Thursday, October 2, 2008

to be sexual is to be political

boy meets girl, girl swings to girl, girl meets girl, girl swings to boy and boy swings to boy, then boy meets boy and who knows who else or how many more characters will be in this set up we call relationships.

relationships nowadays, are quite complicated from the one that our parents or grandparents had, or even more way different from what our ancestors knew about.

although, these non-conventional forms of relationships would have probably been present before, because of lack of knowledge about it, some have decided to conceal it from the ignorant mind of the public, especially since the word relationship is either tagged with love or the generally considered tabboo word, sex. nonetheless, it is a given fact that human relationships just like any elements of human societies evolve as men approach modernity.

modernity is an endless operative term for a society's survival. its main purpose is to clear ignorance and promote change. on the other hand, not all social changes just happen in an instant. for we have religion to censor, check and balance it with our established morals. religion is basically the product of human faith and at the same time the protector of established traditions, norms, mores and beliefs.

now, the question is, what happens when all these three elements deal with a particular social change?

probably, the best example to picture this out is the ongoing debate regarding the passage of the reproductive health bill in the congress. the pros of the bill say that this will help us in controling population explosion, in which also has a direct effect to what the nation is experiencing regarding poverty crisis. in addition, the proponents of the said bill are also alarmed about the growing number of infants, women and minors who dies and vulnerable against the threats of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

while the cons of the bill contest it, because they claim that passing the bill will run over the nation's strong foundation of morality particularly within the christian faith: that it goes beyond the natural process of life.

well. i would no longer hide my stand behind my words, for my say into this topic would have probably been more pungent than any scent by now. i believe that there is no other time, place nor way to pass this bill than today.

who can blame me?

everyday, as i pass every single street here in manila, there is no instance that i didn't see a single street kid begging for alms. its just heart crushing to wonder where they're parents are or how they struggle to live the next day. these children are scattered all over the metro: in the stairs of the mrt station, in front of your building, beside your house, near your school and even infront of your face either blowing and inhaling solvent in a plastic bag or scavenging for left over food infront of a fastfood chain. aside from the fact that these scenes are just in metro manila alone.

i asked myself before, how come poor couples still keep on producing kids eventhough they know that they are not capable of supporting them financially, at the very least? someone then told me that it is because of lack of jobs. these people just make themselves productive with their partners. while others live within the belief that the more number of children one have the more chances of the parents to achieve a well off life. quite logical right? and i actually lived within those answer up until earlier.

i received an email from my thesis adviser regarding an online petition for the passage of the reproductive health bill. after running along the bill, i realized that it is not really the lack of things to do that drives these people to bear more and more children nor the raffle-like belief of most of us, that the more children (entries), the more chances of winning, rather it is the lack of information and available options for them to plan their family.

i believe that, like what the bible teaches us, freewill should always be observed and respected. in addition, it should also be provided with the complete and necessary options. one should be informed and educated about his/her options and not to be constrained with what other people/ institutions think as right or wrong. human beings deserve more than that, regardless what you're religious affiliation is.

the bill is all encompassing. it doesn't only tackle the issue of couples planning their family. but also the growing concerns regarding premarital, juvenile and homosexual sex cases anchored (only) upon the rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and what have you.
the presence of such concepts are clear manifestations that there are already "morality" cracks in the very foundation that the church is protecting even without the passing of the said bill. this is a fact that all of us need to own and recognize. we should also remember that a bill is created in response to the call of its very society and at the same time a reflection of its very situations and needs. nonetheless, i am not blaming anyone because of this outcome. since this is a shared responsibility of everyone. with the various venues and media that modernity offer us, it is really difficult to cope up and take actions to balance things out. but i believe that providing options such as the proposals of the said bill gives as a good battling chance in achieving this.

lastly, everyone should understand that promoting the bill don't necessarily mean that it is promoting rampant and anarcheic view toward sex. in fact, i believe that it equips and develops us, people toward the necessary knowledge, responsibility and tools to cope up with the concept of sex, plain and simple.

probably, what i am really driving at is, changes are inevitable since it promises growth ofr everyone. but not all changes are necessary thus we need to sort it out and there is no better way to attack it than to have an open mind instead of a dogmatic one.
if you share the same sentiments. please free to attach your digital signature to this website. the organization is aiming to gather on emillion signatures to show the congress the wide support for the bill's passage.


theTripper said...

you always know my stand on this issue, and thus i am affixing my digital signature to the campaign. :)


i have always been a persistent 'detractor' of the antiquated policies of the church. and that the church should, would, and must never do anything to influence the law-making body that is the state. it goes without saying, that a christian-dominated country like ours, church and state will always be inseparable.

Mugen said...

I am always for planning. Problema ko lang, wala akong digital signature para magsign.

