Friday, March 7, 2008

deeper mark

it was that night ,
when i thought that the silence between us will be clearer
but when you stood up from bed the next day,
without looking back,
i then realized that it was still a dream that i kept on believing at

the picture was clearer than any of the illusions
of all the dreams that i ever had
my arms at the back of your head
while my right hand on your proud chest,
my cheek hiding on your strong back
as my lips were stealing chances

then i felt your grip
stronger than i ever thought it could be
it guided my arms and slip on the widest of your body
and then it began to beg for warmth

if only it could leave a trace on my arm
so that i could prove to you that,
in the most vulnerable moment of your life,
you held on me
during your darkest and most fearful hours,
i was there

but by the time the sun rises,
the most selfish part of me, ends.
you'll lit a cigarette, dressed up
and left the room

no words, no gestures, no goodbyes
the way it has always been
all that you left of me
was a deeper mark
that means nothing to you
but everything for me

if only you could see that mark.


Carl said...

i know. i know...


liked the poem, dude.

wanderingcommuter said...

thanks carl, unedited pa eh...saka ko na lang ieedit, hehehe

Turismoboi said...

i can relate

those are powerful words

i hope the guy reads it, read it tlga



Those pains will make you strong(er) in the long run though.

Bulaang Katotohanan said...


chase / chubz said...

i know the feeling..
hahay.. been there.

my-so-called-Quest said...

astig kuya ah...
manhid naman nun.=[

DN said...

waaaa... andami 'ata ang malungkot ngayon... haaaayyy...T_T

wanderingcommuter said...

turismobopi: i believe he can't...

pinatay ko na siya eh. hahaha... biro lang.

kj: it DID actually.

bk: pat at the back...hahaha

chase: and how was it?

quest: yan ang napapala ng gusto ng mga komplikadong relasyon. BANG! hahahaha!

dn: hindi naman ako malungkot. nakasmile nga ako eh!