Saturday, March 22, 2008

usapang kubeta: top 10 comfort room boo-boos

10. for me, it is a mortal sin to pee without pulling up the seat cover. this is a problem that not only men should address. but also among girls. based from some girl friends, they normally squat when they pee. but this skill should not excuse them from pulling up the seat cover because there is still the possibility that it would wet it. for boys, it is already given. as much as possible try using the wall urinal. but if all of the wall urinals are occupied or you're just scared of being peeped on, try pulling up the seat cover. all of us don't want to poo squatting, right?

9. be neat on disposing your comfort room items. neatness doesn't stop on mere throwing it out on the bin. but the effort of making it more discreet and not too public, regardless if you fold, crumple or how you do it is very imprtant. indeed, we already know what inside of it. but nobody wants to see what's swimming inside of you.

8. washing your hand after going to the cr is something most filipinos take for granted for and beginning to be a habit. no wonder diarrhea is still one of the major ailments killing our country today.

7. it doesn't mean that if you have a clean and neat comfort room at your school, office or home, it is already bacteria free. basically, the moment you touch your dingdong dantes or wipe your tina paner, you already have acquired 100%concentrate of bacteria on your hands. and don't even give me the excuse that, "how come some people would actually put it on their mouths?" because it would be a different issue. they just happen to have strong immune system and not all people has such. end topic!

6. avoid peeing bombshells! people who pees and releases a nasty sound is just too much... one hole at time, my friend(s)!

5. i remember a friend from baguio, who was fearefully running out of the comfort room of a mall. he confessed that he tried using the air dryer but he could not locate the off button. what he did was, he stood for almost 20 minutes infront of the dryer and waited until nobody was left inside. then he immediately flew out of the room. he was devasted after we told him that the dryer automatically turns itself off once you take off your hands infront of it. hahaha.

4. if you respect your privacy too much, never enter a cubicle with a neatly wiped and shining dark tile flooring.

3. never be shy too ask for a maintanance personnel's help, about the toilet bowl that got clog after withdrawing your fiber rich diet into it. shit happens---and swim as well!

2. in using a cubicle always make sure that there is enough tissue paper, the flush is working and the seat is dry.

1. never over-internalized everything you do inside the comfort room. basically, stop moaning. it disturbs everyone inside.


Ary said...

Sometimes (If alone)I internalize too much to push out the crap out of my system.

**I must say that your blog has a lot of green elements.It should be rated.


I cant use public toilet. I take with me Immodium or Diatabs wherever I go.. I'd rather have constipation as side effect than use public toilet to popo.

Anino said...

Hindi lang sa bigas may kakapusan ang Pilipinas,maging mga MALILINIS na palikuran!
Napakaganda ng post mo,Wanderer.Simple ngunit importante at NAPAPANAHON!

Pinoysrock! said...

Some Filipinos just don't know the reason for having a toilet seat cover.

Whitelight said...

ewness talaga. that's why a much as possible i don't want to pee in a public toilet much more in a mall.

this blog should be rated???! i think NO. for the readers, just try to 'censor yourself' when reading blogs such as this.

jericho said...

"basically, stop moaning. it disturbs everyone inside" ... and may be construed in a totally reverse way!

Lapa said...

Divulgue este caso não se conforme.

elayas said...

how philosophical...ahehehe dapat pala magturo ka ng ethics kuya eh...KUBETA 101...ahehehe ashteeg yun!!

*btw, salamat sa least, nakakagaan ng lamang-loob. di ko pa kasi kayang magmove-on eh...wahehehe orayt!apewe easter!!!


wanderingcommuter said...

ary: our family doctor once told us never push your bowel too hard. it might push your you know too...hahaha...
for me, that is the main essence of the blog, be able to express yourself freely.
with being responsible as always the main consideration.

kris jasper: hahaha. when i was in high school, i also don't use public toilets even if its just a matter of peeing. eventually, i was diagnosed with UTI. so i have forced myself to learn how to use the public toilet. especially i am always outside.

anino: salamat, anino! its been a long time since the last time i heard something from you. hell week ba sa school? hehehe. madaming kapos sa bansa. ilan lamang ito sa mga isinasawalang bahala.

pinoysrock: no wonder there are a number of establishments including our office that post instructions on how to use toilet seat covers. but there are still some who chose not to follow. sigh!