White said...

kuya ewik, must naman?

i would just like to give some reactions, & seek clarifications:

1. "relationships nowadays, are quite complicated from the one that our parents or grandparents had, or even more way different from what our ancestors knew about." >>>relationships have always been complicated. it's just the circumstances that changed over time, following your logic.

2. "...these non-conventional forms of relationships...">>>>i don't exactly understand what forms you are referring to. homosexual relationships?

3. when you said three elements, you mean human relationships, modernization and religion?

4. we cannot deny that the Philippines is a very religious nation and that most of us rely on our faith and God's grace. if we are talking of free will, then it's the path that we chose. we may be adaptive to changes but this issue is something that we could not just resolve by talking of modernization and the inevitable changes. it is something ingrained in our culture that has been cemented by our faith as Christians and time. i am not totally against the bill but do you think our society is ready for such changes? do you think our government can sustain the programs recommended by the bill?

boying said...

kuya ewik, uhm...

hahaha. jowk. nagpapapansin lang ako sa kras ko.

wow! hindi ako makapagcomment ng matino kasi hindi kayang iprocess ng utak ko ang seryosong entry mo.

time is 7:18 p.m. sa phone ko na di ko alam kung ilang minuto advance. what i'm trying to say here is EWIK! TINULUGAN MO NA NAMAN ATA AKO!

peace. boying. boring.

Anonymous said...

For me masyadong KJ ang simbahan sa pagtutol sa Reproductive Health Bill na yan. Saka dapat nga na isama sa curriculum sa school ang sex education para hindi na ma-curious ang mga bata na gumawa ng kung anek-anek.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... i so agree that the people should be educated about this and make their own informed decisions. The Church should know this...

and that said... i'm giving my signature :)

DJB Rizalist said...

Interesting thoughts and comments. We'd love to hear from you at Filipino Voices:
When Does Human Life Begin?

Is the RH Bill Unconstitutional

Resolved: That Abortion Be Decriminalized"

wanderingcommuter said...

the tripper: hehehe. thanks tripper!
prosetitute: the separation of state and church is actually indicated by the constitution itself. its just ironic that whenever the church launches a policy, they hide behind this provision of the constitution for the state not to intervene. but when the state passes a bill, this provision seems to be non existing.
mugen: hahaha. gawa ka sa ms paint. nyahaha!
white: naku, parang mapapalaban ako sa comment mo ahhh.
1. we have the same thought but i have constructed my sentences poorly. sorry.
2. non conventional relationships are relationships existing outside the traditional christian heterosexual relationship. such as same sex relationships, polygamous relationships and even man to object, man to animal, etc.
3. yeap!
4. freewill is indeed a personal option that each of us can do. but the thing is not most filipinos happen to have that option to avail these tools and education for family planning. they would rather opt in buying food instead of spending their money in buying pills or condoms or work than attend seminars regarding family planning.
in my personal view, if christianity is STILL well cemented in our culture today, then how come we have this bill?
no offense, but i believe that the bill is a reflection of what our society have become and the church itself. i don't see that christian faith is still intact like what older generation had, atleast among younger generations particularly to the issue of sex.
the bill is not exclusive among married partners, it also tackles the growing number of sexually transmitted diseases cases among unmarried and homosexuals individuals. not to mention the alarming cases of juveniles commiting premarital sex and abortions as well.
sociologically speaking, i think that modernity is the major reason of such change regarding sex. with the birth of various media available to us especially among the younger generation like the Internet, exchange of information, ideas etc., continously molded and reconstructed the concept of sex and even religion itself.
i think, the change regarding family planning has already begun. it is just that not all filipinos have knowledge and access towards it. thus, this bill is passed.
i think it is practically feasible.

White said...

good kuya ewik. hehe at least now i understand your thesis with your post. hehe i would still want to stress some things but it would be OT already.

nice. :)

RJ said...

minsan nakakatawa na lang ano? yung mga hindi dapat magkaanak dahil hindi kayang bumuhay eh sila pa yung sandamakmak ang bata. samantalang yung ibang planado ang lahat eh hindi pa mabigyan. thats life.


Let's face it... if we dont start looking at this issue now, with food shortage and more animals dying due to climate change ( and all other factors..) a couple of centuries more and cannibalism will be as normal as urination.

i am nobe. said...

it's ok to say no to this bill if we don't see people (and children) in the streets with nothing to eat but jollibee leftovers.


Lance said...

parang natamaan ako dun ah..hehe
pag nagkataon nagkababy ako, hindi rin naman siguro siya magiging palaboy..hehe
kung maipasa man kung sakali ang bill, hopefully mapapatupad rin ito ng maayos and everybody could cooperate...

Looking For The Source said...

signature affixed.

T0FF said...

very well said! nice to know another someone who give the "yes" on RH Bill. :D

Hail to the supporters!

Pass the RH Bill into Law immediately!