticipating this day. yes, everybody woke up and hit the road earlier that is why the traffic build up came in unexpectedly. but despite the eagerness of most people to beat the road, i still manage to reach work 20 minutes earlier for my shift. nonetheless, the crazy me still decided to punch in late up to the provided grace period of 44 minutes. considering the tons and piles of work i have to do. definitely, my supervisor will be annoyed hearing this as well as my other coworkers that will be forced to carry over my work loads and render overtime.

people were greeting "happy valentines" when i walked in. i figured the best way to annoy them was to tell them, "go to work!" or "what's happy for this day? do you have a date?i bet not" i actually enjoyed annoying my officemates i am and they are used of that. this were the type of the jokes we normally had. i was actually expecting they would retaliate and throw something that would tell me " bitter ka lang kasi" or something, which they normally do. but today is quite different, which i already overratedly pointed out earlier, it's valentines day for crying out loud. they just turned back and work silently as if you drained the perkiness inside of them. i felt bad in a way, thinking i am already late and this guys already carried over my work but i still gave them this. but in second thought, i liked it. once in a while its nice to be mean.

broke yourself.

today, i am officially broke. i only have less than a grand in my pocket that i need to stretch until next week. i have also maxxed out my credit limit and i still need to pay my place. even my cellphone load doesn't have a peso left on it. but looking on the brighter side or simply putting a meaning of it to excuse myself, i thought its a good form of a hunger strike.
comrades, i am proclaiming and expressing to you my disgust to this day. the day of february 14 is not a day to celebrate love between lovers nor an international celebration of single awareness day, it is a deceitful manifestation of the capitalist structure to let us spend more than we are ought to spend for this day. roses, chocolates, gifts and even food are on their highest cost to favor the ones who are in the status quo. come and join me in tackling down such injustice.

never turn back to these plans.

as i ended this long post, i just realized three thing:. first, despite the pleasure of being so mean, it didn't really gave me any good. second, despite the day being so freakingly long, i just have to bear with and live on for tomorrow. lastly, never to write a series of mushy post again---ever.


amicus said...

the day of february 14 is not a day to celebrate love between lovers nor an international celebration of single awareness day, it is a deceitful manifestation of the capitalist structure to let us spend more than we are ought to spend for this day.

without any bit of bitterness or remorse, i totally agree!
btw, i'll link you up later. happy valentine's! hehe. just kidding...

wanderingcommuter said...

amicus: hahaha... thanks dude, link you up as well...

dean said...

may puot?

wanderingcommuter said...

dean: hahaha...masyadong superlative ang puot, kaibigan. hahaha... bitter lang. hahaha.

DN said...

hahaha. malapit na rin naman matapos ang day of singularity awareness.

marami tayo wander, di ka nag-iisa. lol.

Panaderos said...

Hi. I've had my share of loveless Valentine's Days. The Western world came up with the idea of commercializing and overrating the whole thing. In the end, what matters is the respect and love a couple has for each other.

Enjoy your day and thank you very much again for the visit. :)

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

dude! you need to get laid! hahaha

JOSH said...

Did i hear somebody here wants to get laid? hmmnn.. evil laugh comes in (bwahahha)

Hey erik,ryt? tamang tama ang situation mo ryt now, almost all ur resources are depleting na (pero perhaps by now sumuweldo ka na?) Friday na naman ng SEason of lent. So its a time for some abstinence today, friday 15. I think u already have a foot forward. ingatz u! :)

Gypsy said...

Haha! I am just happy that for this year, I am not spending this horrific hearts day in the Philippines--I think we go overboard about Valentines...anyway, mababaril rin lang naman ako sa Luneta kung anjan ako...hehe.

Rice Gurl said...

a friend of mine texted me this "Happy SAD DAY" meaning Single's Appreciation Day.
oh crap, lovers are eyesores on valentine's day!
but what can i do,it's my curse to be born on the freaking day.bwahahahah!

CM Remarkable said...

napatawa naman ako dun sa pag-halo mo ng green shirt sa mga red folks, haha.. salamat sa pagbisita, =)

Cyrille Jan Pauline said...

this made me hate Vday more. this year's my worst one. =|

jericho said...

i just realized na mukhang marami ang nag-blog or nag-comment yesterday ... marami ba talagang tayong single? hehe

zherwin said...

nag-valentine na pala! :D

i told a friend to just think of all the red stuffs around as an aftershock or just a hangover of the chinese new year. :)

thanks for the visit.

wanderingcommuter said...

gypsy: hahaha... well, its not really that horrific its just the people like me who makes it horrible...hahaha. just expect that i am one of those people who would have a shooting spree in luneta. hahaha. just kidding!
josh and bk: hahaha. tame down tiger! i still have my reserves that would save me from total drought, still can manage. hahaha. naku josh, bi weekly po kami eh. hindi kami 15 and 30. kakasweldo lang namin last friday at ngayon. ubos na siya! hahaha. parang mapapasama ang abstinence ng lenten season kahit hindi naman ako practicing catholic.
panaderos: i totally agree. we need to understand that love should be celebrated not only on one specific date. but everyday. highlighting it on one specific date would also not count. this is just one way of commercialized scheme to spend more. hahaha!

bitter pa rin ako. hahaha.
DN: sa aking pagwawander sa blogosphero. napatunayan ko'ng marami nga tayo. hahaha.

josh: hidni ko kasi naabutan sila chico & delamar. although i really liked them before nung naabutan ko pa sila. hahaha.

wanderingcommuter said...

rice gurl: hahaha marami ga'ng nag cecelebrate ng SAD day kahapon. mostly, bloggers. hahahaha! well, don't worry we will have our own time. hehehe.

cm remarkable: masayang idea ito. pero naprapraning ako kasi feeling ko. nilalayuan ako ng mga taong nakared. hahaha!

jan: yun lang jan! hahaha. huwag ka'ng mag-alala. malungkot din daw siya. at namimiss ka niya.... nagkita kami last week.

jericho: naku, napakarami!!! try mo lang mag-blog hop. madaming bitter, hindi ko ba alam kung bakit eh... tsktsk! hahaha.

zherwin: naku, yun lang... magandang diversion yan. hahaha! tapos yung mga lovers, mga chinese dragons. hahaha.