Tuesday, January 1, 2008

quiapo hoarding: list of films i have got

a friend accompanied me the other day to buy some dvds in quiapo. luckily, i have bought most of the dvds that i have lost either because somebody borrowed it but never returned it or lost inside my cabinets forever.

dreamers, everybody thought they were too young to understand

the complications of life.

malena (monica belluci), a film that depicts the story of a lady that struggled to survive

world war 1 and the vicious curse of being beautiful.

science of sleep (gael garcia bernal), how would you distinguish the surreality of dream between reality?

city of god, a film that highlighted the ghettos of brazil where love, drugs, youth,
crime and power have their own distinct meanings.

yossi and jagger, a film that depicts how an illicit love affair bloomed
between the borders of the iran-iraq war.

gia (angelina jolie), where drugs, freedom, love, sex and death

spelled beauty.

grande ecole, a story of intertwined relationships that got tanggle

in a more complicated web of sex and love.

irreversible (monica belluci), where the start is the end and the end is the beginning.


Bryan Anthony the First said...

sana i can find time watching movies...

your list sounds great...

have fun wathcing

but ingat sa quiapo next time you go there

happy new year

btw, link kita


Anonymous said...

what's the dreamers?

Anino said...

Your list is intriguing!

I bought some DVDs as well.Most of them are Chinese and Korean movies:The Myth,Infernal Affairs,The Promise,My Brother,House of Fury,Divergence,The Twins Effect.Have I told you that Daniel Wu is my fave actor?Hahaha!

mrs.j said...


hmm nice films watched d grande ecole, i wander about d illicit affair of the iraqi guys.. hmm ganda?

wer xactly sa quiapo ka bumili?
dvd stalls der r like my home na! haha
wer dun? any landmark para makakita din me.. hehe pm.. hapi new yr!

wanderingcommuter said...

anthony: thanks for dropping by. wala naman na kasi akong masyadong ginagawa eh kaya i can find time. but my advise is try managing your time, probably atleast two hour a day para may pangstress reliever ka rin.

gino: dreamers is a french film about three adolescents (one girl and two boys) during the flower power in the 70s. the film discussed how film, sex, youth and freedom are defined by the three. a must see.

anino: i love chinese films as well. mostly, wong kar wai's film because most of them starred my favorite actor as well tony leung like in the mood for love and happy together. i am not really a korean film goer but i have heard their films are nice. the only korean film i have watched was three iron bar and i was impressed.
mrs j: i love grande ecole. especially the line that salem said, "now i walk with my head up in the stars to keep my tears from falling. hehehe.
yossi and jagger is a very nice film. medyo nakakaiyak din kaso medyo hindi maganda yung kopya nabili ko even yung nadownload ko from the internet.
mrs j: no specific place in quiapo eh. most of the time i just browse and check for the director, the casts, the synopsis, the filmfest logos and the comments in the cover. sometimes naman i try researching the internet and then tried looking for it sa quiapo. surprisingly, most of the films taht are listed here can be watched among those collection dvds with titles about sex.

mrs.j said...


so sex talaga ha?! hmm kaw wander ha u makes me wander talgaa!!! haha


Anino said...

Dahil sa article mo ay bumalik sa aking alaala ang mga DVD na hiniram habam-buhay ng mga (*&^%# na hindi marunong magsoli.
1.Habla Con Ella (orihinal)
2.Lord of the Rings 2 (orihinal)
3.Malena (pirata)

Subukan mong panoodin ang "My Brother" at "Taegukgi",korean films iyan.

wanderingcommuter said...

mrs. j: just keep that thought. hehehe.

anino: sige. i am going to look for those. thanks for the suggestions.

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

ive heard yossi and jagger is a great film... totoo ba?

wanderingcommuter said...

mink: yup. although the issue was not that fresh, the entire film was executed very well.

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

hmmm. thanks for that wanderer

wanderingcommuter said...

mink: no problem ay meron pala ang problema pala mahirap makahanap ng kopya nito. before, i tried buying one through amazon but the delivery charge was like 10 times higher than the actual price.
i tried downloaded it through the internet three times. second attempt actually made the computer explode. bow!

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

oh my gulay! bakit naman na terorist atak yung PC mo... hehehe...

joy-joy said...

may nadiscover ako jan sa up shopping center na bilihan ng dvd, dun ko nakita lahat ng hinahanap kong titles. mabait pa si manong, binigyan ako ng discount... :D

wanderingcommuter said...

joyjoy: hala talaga? saan banda? stall no.?

Turismoboi said...

hey i like this films too

akala ko ako lang ang nakakapreciate dito hehehe