Wednesday, March 12, 2008

penis sprout

earlier, while browsing over the internet i passed by this article that i remembered tackling before in class during college. it was one of the most intriguing social phenomenon i have ever encountered from the piles of cases that we were given to us. it was the guevedoces of dominican republic or commonly known as the penis sprout phenomenon. click here to read the article.

a number of young girls in a remote village of the country, began growing muscles, testes and penis when they have reached puberty. later they were identified as hermaprodites. but the main problem arose after these young "girls" later learned that they posseses both physical organs of a man and a woman, the question of whether or not to continue being a girl since they were reared to be one since birth or to start over again and be a man as they go on with their life? after hearing this case, it is inevitable for one to put himself in the position of the said dominicans and think for the outcome of the case.

what if one day you'll wake up with someone informing you that you are not what you thought you are? would you retain the social and personal identity that you have already established since birth or go otherwise? or if the latter, could you imagine yourself living a life entirely different from what you previously had?

i think its easier for us to imagine the changes towards one self from being poor to becoming rich than switching from one identity to another. in addition, it is also easier to grow up knowing that from the moment you were born you are a hermaphrodite than just knowing that you are one just now.

but for the case of these girls, it wasn't that hard at all. its what the present context of the country that time (being patriarchal, in which, being a man is more advantageous than being a woman), that decided what life is ahead of them.


Whitelight said...

this is a very interesting story!=) so would adaptation to such changes culture-bound? just like what happened to the dominicans?

William said...

This is not related to your "penis sprout" post.. hehe

Anyways, here is a link where you can read a review about The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I completely agree. Take a look on it.

Bino/Geno said...

Eww. I wouldn't want to grow vagina. It's so ugly.

Verso para Libertad said...

thanks for this post. maybe you should expound more on this having pictures as visual aids?. sounds new to me. keep blogging.

davenport said...

kung mangyayari yan sa akin, from being gay, I am now full blown trisexual.

jericho said...

hmm..if I sprout another penis now, will that make me straight? hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

whitelight: well, there is always a relative answer into your question. but culture in context always has a great impact to whatever changes that may occur towards individual/s.

william: hehehe. okay. but thanks for passing!

bino: hahaha. i could imagine your female counterpart will tell: eeewww.. penis is uglier. hahaha!

verso: uhm.... trying checking the post again. there is a link there that would lead into the article of the phenomenon.

davenport: hahaha...trisexual. ano yung pangatlong preference mo?
hetero/homosexual: the same or opposite sex
bisexual: both sexes.
ano ang trisexuals? let me guess, fellow hermaphrodite? hahaha

jericho: siguro out of too much penis...hahaha!

Whitelight said...

hehe i'm just trying to make some hypothesis on the phenomenon =)

wanderingcommuter said...

whitelight: hey it is still a good theory, a good point of arguement, seriously... hehehe

Whitelight said...

surely. thanks. =)

davenport said... thinking of cats and giant lobster..(ewww)


that should come handy.. kung puno ang girl's CR, then go ka sa boy's..