Thursday, March 6, 2008

film maniac

last night i was surfing the internet in search for a film screening for any independent films within the area. for me, the best websites to start with will be either in robinsons galleria, because they happen to have a particular cinema house that caters independent films every week or in UP film center, where philippine and international films are being screened every month. you could also signed up to their yahoo groups to get daily or atleast weekly dose infos of the latest films screenings, plays, gigs, launchings etc. of various artists not only inside the university but to other universities, colleges and establishments as well. the next thing that i do is to check for the films synopsis and reviews before i would mark my calendar for it.

craving for more, i would then check for some movie guide websites such as rotten tomatos, imdb. for more movie huntings. aside from the synopsis and reviews, i also try checking for their ratings and other related movies for a specific film. sometimes i also check for the listings of a specific actors, actresses, script writers or directors that i like and check there movies out then, i make a list of the films that i am interested with. after that the real fun begins, going to quiapo.
but there is one mortal rule that i always consider whenever i buy pirated dvds, never buy pirated local movies. if you must, try purchasing one either through odyssey or video city. its the least thing that you could do for your country.

list of films to watch:

ambulancia at ust cine vita, march 6
lababo at ust cine vita, March 6, 4:50 P.M.
selda robinsons galleria cinema 8 from march 5 to 11, 2008
10,000 BC (now showing to all local cinemas)
kite runner (now showing to all local cinemas)

list of films to look for:

science of sleep
the machinist
red, white, black and blue
Deuxième souffle, Le
das experiment
maling akala

lihim ni antonio
when nietzche wept

ad: if you guys know, where i could get these movies. please do mack me. thanks!


Angelo said...

planning to watch selda, too. kicking myself for missing lihim ni antonio. augh!

wanderingcommuter said...

ive watch it sa up film center eh. quite lucky because it was director's cut. i think they made a rerun of it in galleria. well, just hope they would produce a dvd out of it.

Dakilang Tambay said...

im planning to watch 10, 000 bc.. weeeee

an ode from thee junkie said...


ano yung mack?

hahaha sorry ha di ko talaga alam. anyway.. meron akong science of sleep... :D

dazedblu* said...

think those are a good films to watch,

my-so-called-Quest said...

i'm planning to watch whatever sounds nice on trinoma! ahehehe

my last indie film was magnifico...
tagal na nun kuya.. pero kaiyak=[

blackdarkheart said...

gusto kong panuorin yung selda. ang delixzhioux(talagang ganyan ang spelling no?!) ni sid lucero grabe! makapunta nga ng galleria for a weekly dose of indie gay stuff. buti napaala mo!!! hehe

Kiks Phulumulu said...

not that i am surprised or whatever...

for any film unfilipino, just mack je. he can get it for you.

fast and with a sliver of drool somewhere.


Kiks Phulumulu said...

parang ang tanga ng previous comment ko. hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

dt: i thought of waltching it last night kaso tinamaan na ako ng antok. next time na lang ulit. hehehe.

ode (na lang ha? ang haba ng nick eh): mack> message me...sino pala ito? do i know you? kasi kung oo, hihiramin ko ang science of sleep sa iyo...hahaha!

dazedblu: definitely! good referrals and good reviews! so quite confident that they are good films to watch. hehehe!

quest: hahaha... oo nga matagal-tagal na nga yun. malaki ng nga si jiro manio sa lihim ni antonio eh. hehehe. sometimes good films are those with the titles that are not always heard.

black dark heart: hehehe. buti naman naging kapakipakinabang (practically-wise) ang post na ito. hahaha! see you there!

kiks: hehehe. je? meaning jericho? ayus! sige! kaso di ba nasa hk yun? hahaha!

an ode from thee junkie said...

ako 'to!!


chase / chubz said...

10,000 bc in on my list..

Wil said...

haven't seen movies in a while, but i prefer independent films to more mainstream films, which are more geared towards special effects, explosions, etc. while the plot suffers. about movie review sites, I usually avoid them unless it's from a movie critic I usually agree with.

wanderingcommuter said...

chaze: unfortunately, i still haven't seen any of the films i have posted. tsktsk!

wil: well, i must agree. sometimes i also prefer not reading the reviews because most of the time it has the tendency to produce expectation in me and after i watched the film i have the tendency to get frustrated.

ode: sino nga?