Tuesday, January 22, 2008

change is inevitable

i am decided. i am filing my resignation letter probably today or tomorrow. i am just waiting for my boss to arrive and see from there what would happen.
its been a year and half since i started working for this company and although i don't like the job at first, i was able to learn to love it simply because of the people i am working with and probably the need of having a job that would support myself.
but lately, i've noticed that i am beginning to lose my enthiusiasm for my work (probably, fed up with the same things that you do over and over again, in which there is no more space to develop), friends were also resigning and loopholes regarding the operations of the management wee beginning to be prevalent---surprisingly, it was too obvious not to be noticed. though i am not going to elaborate about the details anymore.
but if there was one thing that i have realized regarding this, it was that no matter how you love your job, if you don't see yourself developing into. eventually, you just have to drop.
it has been a long time since i've thought of resigning. but before i could pass my letter. i have been bothered by second thoughts of bills that needs to be paid: my place, my food, money etc. etc. indeed, money makes the world goes round. i was left with the option that i need to find a work first which i could fall back into once i resign. believe me i did, from that period up until now. i looked for jobs online but it seemed like most of the jobs in the philippines are just BPO or call centers related.
yes, it would give you job for advertising---but my degree is not somehow related into it. it would give you graphic artist---but i don't know how to use photoshop. though. it would show you human resource positions but its requiring atleast 2 years of experiences.
this was one of those times were you begin to regret the degree that you took, that you should have taken a degree that was being taken by the rest of the nation rather than taking something that interests or excites you. well, i still believed that passion for a subject matter during those days
its given that during these days, you don't always get the job that you want (especially if this is a managerial or supervisor position---hehehe). but its quite odd that it seemed like the only job that could be offered for you is only bpo related. unfortunately, you just have to live with it. now, as i am writing this entry, my boss just passed by. there are still hesitations that i need to overcome. but as i usually say it, change is envitable.


jericho said...

wow! a life-changing decision. it comes just but once in a while. goodluck - however you decide. (i posted responses to your responses for past posts)

icka said...

im beginning to have regrets too. i've been hearing the same lines... "just wait for the HR to call you". gahd. what's happening to hospitals?

anyway,hope it will help if you jot down a list of pros and cons for each decision. Prioritize which considerations are very important to you, and which are less so.goodluck.

Marocharim said...


I'm reminded of what Frankie "Ka Kiko" Evangelista said in his last interview: "If you love your job, you would have never worked a day in your life." :)

I'd recommend using your blog for some money for a while.

Anonymous said...

Cge lang. Just make sure that you have some savings. Always prepare for the rainy seasons.

By the way, who are you dating now? Hihi.

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

hay, apir tayo! ganyan na ganyan din ako several months ago. i lasted 2 months sa call center biz. pag mabigat ang dating ng job, talagang idadrag mo ang sarili mo papasok. what kept me going were the people. hmmm, i know i made the right decision, although in between jobs ako ngayon. good luck!

elayas said...

yan ang tinatawag na prinsipyo... success is not a matter of gaining high but feeling contented in what you are doing. same with anybody else...nasa pagdedesisyon ang ikaliligaya mo.


*salamat sa pagdaan kapatid!

Katrina Marie said...

ewik punta ka na dito kung ganun. love you!

Anino said...

My current job made my handwriting worse; my brain stagnant; my vision no longer 20/20;my memory weak. It's a high-paying job, though.
I didn't go to work last Monday due to an interview in another institution.
I can't believe that I am no longer happy being the professional I was dreaming to be when I was still a child.
Welcome to the boat.

wanderingcommuter said...

bulaangkatotohana: haay, ang hirap talagang gumawa ng ganitong mga moves. hindi ko alam kung kasama ba talaga ang mga ganito sa turning point ng buhay o ito na ang tinatawag na midlife crisis o early bloomer lang ako. hehehe. what do you mean about in between two jobs?
bino/geno: yun na nga ang masama eh. wala akong savings. hehehe. zero balance ang atm. maxxed out ang credit card tapos walang separation pay. huhuhu!
walang panahon para sa pakikipag date. hehehe! wala ngang pera eh. hehehe.
icka: well atleast you have a definite work that you could find whenever you'll needing one. my degree actually doesn't have a specific job eh. kaya ayun...medyo mahirap mag hanap. hehehe!
marx: somebody actually advised me to do that as well. but like the old person that you knew before that doesn't even know how to manage his blogsite (blogdrive.com) . i still don't how the money thing works for blogs. hahaha.
jericho: believe it or not. i actually have a list. but the thing is im so negative about it. that i have so many cons than the pros. ahhh!!!
elayas: indeed, elyas. but i never thought chosing happiness is this hard. hahaha! subtext/context!
kat: naku, kung pwede lang kaso bawala ng smoke at booze jan di ba? hindi pa ata handa ang katawan ko clean living. hehehe! wait for me. bakasyon ako jan promise. sentosa din tayo!
mel: how come i have this feeling that i know what your job is. oh well, happiness is a struggle like almost everything in this world. i just feel sad knowing that my job is beginning to make me a complete cyborg. hahaha! everything is so mechanic and in routine.