Saturday, March 8, 2008

my top 10 blogging commandments: advises and petpeeves

10. thou shall not over accessorized.
i believe that a good blogsite starts with the content and the simplicity of its format. as they say it, simplicity is beauty.
for people like me in which focus is as expensive as henry sy's net worth, a linear format of the blog site is always the main deal. over accessorizing your blogs with so many informations, like:
*too many cboxes (which i really don't know why),
*moving bling-bling icons with patweetums characters (that first infested social networking sites like friendsters),
*billions of links that routes to nowhere (and would just give you pop ups, malware and crashing computer),
*embeded media files that automatically plays and in full volume (which i really hate because it would surprise then gives you the hardest time looking for the program hidden either at the very bottom of the page or somewhere in the middle),
makes it not conducive in reading and very very very annoying.

9. honor thy blog listings.
the number of your blog links doesn't really justify the popularity of your site. as much as possible i really tend to make my list more personal. i have nothing against people who are asking for exchange links because i am really grateful for people who are asking this and regularly visit my blog and i also do the same. but if you're intentions are just to collects blog links like collecting anonymous friends in your friendster. please don't bug me.

8. though shall not post for posting sake.
there are moments where you are in front of your screen, you have all the time in the world, you're so enthusiastic in updating your blog again after a long, long time. but by the time you lay your fingers on your keyboard, you just couldn't think of anything at all. its natural, it happens, its understandable so don't panic. they call it, writer's block.
indeed, blogging is a personal thing. but posting something just for the sake of posting like " i am bored...," "i woke up, i eat, i go to school, i take a snack, i went home, i sleep, then i wake up again. (like duh!)" are no longer personal things rather a meer display of your senseless self. so if i were you, i would not write anything at all. if you can't write anything out then you could just browse and check other blog sites. instead of posting non sense.

7. thou shall not kiss other blogger's asses.
go figure. hehehe.

6. honor thy blog and other people's blogs.
self explainatory.

5. thou shall not be an attention sucker.
maintaining a blog is like sustaining a business. there are people who prefers to be private with their blogs (and i admire them). while there are others who wants to open it to the public.
there are many public bloggers who hop from one blog to another just to gain attention. these are the types of bloggers who would just view your site but not really read your entries rather they would immediately look for the cbox and post a message such as: nice blog you have here! good day! etc. basically, with the main intention of getting the owner's attention and check out this guy's blog.
i will not wash my hands because even i "sometimes" is also guilty with this observation. in addition, i chose not to explain myself anymore. but i think that there are only a number of people who raises this up. but alot of them are getting annoyed of it. thus, i am pointing it out.

4. thou shall post often.
i think that sometimes lazy bloggers should be reminded time to time. so i am rubbing it in! hahaha. eat it!

3. thou shall not prostitute one's self.
know the purpose of why you are blogging. is it to track down your thoughts or to gain income by posting ads or both? this should always be taken in consideration in starting, sustaining and even dropping a blog.

2. thou shall not stagnate to one topic.
don't bore yourself in writing one topic only. there are a lot of things there that could be write about. but if you really want to specialized into it, then try using a different writing method. you don't want your readers or even yourself get bored, right?

1. thou shall not post for others but by thy self.
never allow yourself to be dictated of what to write by your readers. always remember you blog for yourslef and not for other people's pleasure. sometimes, i just noticed that there are some bloggers who write in accordance with their readers and not primarily to themselves.


jericho said...

should commandments always be in tens? hehehe. babasahin mo ba kapag nag-post ako about this?..;)

Turismoboi said...

i love ur thoughts

the simpler the blog the better

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

amen! amen!

walang labis walang kulang!

♥nova-san said...

Hahaha, your list here looks like a class curriculum on blogging. I like it, and you have brought up points that I look for when I go blog-browsing.

For me, a good blogsite is one where I can relate to the writings of that blogger. Some sites just call to me for some reason, and those are the ones that I will continue reading time and again.

Pathbinder said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said, especially 10 and 9.

wanderingcommuter said...

jerciho: since nagsimula na ako ng top10. naisip ko na lang ang pinakamadaling koneksyon at yun ay commandments. see? koneksyon? gets? koneksyon? hahahaha...

turismoboi: exactly! thanks for appreciating it.

bk: pagpalain ka nawa... hahahaha!

novasan: thats my problem, i really can't my writing style more lighter and funnier...haaay!

but i did my best.

well, i just hope i was able to catch your attention (fishing!) hahaha...

pathbinder: hahaha...actually, that was the 10 was the first thing i have thought about and probably they have been ranked higher. but it seemed like this was something more common than the rest on the list.


there are a number of sites that if I open them, my PC starts slowing down..

maybe coz of the bling blings in it.

thesocialcritic said...

music on full volume. sht. haha when i was still new to blogging, i even put a screamo backgrounf music, and it took me weeks to realize that it was stupid.

i missed some of your posts, its hibernation period. lol

Abou said...

mukhang kelangan ko mag make-ober ng blog ko a, he he.

Marocharim said...

Remembered college: "To write is already to choose." :)

My own personal rules:

1) Write everything in an hour or less;

2) Stand by everything you write;

3) Explore every topic you can, and then start specializing on a few;

4) Write about yourself in relation to others;

5) If you can't write, then don't;

6) Set standards and maintain them;

7) Thou shalt not plagiarize;

8) (Took this from Gerry Alanguilan) Post your real name on the site;

9) Develop your own style (yes, I'm talking to you manggagaya-feeling types at FriendFinder);

10) Have fun blogging.

davenport said...

uso pa pala top ten.. kasi puro everything in seven days minsan nga wala pang seven days lol :)

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Amen to # 3. Yippee!

