Monday, February 25, 2008

film spoiler: daybreak

last friday, me and andy decided to meet up and watch a movie first before dropping off to dette and sharon's new place for a so called "dinner"(hahaha). andy was so persistent in convincing me to watch lihim ni antonio. but since i have already seen the film. i insisted for jumper instead. we were arguing for quite sometime, thus to settle things out, we met half way and figured out to watch daybreak instead. he wanted a pinoy film with the same genre. while i haven't seen the film either. so it was in favor for the both of us.
after dinner, we went our way to the cinema. there were lots of people who were inside the same house and all of them are males. by this point, i am no longer surprise, after lihim ni antonio in up film institute. although i know, andy, like the last time we saw lalaki sa parola was getting his usual dose of uncomfort whenever he smells something obvious(if you know what i mean).

the stars, who were the only actors in the file, coco martin and paolo rivero were even there to thank the audience together with probably the staff and crew of the film. it was funny seeing the audience cover their face or turn in the opposite side when the camera and its light passed their faces, andy included. hahaha!(just kidding, andy!)

the film was a story of two men who were tanggled in the complicated web of homosexual relationship. william, played by paolo rivero is a well-off closeted urbanite gay yuppy who found himself spending the weekend away with his girlfriend, melissa: to be with his lover, jp. JP played by coco martin, was a local boat man in the taal lake, who also flirts with his clients but ended up falling in love with the later.

the what was deemed at first, as a flingy type of relationship eventually found itself to each other's heart. unfortunately, both guys never expected the complications of the relationship would lead them in a very difficult situation that even saying goodbye was hard to do.

the film is rather dragging to quote the guy next to my seat. but for me it was typically the main highlight or ingredient of a substantial movie. for such movies allow the audience to think, to create their own plots, conversations, conflicts and endings. the film basically would just trigger the thought of its viewer to formulate his own story of the film that makes the movie more substantial than the actual "what you see story" that we normally have.

the film was bombarded with lots of signs and symbols that opened itself to lots of interpretations as well. there was the window blinds that was first opened, then gradually closed until it was completely close on the later part of the film. the almost empty space of the rest house, the dinner table, the way they cook the pasta, the half empty pool, the misty ambiance etc, all referring to the gloominess that its viewers have to feel and watch for in the entire film. in a way watching the film reminded me of wong kar wai's happy together, another gay film played by tony leung (hero, in the mood for love, 2046) because of the similarity of the mood they bring out in me.

on my opinion, the entire film could have been made even without the credits of the script writer nor the director because the film was created not by them but by its audience. something that shouldn't be taken negatively by the staff rather as a compliment because in reality not all directors and script writers could do this.

i realized that the main problem with our movies (particularly in the philippines) is the fact that they are simply spoon fed crafts. they don't allow their audience to think deeper or outside the box. they are only allowed to think in response to what the film is letting them see. making the entire industry monotonous, stagnated and worthless.

on the other hand, i chose not to say anything about the emotionless and monotonous expressions of paolo rivero and the highschool-skit-type acting of coco martin.

if you don't want to think too much, i'd rather not recommend you to watch the film. because at the end, the movie like its title, day break, would just be a story of how they break.


Turismoboi said...

hmmmmmmmmm i wanna watch din yan

Anonymous said...

Sa UP film institute lang pinalalabas yan?

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng trailer. But it looks like a sad movie. Nako baka di pwede sakin. Trigger sa depressive disorder ko. Haha.

chase / chubz said...

gusto kong ma watch yan. but i fear no cinemas in cebu would show that. .. i hope sa ayala.

wanderingcommuter said...

turismoboi: suit yourself. its a nice movie. if you believe what i posted about.
bino: no, its showing din sa robinson's galleria. yeah, its actually depressing. not advisable kapag depressed ka baka maglaslas ka na lang sa loob ng sinehan.
cahse: i think they are showing it as well sa cebu. check for the source of the pix i have posted i think they have the schedule for cebu as well.

danceordropdead said...

Ok naman yung film. Pero tama ka... Nakakatawa nga ang acting nila e. Pero pwede na rin.

Angelo said...

thanks for the review. i thought the film was okay naman.