Tuesday, March 25, 2008

talking about bureaucracy

yesterday, i went back to san beda to process my clearance and exit papers, that i'll be needing for theh next next academic year--- another law school of course.
probably its been a year now, since the last time i have been here. but the feeling was so nostalgic. the feelign that my chest's pounding and the anxiety was rushing telling me, i still need to finish something, was still there. the typical feeling i have to endure everytime i walk to mendiola from work.
although its been a year now since i've took a break from law school. nothing basically changed. its still the same building erected along mendiola. there are still a number of squatting stores along the path way, children and old people scavenging or asking for empty bottles and tin cans and most of all, the screaming woman who kept on shouting to her sons because of the parking space. i could never forget that voice.
if there is one thing that i don't like about the school is talking to their departments. whenever i tried requesting for something, like any burueaucracy, they keep on passing me around to one department to another. if i haven't informed them about what they need to do, they wouldn't basically figured out what i am therefore and save my legs from standing for almost 20 minutes.
there was this department that told me to come back after a couple of hours since the person whose going to sign my clearance was not there yet. although its already 2 in the afternoon. another personnel asked me to go back tomorrow because she claimed that her supervisor who is also going to sign my paper is on leave. there is also this department that you wouldn't believe that it would actually exist because you have to go to the other side of the building just to find their office.
but i was decided to complete everything yesterday. i returned back after an hour to the first office i have went to. fortunately, the supervisor was already there and signed my papers.
then, i also returned back to the next office and asked if there are other representatives that could sign it up for me. i made an alibi to her and said that my documents need to be urgently accomplished today because i need to fly it by tomorrow abroad. then i found out that her supervisor was actually there she was just scared giving her another load because her boss was already quite pissed off. eventually, she gathered all of her courage and went to her supervisor and asked to sign my paper which she actually did. thus, i was able to finish my papers!
basically, one thing i find quite interesting about the bureaucracies i have encountered was, some of the bureaucracies that we have in the counbtry, regardless if this is a public or a private office, doesn't happen to have a clear and concrete specifications regarding the support thay are intended to. in effect, people that they are bowed to serve ended up confused and exhausted because they are being bushed around to one department to another. probably this is one of the many reason why most of us, would either not go to a particular
administration. unless we gravely need it.
nonetheless, i am on my way to another school's bureuacracy and i have heard its crappier.

good luck!


jericho said...

i wonder what that other school is. i've got an idea. and if it's correct .. . you do need all the luck..;)

dazedblu* said...

hmmm. life is just a full of drama my dear, TC :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Not anymore a bedan! yey! Apir! Hihihi. I survived four years of red tape in the red school. Thank god it's over. It's one of the crappiest school now with the monkey as rector.

San ka lilipat? :)

Turismoboi said...

hmmmmmm bedan pala



I hate enrolment period. esp during our time na merong ROTC.. aghh!!!!! binayaran ko nga.

Ary said...

Best of Luck. Go to a school where every document can be downloaded automatically through the net.

I hate waiting in line.I hate the fact that your gonna ask for something knowing that the person who should provide you with "something" is just doing her nails or surfin' the net.

Gargantuan ass-licking monkey!

So much about bureaucracy.

♥nova-san said...

Ahhh... law school. I have some experience with that hahaha. I wonder if law school here in the U.S. is the same as in the Philippines. As for the beaucracy, I am almost positive that it is 100x worse over there. I have had minor experience with some bureacracy issues over there, and it's not a pretty picture.

Your alibi about having to ship your documents abroad was truly ingenious indeed. ;-)

wanderingcommuter said...

jericho: no, if my guess is correct about what you are thinking. unfortunately, no, i am not going to transfer there.
hindi pasok GWA ko eh. hahaha! tsktsk! delinquenteng bata nung under grad. hahaha

dazedblue: i must agree! hehehe!

bino: hahaha! lagot ka! mabuhay ang mga hindi na beda! yahoo! hahaha!

turismoboi: huh? why?

kj: i can imagine. buti nga abolished na sa amin yun nung undergrad eh! hehehe.

ary: hmmm... i don't know of one eh. any suggestions?

novasan: hehehe...for bureaucracies in the phil, its always survival of the fittest and you need to be very resourceful and keen about dealing with them.

chase / chubz said...

what a bummer
good luck.