Sunday, January 6, 2008

have you ever heard of a bisexual bar?

we heard of gay bars, ktv bars and the usual bars during saturday nights... but have you ever heard of a bisexual bar? but not those you have in malate, cubao or elsewhere.
when i went to baguio last month, i passed by this disco bar along *shit! i forgot the name of the road. argh* this road going to ferguson called gagamba.
when i was in college i always passed by this establishment going home. but never i discovered that this was the most versatile disco bar that you could ever be.
funny because this bar has two entrance door. the door on the left showcases female dancers. while the door on the right highlights male dancers. how cool could that be? best of both worlds as they normally say it. hehehe


Marocharim said...


Naguilian Road yun. And to be perfectly honest, I go to the door on the left whenever I *feel* like going there. You very well know what I feel about male dancers. Hehe. Besides, I quit going to a certain Legarda Road bar that reportedly has underage entertainers.

The strange thing is that Gagamba is near St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, and a few steps away is Baguio Memorial Chapels.

LAWSTUDE said...

There is Government in Makati and Bed in Malate. Good clean bisexual, trisexual, quadrisexual or whateversexual fun there.

To the left, to the left.

Happy New Year.

Anino said...

Happy new year.Akala ko katatakutan dahil nakakatakot yung itsura nung bahay.

wanderingcommuter said...

marx: hahaha. buti ka pa nakakapasok ka na sa mga ganito. hahaha. im longing to enter such establishment. only if i have the guts! :-) hehehe. you know rin naman what i feel about male dancers.

lawstud: yeah, i have heard about the place. but haven't been there yet. matagalang pagplaplano yan. hehehe.

anino: hahaha. medyo nakakatakot nga sa labas. pero wait ka na lang kapag nakapasok ka na sa loob. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

err..san to?

Anonymous said...

ganda ng name, gagamba...hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

jackie: going to bokawkan road, baguio city.

reigh: pinag isipang mabuti yan. hehehe. lol.

Josh of Arabia said...

may ganon palang bar sa 'Pinas..But actually have seen common sight in Bangkok..(you'd see those ago-go dancers of all sexes)..

txs sa visit dude, xlink tayo.:)

Turismoboi said...

interesting bar?

makapunta nga ng baguio nga mahanap yan

Turismoboi said...

interesting bar?

makapunta nga ng baguio nga mahanap yan

wanderingcommuter said...

josh: well probably the most common show i've heard about bangkok is more of the phuket show, where there are female dancers.
i wonder what they call it to such similar bars like this?

turismoboi: yeah, it is. im planning to go here nga rin. the next time i go back to baguio.

Mojo Potato said...

have been to that bar 2 yrs ago...gosh kakatakot...hehehe...basta

allan said...

Hello Guys

I am Bi and would love to meet a Bi guy and a girl to fuck with!

Were IS this Bar it does NOT say!