Thursday, March 13, 2008

ranting bistro

70s bistro

it was my first time to be in 70s bistro last night. although i already have heard a lot about the place and my friends kept on bragging me to go there, it still took me a long time before i could. the place was unnoticeable if you're going to pass anonas. it looks like an old abandoned pub infront. probably if not for the faded sign of 70s bistro on the roof, you also wouldn't find it.
(friends in ayuyang bar, baguio city)
session road was the featured band last night. although i am not really a music person, they are one of the few local bands that i liked. probably because i was acquianted with night outs in baguio watching them. until they've went down manila and pursue their career here.
the place was spaceous hanging around it were paintings and portraits of various pinoy and foreign rock icons such as ponopio, sampaguita etc. there was a grafitti as the background of the stage, old iron chairs and round tables. in general, the place reminded me of ayuyang in was already around 11 in the evening when the band started. there were probably 7 tables accomodated making the entire performance more intimate (if it would be the proper word to use).
well, drinking for 5 days now, not enough sleep and 7 in the morning shift the next day was all worth it after the night. i just realized that with the lifestyle and work i have, in which, everything seemed to be very mechanic and routinely done, going out is the only favor i could give to myself. nonetheless, i just missed beating deadlines, cramming and stressing my nerves out. i thought i'd rather be exhausted with something i like doing than something i don't. but still, i can't---for reasons i could not personall resolve.oh well, i just wanted to rant it out.


Mugen said...

Been there twice. Ayus dun.

davenport said...

"drinking for five days now"..

kaya pa ba hanggang ika-anim na araw.. astig ka rin no!?

tapos sa ikapitong araw si wandering commuter ay naagpahinga

dazedblu* said...

nice.. the bistro sounds kewl.

wanderingcommuter said...

mugen: may palaghay nga akong may bago na kaming tambayan eh. hahaha!

davenport: hahaha! so sa linggo pa pala ako dapat nagpahinga. haaayyy..

dazeblu: wait until you see it!


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