Thursday, January 24, 2008

back pay

this morning i have already talked to my supervisor regarding my resignation. as expected there was the question "why?"
i've already expected that this question will be raised somewhere along the middle. so i've already prepared a brief speech regarding it.
my current supervisor is probably my best boss among the other supervisors that handled me. so, i've wanted to be as honest as i could be. i've told him that i was just fed up with work that i could no longer perform well. he offered me vacation to simmer up the burn out that i am feeling. but i refused. i've told him that it could probably made me more realized not to go to work anymore.
he told me what were my plans after this and i blatantly answered him, i really don't know.
i've mentioned to him that i haven't seen any jobs that i could fall back into yet and probably i could just utilize the back pay that i will receive to support my expenses while i am looking for a job. basically, everything is still unclear, which was so un-me.
good thing, about him was he respected my decision which i am very grateful. nonetheless, he pull out my files into his records and check for something. he explained to me a lot of things. some of which, i have already forgotten. but the point regarding my backpay was the one which alarmed me most.
he discussed to me the breakdown of the backpay. i've learned that the company doesn't offer separation pay. it was basically comprises of unused leaves, the percentage of the days worked over the 13th month and other incentives, in which the 13th month pay has the biggest weight. since i've already received my 13th month pay before the year ended. i have only atleast half a month over the 13th month pay incentive. aside from this, i have already used my leaves during the holidays. thus, roughly i am only getting around P4000 as a backpay. way lower than the regular salary i receive every pay day. i was devastated knowing this. then, i just thought of the expenses that will come to me in the following weeks. how will is survive from that?
prior to this, i've thought of switching to a different working field for the sake of my senses. although it was difficult, i am willing to take the odds, provided that atleast i have some money to cover up my expenses. but after knowing this, my decision of resigning is shaking.
thus, i opt in changing my game plan. i am going to look first for a stable job. once, i am confirmed then that is the point that i am going to file for an immediate resignation. now, the only problem that i need to settle to is looking for a job.

i wonder if showbusiness would accept me? probably a porn director will do. hehehe.


Bulaang Katotohanan said...

it sucks to be a slave of the economy.
i feel your pain.

Quentin X said...

Good luck! The grass is always greener ...