Wednesday, February 27, 2008

gimme (us) a break

lately, i am beginning to love local police segments among news shows. i literally jumped for joy over my bed whenever their are news that somebody was robbed, kidnapped or what not. its not that i am psycho-criminal advocate or something. it is just that i am beginning to appreciate such segments even if its only a flash one minute report more than the national poitical news. in which in my opinion, is beginning to be a hybrid of melodramatic telenovelas and scripted wrestling matches that is competing for ratings against other primtetime shows.

i know, it is pathetic not to be involved or atleast not to be aware of the political situations of the country. but we must admit the fact that such news are already over exposed. in which, in my view, is not actually empowering the people rather exhausting them from the things they have to think over or act upon with especially for those who couldn't see any essential progress about it.

hearing a different news is a relief knowing there is actually something else that is happening aside from the ZTE scandal. everybody has a right to have a break in everything that they do and i exert my right to have one atleast just for this day. but everytime i turn on my television or radio, open a news paper, and listen to tambayan talks, i just can't let myself be isolated and remain ignorant about what is happening like some people could actually tolerate.

haaay, i just hoped this would end soon and ofcourse, for the greater good and truth.


Whitelight said...

nice thoughts. i agree and i have to spin a wheel for that =)

Turismoboi said...

ako din kakasawa na umg zte scandal eh

buti sana kung iabng scandal joke! hehehe!

DN said...

oh well. ganoon nman talaga pag masyado nang monotonous ang mga bagay bagay. nakakasawa. pero mas nakakasawa naman ang kakualan ni GMA di ba? lol. :P

icka said...

(im back!)

everyone wants to be in the problem, but empty handed when it comes to wonder why there's no progress in any scandal our country has. that's why i'm into dvd marathon than news break series. haha. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

whitelight: buy a vowel? or solve the puzzle?

turismoboi: hahaha...teka, parang mas masaya nga yung tinutukoy mo na scandal. hahaha!

dn: tama ka!!! kaya siguro marami din ang naguguluhan whether to join or not to join sa mga social movements. pero ako kasi kapag iniisip ko yung dami ng numerong naka-tag kay PGMA lalo akong nahihilang makialam kahit nakakasawa na.

icka: posible rin na medyo, not feasible ang mga proposal. kaya ako dapat baguhin ang political system at siyempre dapat baguhin rin ang political culture at mga politicians rin.
wish ko lang maabutan ko pa yun. hahaha!

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

nyah! ako din natuwa dun sa criminal segments!
lalo na nung nalaman ko na may serial killer na tayo (yung nanununog ng babae sa motel).
nag marathon kasi ako ng hannibal lecter movies kaya topak ako ngayon.
though, i feel for the unknown victims.