Tuesday, March 11, 2008

language hang over

i know i have a lot of catching to do. the past weekend for me was pretty much a very busy one. i met a lot of people a handful of which, i haven't seen for a long time.
the other day, i met che, who came back from south korea and just made a quick visit int he country, with marx (www.marocharim) for a quick mug of latte in gateway. then excused myself because i need to meet up with my mom, who also happened to passed by manila after visiting her hometown province and had breakfast with her. after which, i rushed back to the two to catch up with che's 0100 in the afternoon flight just to know after wards, that it was actually 0100 in the morning.
then, i met jamie and roamed around the vintage shops in marikina shoe expo in cubao. we went for another coffee with marx and che again. until we ended up beer drinking until 2 in the morning.
the next day (yesterday), i went to gateway again, to meet up with my block mate, odette and had a frap. then i drag her to kalayaan, where kuya ben, zig and h are dining for dinner. eventually, i ended up drinking again until 0200 in the morning. i arrived home around 0300 because i still needed to drop odette home. after a couple of hour i drag myself up to bed and tried beating the transpo strike on my way to work.
when i arrived at the office, an officemate gave a pat on my tummy telling me that its beginning to bulge which i was not surprised. considering i was seriously drunk for two straight days.
now, with just a couple of hours sleep and a severe hang over, i am already here at work and writing this entry.
i have learned a lot of things over the weekend. aside from some personal things about my friends, there are some facts and revelations that i was really surprised with.
the newly elected prime minister of south korea mandated english as the official language of the country. thus, it compelled locals to learn the language. in relation with this, che also informed me that the salary of english tutors here in the philippines are almost a hundred times cheaper than in south korea. no wonder there are lots of koreans who would either prefer going here than staying in their country.
my friend was even offered an apartment for free by her korean housemates as long as she would converse with them in english. then, i thought, che don't even speak korean so in what other way could they communicate aside from english?
its just surprising to know how other people would prefer other country's language aside from their own.
then i heard of what happened in the binibining pilipinas...
it saddened and put me into deep thoughts after what happened there.
what exactly is the reason why we kept on using english if we could actually speak in our native tounge?
what is with our native language that we opt in not prefering it in any casual or formal setting?
is there such thing as a superior language?
can we be proud of our language as a filipino?
i thought of not answering the question just for a change and because of my hang over of course. hehehe.

disclaimer (pweh!)*some might think why am i writing such post if i am not even using my native language as well. that is because i wanted to be consistent with my main objective when i created my blog. check for my profile for details.


thesocialcritic said...

the salary of english tutors here in the philippines are almost a hundred times cheaper than in south korea.

for real? kaya naman pala. i just realized something. hay. nalungkot tlaga ko. ung prof ko kasi sa journ. umalis kasi pupunta ng skorea. hay. braaaaaaaaaaain draaaaaaaaain.

wanderingcommuter said...

aside from this, it just saddens me to think that there would come a time that there are only specific professions that the country will produce. either OCWs, nurse, call center agents, or tutors.
so much potentials for us but the very country that we are at gives us very scarce opportunity.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Gosh, kaya pala ang daming Koreans sa Pinas.

wanderingcommuter said...

keitaro: at ang daming pinoy sa kanila!

amicus said...

i tried watching the famous q&a of ms san miguel in youtube. hindi ko kinaya. after a few lines, sinara ko yung tab. masakit talaga sa tenga.
sana nag-tagalog na lang siya. english is just one of the many languages, anyway. ang problema kasi yung mentalidad na kung magaling ka mang-inglet e magaling ka na, na matalino/edukado kang tao.

DN said...

aw...hehehehe...ngayon ko nga lang napansin na english pala ang medium ng blog mo.

speaking of english, have you watched bb. pilipinas world 2008 on youtube? bwahahahah!

James said...

this is how you kill a native language. soon enough, wikang filipino will be extinct like the european ones.

it creeps me to know such government would force its people to speak a language wherein they have to exhaust all efforts learn.

James said...

kulang--- to learn.

haay, nadala ng bugso ng damdamin..

jericho said...

marami talagang naiisip kapag may hangover hehe. gusto daw kasing maging globally-competetive kaya dapat marunong mag-english. yan nga ang gusto ng mga employers sa DH. bakit kaya walang DH na Japanese o Hongkee?

Anonymous said...

Speaking english properly does not make us less of a Filipino. However, wrong grammar and pronunciation makes us stupid.

Anyway, I hate Koreans.


in a way, it's nice to speak in english coz that could be understood, more or less, internationally. But only if u'r confident/fluent with it (or u know the basics).. with her, i hope she answered in tagalog

♥nova-san said...

It saddens me that Filipinos consider the Tagalog language inferior to English, or it appears as if they do anyway. There are many Filipinos that live here in the U.S. that refuse to speak Tagalog and insist that they no longer speak Tagalog, even if one listens to their thick accent, it is clear that they still do. One thing that I've also noticed, aside from the language, is that many appear to be ashamed of their Filipino heritage and claim that they are instead Chinese or some other Asian ethnicity rather than admit proudly that they are Filipino.

As for the English language itself, well, I have to say that it is becoming rather butchered also, as black and hispanic mixtures have blended into the everyday spoken, conversational English, making the traditional English language almost extinct. The way I see it, it seems that the Spanish language will take over as the most popular and most spoken language in the world.

Marocharim said...

para i-corroborate yung kuwento, i'll write soon about how che missed her flight. haha!

davenport said...

hay grabe..meeting friends, the ones you really miss or not really miss, but when you see them once again, you know you miss them as if it is the only best thing in life remaining (libreng kape is also one of the best thing in life... sorry i am not so sure kasama ang tap sa tummy):)

-- --

i need to upgrade my english too, i saw a perfect grammar and usage book in nat'l bookstore for me and it cost below 700 wahhh!! next time..

wanderingcommuter said...

amicus: i think we really need to address that belief. when i was in college we were not required what language you want to communicate with regardless if it is tagalog, english or ilocano as long as the class could understand it and you'll be able to express yourself properly. but when i went to law school where we were required to speak with english, i knew by that time who came from the same university.
although the use of language is important as a measurement of intelligence, i think what really matters is the effectiveness of how you are delivering the information or expression to other people regardless what language you use.

dn: tsk tsk...may nahuling binasa lang ang dulo ng blog...hahaha. at hidni yung nasa gitna. hahaha...opo napanood ko po. as mentioned by my post. hahaha! :-P

james: it saddened me to think of such language. although some still speaks of it, there is no specific people who claims that its their native tounge. parang for academe and preservation purposes na lang ang mga speakers ng mga ganitong language just like the latin language.
i don't think na ganun kabilis mamatay ang filipino. kasi as long as poor ang educational system at marami pa ring mga tao ang hindi nakakapag aaral sa pilipinas. marami pa rin ang gagamit at gagamit ng wikang ito.
the effect of globalization, nanaman. hahaha.

jericho: siguro kasi mas maraming work opportunity sa banda nila?

bino: you have a point, bino. i learned to like them, in a way. hehehe.

kj: oo nga eh, mas lumabas tuloy siyang kahiya-hiya pero sabi nga ni charlene gonzales. huwag na daw natin siya pag usapan over the internet.

nova: its really disturbing hearing this. i juts wonder why?! i feel pity for these people for doing so they are also feeling ashame of themselves.
probably, its not really a problem with the language itself rather the value most people put into those who speaks the language.

marocharim: hahaha... ayos yan... i am going to read that!

daevnport: the tap on the tummy was because i had too much alcohol on my stomach that time. i have been drinking beer for almost 4 starighht nights last week.