Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what incest and uly is telling me...

the other night, uly came up with another good conversation after a long time of exchanging "hi's" and "hello"s" over sms. he is from up los baños and a batch younger than me. we are friends for over a couple of years now and i must say he is one of the few good conversationalist you'll ever text with. although sometimes, he has the tendencies of monopolizing the conversation. focusing only unto himself, his crushes and work, which i have later constructively addressed and positively accepted. what i like about the friendship we have is we take everything as objective as possible.
probably because we happen to be in the same university and same college. although different in campus and school of thought. although he is an economist while i am a social anthropologist. i could say, that we could jive on the same beat.
then, the other night, he challenged me for a sociological discourse.
he asked me, "why is there incest?"
"i can say that incest is a universal relationship deviced across all societies and time. generally, it serves for a more practical purpose of preservation. in terms of class, genes (mana) and wealth," i answered.
"is there actual cases of incest in the country?" he followed up.
"of course, although there are limited studies of such, there are essential number of incest cases in ilocos, chinoys and some muslim groups in mindanao."
"why so?"
"well, my theory is because of land and wealth preservation among some ilocanos and chinese-filipino groups. while for some muslim groups in mindanao, it is brought about by being polygamous in the discourse of marriage."
then he thought of his good looking cousin that he kept on rubbing about for over a couple of months now. i could already feel that his thoughts were beginning to be go the other way from what i am trying to point out. then i just thought it's not uly without those thoughts. sometimes we just have to be contended of what we have because not all things would go the way we wanted it or them to be.



i cannot imagine myself committing sexual incest... a no, no for me. just the thought of it makes me sick.

davenport said...

maybe uly is trying to justify his thoughts, rationalizing his motive in case he commited one.

he don't want to feel guilty about it.

(hope i am not intruding)

amicus said...

mmmm... hmmmm...

-biglang tawa-

maybe there is a market for incest (as there is a market for other crimes)?

Anonymous said...

Aba chinoys. Hehehehe. Seriously I've heard it before in families. But I don't think it's that grave like marrying your cousin or sibling.

Sometimes, I like cute cousins. hihihi.

the donG said...

i believe in happens but not to the extent of publicly announcing it. still it is discreet. but i hope it will be gone.

gibo said...

as an arab guy told me once: it's like loving your own family and there is nothing wrong about it.

i say, it's pure and simple libog.

wanderingcommuter said...

gibo: well, that is if we are pertaining to sexual incest. but incestous marriage would not only refer to sex, isn't it?

the donG: hey! thanks for the comment. well, my stand regarding this is, like what usually i answer whenever i am being asked about it. its like homosexuality, before it is being deemed as something tabboo. but there will come a point that our society will eventually tolerate and accept it. especially if you'll going to look at it, it has more practical and concrete economic and social purposes in the society than the latter (homosexuality).
nonetheless, i might sound like a very "immoral" jerk upon saying this, although i also have problems with the very concept of morality. but i feel like i just have to point my opinion out about this because i feel like there are just few people who opens up such topic.

bino: probably its because of the foreseen consequences within the family and out.
hmmm.... knowing and checking my relatives, i don't see myself into it (yet). hehehehe!

amicus: hahaha. tagged the biglang tawa with suspicions---hehehe. though i really like the last line. thanks for the comment!

davenport: hahaha! probably! i'll use those line to hit uly the next time we hang out. hahaha!
of course not! hahaha.

kj: oh no...sad! hehehe. just kidding!

dazedblu* said...

way is that coverse much provocative? sikes.

dazedblu* said...

I mean converse...

red riding odin hood said...

i have/had a crush on all my girl cousins and a few of the guys as well. what can i say... we're a good looking bunch hahahahaha but so far wala pa naman nangyayari sa min hehe hanggang crush lang.

once i had 3some with my ex fuckbuddy and his cousin! and i know a few friends online who have had sex with their cousins.

i think incest is not as rare as most people think. sexual incest just happens a bit more discreetly than gay sex. even incestous marriages are common in smaller communities in the provinces

chase / chubz said...

rubbing? hmmm.. whats that? hehe

i think its around. but not talk about.
just like gay sex, a long time ago.
now, (some) people changed and accepted gay sex.