Wednesday, January 23, 2008

tribute to heath ledger

some would say that only death would part yourself into something or someone that you are having difficulties with saying 'goodbye' and moving on. the same reason why some people would actually commit suicide or kill somebody for that matter. the cliche line till death do us apart, would best support its basic thought.
earlier i have decided to come in late for my 9 am shift. fortunately,. it was a perfect timing since our supervisor told us that due to some technical difficulties, work loads piled up and most of the people at were work were doing overtime.
when i came in, i still have 45 minutes to slack around my desk and decided to browse and check for my emails. but i was in surprise, when my homepage reads that heath ledger dead at 28.
yes, heath ledger who starred in the movies: the patriot, the brothers grimm, and probably his most known movie brokeback mountain, was found dead on his manhattan apartment naked in bed. officials are still trying to identify the reason of death. although they are looking on the possibility of suicide since there were sleeping pills that were seen beside him, though they are still not concluding it. click here for the news.
i am no hollywood movie goer and probably i only have a list of hollywood celebrities that i could recognize like johhny depp, orlando bloom, salma hayek, cameroon diaz, drew barimore and of course, heath ledger. i couldn't even recognize brook shields on first glance. since the only fil i could remember about her was blue lagoon.
anyhow, heath ledger would probably one of the most versatile and edgy actors that i have seen in the hollywood arena. as far as i have heard he was actually playing the role of joker in the next batman movie. and it was such a waste knowing the news that he just passed away.
i have this theory that if you are a celebrity and you want to be known for ages. the instant way to it, is not by establishing a foundation, building a monument, doing charity works all over the world, or even by putting your name on the celebrity walk of fame. usually, whenever a celebrity is at its peak of his career, then s/he abruptly passed away. expect that his/her name would be known for many many generations. take for example kurt cobain, selena, tupac, marilyn monroe and elvis presley. we also have our local cases for example rico yan, miguel rodriguez and nida blanca to name a few.
our memories of them are always stucked on the peak of their career that is why whenever we remember them, all we could think of is something spectacular about their talent. later on we have this tendencies to exagerrate it and this is passed through over from generatiions to generations. at the end, expect more exxagerrations.
i remember asking my ever-so-bibo-nephew, if he knows elvis presley. he didn't said anything. what he did was he stood up, got a layer of his bangs, twirl it, fold his collar upright and then he made a song and dance number of one of his classics, round'a clock, rock. but when i tried asking him about where he was born, how he died, or even the controversies he was into, he paused for a moment and just continue with his show.
first impresion is lasting. but in reality ,the last scene is always the one that last longer. thus, death will not be the only thing that would make someone or somebody part ways. for the memories thereon will still live and relive. same thing with heath ledger.
for you heath ledger, now, i wish i know how to quit you...more.


Turismoboi said...

so young

hindi ko man lang siya natikman

ahem im sorry serious nga pla post mo

Turismoboi said...

pareho pa tayo ng post hay

wanderingcommuter said...

turismoboi: hahaha! dapat ang sinagot mo na lang sana cowboy na lang ako. hahaha!

DN said...

haayy...kawawa naman....natapos naman niya shooting sa batman di ba?

soreal said...

was so devastated yesterday talaga! hahai, we've lost another sad...

elayas said...

sad death...tsktsk.

*salamat sa comment ginoo..


davenport said...

i've seen the trailer of the next batman franchise.. and you know what from that moment, seeing him as a joker felt creepy..

wanderingcommuter said...

dn: oo nga erh. i'm actually still believing that this death issue is just a publicity.

soreal: i perfectly know where you are coming from.

elayas: oh well, thats life...

davenport: saan mo nakita???