Nadriamez said...

cheers! and yes, commandments comes in 10's like marlboro 10's!

see, these commandments are the very reason why i changed my template over the weekend.

making your blog simple yet stylish and keeping it sensible is a pain..serious pain..

i will take note of this post.

Anonymous said...

now these commandments are worth thinking about esp if one is maintaining a blog! asking for a link, ouch, sakit naman nyan. eniweys, i really make it a point dat at most, all my links i try to visit often. i linked them becoz i enjoy and learn new things from them.

May nabasahan nga ako, parang sa kanya TROIKA lang ang commandments nya, but what instilled in my mind was "IF u dont even have time to update ur blog then don't even bother to start one!" shutz, na guilty ako dun... hehehe.

amicus said...

thou shall post often.
guilty as charged. hehe

elayas said...

kelangan may ganyan?!!!


Mel said...

lolz, sari-sarilihan lang pero sakto lang naman yung list mo tol, haha!

wanderingcommuter said...

kj: it would probably be the bling-bling. NO! its the bling! bling! i am sure!

social critics: hahaha...parang naalala ko nga yun. hahaha! joke lang. yeah, its been a while since i have last read something from you! nice to be back!

abou: nyahaha. parang nakokonsensya nga ako sa pinost ko bigla. pero okay lang yan, panahon naman ng pagrerepent kasi malapit na holy week. nyahahaha!

marx: hahaha. i still find your top ten simplier and juicier(?!) hahaha.

davenport: hahaha. lagi lang kasi akong sabit sa top ten nung elementary kaya nakalakihan ko na! dapat laging top ten. hahaha!

keitaro: god bless you! hahaha...

nadriamez: hahaha... well atleast, i was able to enlighten something up from you. thanks for passing!

josh: uy! your comment made me think something about that list. sorry for giving the wrong impression. hehehe! and i can say you're not even guilty about it! hehehe...i appreciate your comment really.

amicus: hahaha. siguro we need to qualify the word "often". often should refer posting atleast once every two weeks. hahaha.

elayas: oo naman. hahaha!

mel: hahaha. salamat! it has been a long time since i have heard from you.

Joy-Joy said...

great list!

1. thou shall not post for others but by thy self.

kaya nga naisipan kong gumawa ng bagong blog para maisulat ko kung ano ang gusto ko.

nasabi ko na ba na may bago akong blog? hehehe...

hanapin mo ang link dun sa site ko na alam mo... (yan lang ay kung interesado ka at may oras)

wanderingcommuter said...

joyjoy: i admire your blog so much joy joy because it hink your the only lesbian blogger that writes really really well. bago mo pa man nasabi nahanap ko na! hahaha

vampire angelus said...

i am so guilty about commandment number 8!
there's actually this blogger's code of conduct posted at wikipedia.

DN said...

paki-sabi na lang kung too much of an ass kisser na ako ah... T_T

Coldman said...

ito na ba yung sinasabi mong nasa draft mo?

nice blog! Hahahaha!

Joy-Joy said...

lol ang bilis naman.

Whitelight said...

hmnnn...very good guidelines and very simple ways of creating value to one's blog. i amseriously considering your advice. =)

wanderingcommuter said...

vampire angelus: been a while since i have heard from you. hahaha! nakailag ka naman ba sa number 8? tsktsk! hehehe. checked the link then narealize ko ang dami ko palang nakaligtaan. hahaha.

dn: para mali yung pagkagamit ng ass kisser, pagkagaling sa iyo. hahaha. joke lang, dn! you're fine dude---you''re fine.

coldman: oo eto na nga yun. hahaha. matagal tagal rin bago ko siya napost. i needed to check pa from your post kung may point yung sinasabi ko. hehehe. thanks for passing dude!

jj: siyempre naman. ganyan pala kapag fan. hahaha.

whitelight: thanks thats nice to hear. wait atleast i enlightened someone.

ginabeloved said...

guess i violated some of the commandments, though i am not bound to obey them lol. but i want to have guidelines of course and i like your commandments. will review it again and try to obey it all

Lance said...

Forgive me father for i have sinned... nyahahaha i will remove that stupid music box.... i made sure to put it up at the top of my blog though so it would be easy for someone to just turn it off or tone it down if they don't like it. but still i will be removing it.. =) cool list btw...

twink boi said...

can you please expound on the x-links part?

uhmmm. i tend to "follow" bloggers without asking them if i could follow them. is that uhmm unethical? i do not intend for them to follow me really whenever i follow them, i just wanna follow them so that i can easily read their updates on my reader.

uhmm so should i first ask if i can follow them or can i just immediately follow them?

am really not used to sending private messages to people and i sometimes don't know how.

thanks bunchies!

btw. cool site. though been dropping by from time to time but not really leaving a mark here.

Mads said...

very useful tong mga commandments mo!! BTW, nakakatawa kayo ng friend mo..


Anonymous said...

agree with your post 100%...

just to add something, I guess as a blogger, if we are posting a topic about a controversial item or something that is the current talk of the town, we do it not because we want to get a good number of hits for our blog to be popular but we are doing it because we want to bring out a sensible point-of-view for others to read.

tedpen said...

i am sometimes guilty of commandment no 6... tsk3

shervie said...

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Anonymous said...


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Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

First thing in mind when I saw the title of your post:
Thou shall (not) sleep with a co-blogger. Hahahahah!
I like this post.

Ryan said...

At dahil sa wala talaga akong alam sa religion (setting the association you've made with 10 and commandments), bakit nga ba 10 ang ten commandments?