whitelight: hahaha. like you, as mentioned above, although there are already malls which offer pay toilets i am still struggling myself in using public toilets.
thanks for the insights whitelight!

jericho: if there should be rated, i'd go for jericho...hahaha! just kidding, dude. hahaha!

is this spanish or portugese? i am sorry, but im on the verge of internal hemorrage just deciphering the meaning of the phrase.

elayas: kung may nag ooffer ba ng course subject na yun, kahit MA, why not? hehehe...i always wanted to be teacher. kaso hirap maghanap ng opening. hehehe.
you deserve it dude! just keep it up. don't lose track!

bam said...

i once had a really bad poop experience because i dont use public toilets to poop. WARNING: kadiri and kwentong to!!!

my stomach was really upset because i was out drinking beer the night before. so i tried my best to hold it in. i felt i really couldnt hold it in anymore so i cut classes and quickly went home. (eto na!!) when i got home i went straight to the toilet and quickly undid my belt and pants BUT even before i could fully take my pants down and sit on the bowl my HOT, FLUID, BOILING ANGRY CRAP just exploded out of my system and into my pants and the floor!!! Not a single drop of shit got in the water closet!!!

you can puke now!! i did warn you hehehe

i still went drinking beer after that horrible experience but i now always carry a "emergency poop kit" with me. it contains lots of tissue, wet wipes, spray alcohol, cologne and diatabs!! and now i almost never hesitate about using the public toilet but im still very choosy of which toilets to use.

GODDESS said...

hay! finally.. someone who understands! hehehe! gano ba kasi kahirap itaas ang toilet seat cover????

Coldman said...

natawa naman ako sa # 1.


davenport said...


Hindi pa ako napoo poo sa mall or kahit sa school!

dazedblu* said...

That's exactly how we should obey rules.. :)

Anonymous said...

pasok yung number 1!

dito sa office building namin, may isang matandang lalaking sobrang lakas umungol pag-tumata*.

nakakabadtrip pare.hehe.

*salamat sa pagbisita.add kita.:)

DN said...

bwahahahaha. natawa naman ako dito. i groan loud sometimes when i sit sa throne. hahahahaha.

release tension go! hahahah

wanderingcommuter said...

bam: waaaahhhh, thats outrageous dude. it can beat the number one slot!
no matter how urgent the situation is, always make sure your aiming the traget!!! hahaha! that was a good one dude!

goddess: probably sa mga boys, nakakadiri rin kasing magtaas ng seat cover. syempre alam mo na germs. i must admit sometimes i used my foot in flushing and pulling up the seat cover. hehehe! sorry boys!

coldman: hehehe. thanks dude!

davenport: you're missing halkf of your life! hehehe. its an adventure of a lifetime, swear!

dazedblu: unfortunately, the reasons why people don't follow it is because wala naman daw kasing concrete rules...haaayyy!

kurisujae: actually, mas ackward kapag yung umuungol eh matanda...ang weird ng feeling tapos katabi mo pa ng cubicle. hahaha!

dn: ang tanong jan, dn, anong ginagawa mo sa throne? baka iba naman. hahaha. joke lang!

Josh of Arabia said...

this is funny, true..and informative even more.:)

regards man.

ps: what freaks me the most are those supposed humans who left their grimes for poor someone to clean up.

red riding odin hood said...

this is bam! ill be using a new alias from now on and i have a baby blog.!!

i know it's outrageous!! the cleaning up part was just as horrible!!! hahaha of course i had to clean up all that crap myself hehehe and i had to wash my pants eventhough i dont usually do my laundry.


Jepoy said...

Panalo! -- Stop moaning. It disturbs everyone inside. --- so true, lalo na kung ung moaning eh kakaiba. hahaha.

wanderingcommuter said...

josh: oh no, its beyond imagination dude! these people should be paid more than what they are presently getting. considering the hard shit(not literally) they're getting!

bam: hahaha! lesson learned my friend...hahaha...

jepoy: siguro kapag maulit pa sa akin yun. kakalampagin ko siya ng magulat at tumuloy tuloy ang labas ng hindi na umungol. hahaha!

chase / chubz said...

i really hate people who can't put the seat cover up. i mean.