Sunday, March 2, 2008

tabak bente uno: ang aming (h)istorya

while i was checking for some files over the internet. i came across our album and decided to reminisce into it. the feeling was so nostalgic again. i remember the laughs, tears, cramming and the companionship as we struggle on our own personal lives, college years and serving the masses.

it moved me again hearing these songs especially: awit ni concepcion, hinihintay at awit ng petiburges (of course, especially now).


Carl said...

oh my god. you sang/sing? may gigs parin ba? di kita ganun kakilala, pakilala ka naman.

Malayamoon said...

hahahahaha. yung sakin nakatago sa isang box. nahihiya pa din ako pag pinapatugtog yung pauwi sa amin hehe. miss kita ewik.

♥Nova-san said...

I don't have much knowledge of Filipino music at all. Are these your group's original songs sang by your group?

jericho said...

uy ... nostalgic. bakit kaya?..;)

dazedblu* said...

nice remembering those things from your past.


serving the masses?

You're in a band?

my-so-called-Quest said...

wow may banda ka before? astig!
sana may free invites sa reunion gig. ahehe

ingats po plagi=]

wanderingcommuter said...

carl: i sang siguro out of lack of male voices lang. i am more into the administrative part. naks! i worked as the junior executive producer of the project.

malayamoon (hannah): so miss you! nawawala nga ang kopya ko eh. ewan ko kung sinong dumekwat! si hanna po ang lead vocals ng kantang pauwi sas amin.hahahaha! binuking?!

novasan: yeah, these are original compositions. its just that the year we came up with an idea and mount it to be a musical album.

jericho: na yun! kung anuman yang iniisip mo.

dazedblu: sure is! hehehe. thanks for dropping by!

kj: yeah, but not as active as before... nop, im in theater. just so happened that our music wing was able to reproduce tehir own crafts.

quest: kung may talent akong gustong madeveloip ay sana marunong akong tumugtog ng kahit anong musical instrument. wala kong pakialam kahit trianggle pa yan. hahaha. sure! although definitely it would be helt in baguio. hehehe

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