Wednesday, January 16, 2008

been there done that

"been there, done that"

8"x 11.5"

crayon etching

january 15, 2008


nobody told me that life started in darkness

nobody mentioned that everything spurred from abyss

nobody said this warmth i am feeling came from coldness

and above everything else,

you never explained to me the reason for our kiss


gerrycho said...

woah... you sure did an excellent work there :D can't think very deeply of it though, might suffer nose bleeds...

lonewolf said...

huwaw! stig! \m/

dazedblu* said...

woah, this is real thing, I've never seen such one through crayon etching.

btw yer profile desc. wuz xoo kewl... as in sobrang kulet.

icka said...

hey! wanderer. thanks for leaving a comment.

maybe it's not yet time to know the reason for that "kiss"... just like how black brought out your emotions and turn your artwork pleasing to the eye.

i love you work. can i make it as my desktop? hehe. ^^, + can i link u up?

chase said...

wow. that pic is so real..
i have to enlarged it to gaze its beauty..

angelo said...

i wish i had the time to do art again, nakakainggit ka eh

wanderingcommuter said...

gerrycho: hehehe. you don't need to think to deep. you might surprise yourself kapag nalaman mo saan ko kinuha ang concept. hehehe.

lonewolf: salamat sa pagdaan. hehehe.

dazedblu: its really easy. masakit nga lang sa mata. pero masaya kapag nag eetch ka na. nakakaamaze. hehehe.
i thought of hiding my profile before medyo absurd kasi hehehe.

icka: are you reading what i am thinking that time. hehehe. galing! i must say you have the eye for art.
feel free to make it as your screen saver it will be an honor. hehehe. sana makita ko kung ano itsura niya. hehehe.

chase: wow, thanks! i really appreciate it! especially its coming from somebody that i just kept on reading his blog almost every new post.

angelo: whats hindering you? you won't believe me kapag sinabi ko'ng 2hours lang ako natutulog everyday to fit everything on my schedule. don't time stop you from doing you love doing.
hoping i can see some of your piece soon.

chase said...

oi.. salamat..
im blushing tuloy kaw ha..