Saturday, March 15, 2008

in search of being out of touch

i am starting to get out of my touch.
it has been two weeks now since i've started attempting to finish a sketch or plate. but the attempt just left me with piles of crumpled papers and torn canvas inside my room. the reason?
a couple of weeks back, me and my friends were strolling along sm north edsa and came across an art gallery. i immediately pointed out a piece that i really liked. it was a surreal one done with acrylic paint in canvas. it was a distorted figure of a man alone in a dark. it was painted with a piercing cool mixture of blue, green, violet, and black. then accented with maroon. the contradiction of the latter color highlighted a unique mood about the painting.
the feeling was like, imagining yourself waking up alone and sweating in your dark and hot room at the moment were the sun is about set and it so red.
then, a friend, who i know has a good talent when it comes to visuals, told me that he didn't like it. simply because it seemed like it so common for artists nowadays, to draw in a such genre. his opinion made me thought of switching to a different form and i also realized that it is about time that i explore a new style.
now, probably i am still in the conceptualization part and really couldn't think of anything to blog about, even my weekly top ten.
well, hopefully, soon i'll be able to find what i am really looking for (subtext/context).


Turismoboi said...

i think i saw that painting as well

well just to let u knw i like it

dont know if that will help

are you exploring a new style because u think its time to grow or ur exploring because someone u know think that the style ur in stink?

art is not only for entertaining people but also entertaining urself

it gives u the meaning of sense of fulfillment not just mere appreciation alone.

Whitelight said...

follow your heart and express it through your art. maybe it will not be appreciated at the present but surely it will be in the right time.

you don;t have to always please your audience. for me, art is something expression of yourself. so just pursue whatever you have there in your heart. =)

wanderingcommuter said...

very well said, turismoboi and whitelight... hehehe... actually may point naman yun friend ko and i don't feel that i am being pushed (in denial). hahaha.
i always create things for my own expression and fulfillment. but sometimes you need to let yourself grow and...that my family is the important persons in my life...HAHAHA

Whitelight said...

i hope you also told yourself to be confident waaaaa.....

wanderingcommuter said...

if only i can, whitelight, if only i can...

Turismoboi said...


good luck on everything!

wanderingcommuter said...

thanks! turimoboi!