Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a pre-valentine post

earlier while i was riding a cab to work, i was listening to magic 89.9 with sam yg, mojo and i forgot the name of the only lady dj (sorry!). they were giving out prizes for tomorrow, valentine's day. one in which was a P5,000 worth of gcs for itallianis. the procedure was simple, just go in the station and tell the djs why would they give you the prize. the first prize was actually given 20 minutes after they've announced the contest around 12 midnight. then the station just decided to give one more prize after 4 more people swarmed the studio.
the funny thing about this program is that they are not your conventional radio show. as far as i know they are the only radio show that is able to cross the air waves of even the television arena because of being so controversial. djs are so straight forward, if they don't like your answer, they wouldn't hesitate to rebutt you, dump you and move on to the next caller. it seems like sugar coating is not in their vocabulary. so it really takes gutts to call this program and this makes them unique from the other radio shows.
anyhow, the remaining 4 people who came in the studio was given the chance to win the same prize. they just have to convince the djs and some audiences that were doing the poll to choose them by answering the same question; why would they have to choose him/her to win the prize?
among the 4 contestants, my bet was on the only rose among the thorns, baby. she came all the way from laguna that early morning because she and her husband for five years has never experienced a valentine date before. for me. the effort of the woman to get a date for her husband would probably be the sweetest thing a woman could do for her partner during such occasion. i must agree when one of the caller reasoned that when you are already married, the romance and the excitement shouldn't stop there.
aside from the effort, it is actually quite rare for women nowadays to do such deed, that are normally being done by man. kudos to baby for stepping out the norm.
args! now, i am really hating the chumminess of the valentine air.


Coldman said...

2 days to go, you still have time. lol

wanderingcommuter said...

coldman: hahaha... i am not rushing. saka baduy ang sumabay sa wagon. hahahaha!

gerrycho said...

magic 89.9 is sure is not your conventional radio... :D if i'm feeling sarcastic i listen to then, when im for easy listening i go for chico and del wehe...

so musta naman? nakakita ka na ng isasama mo sa iyong wandering adventures? nyaha! blog about it!

Carl said...

lagi nalang corny ang valentines.

pero yoko rin naman maging anti-valentines. pagkamalan pa nila akong bitter. hehe.

post ka ng abt sa valentine experience mo ha. how you spoil it and all that. lols. &^_^ j/k

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

eeew mushy post!



oh.. i hope she had won it.

DN said...


love is in the air, and i don't care.

usong text message ngayon.

FerBert said...

api balentayns hehehehe

jericho said...

so is this a case of "if you can't beat them ... er, praise them"? hehe. kidding. i don't want to comment about this day lest i'll be branded as bitter. maybe i am, just don't rub it in. haha

philippe said...

well, i am bitter..sort of. yeah, love is in the air, and it makes me sleepy. char!

for all those singles, bitter or not, happy singles' awareness day!

and for those couples with plans this thurday, tse!


Anino said...

Limang taong hindi nakaranas magdiwang ng Araw ng mga Puso?

Ako yata yung nasa Magic 89.9.

Ay mali,anim na taon pala akong hindi nagdiwang.

wanderingcommuter said...

gerrycho: i am not really a radio person eh. as of the moment this is the only radio station i am listening at.

naku, darn valentines! wala nga eh. hanap mo ako. nyahaha.

carl: naku, ang hirap ngang pumosisyon kapag valentines. kapag masaya ka at inlove tawag sa iyo corny. kapag single ka at ayaw mo naman magparticipate tawag sa iyo bitter...tsktsk!

bk: naku, kapag may nakita talaga akong mushy post sa blog mo. kakatayin ko yun, hahaha! huwag ka lang magkakamali. hahaha!

kj: actually she did. they actually confirmed it earlier this morning.

dn: happy single awareness day din sa iyo, dn. hahaha!

ferbert: yun na nga ang problema eh. hindi happy.

jericho; tulad nga nag sinabi ko carl...mahirap talagang pumosisyon. kung politika lang sana ito. kaso iba din kasi ang politika ng pag ibig. pucha! tignan mo ang corny na pakinggan...BANG!!!

philippe: i think they should also mark a date for singles because it is quite unfair nga naman. hahaha!

wanderingcommuter said...

anino: naku, baka pito na pala...sino ka dun?

Anonymous said...

nahuli yata ako sa basa d2, gud for baby dat she won! pero ang napapapkinggan ko sa haws bago ko pasok sa ofys ay yung morning rush ni chico & delemar, esp yung top 10 nila. Those two never failed to make a blue day bright with their antics! :)