Sunday, October 12, 2008


one day, a woman, who came gathering berries from the woods was approached by a potter, who was carrying a load of clay pots. the potter asked for the woman's help to carry just one medium sized clay pot until she return back from the next village. the old lady potter said that she was already at the verge of collapsing if she will still continue to carry all of it and she desperately needs to deliver those pots before the sun sleeps.
the woman reached and looked at the pot. the pot was astounding. it was covered with a very intricate floral details that no common potter could create. from the look of the pots, the woman could tell that it was very well made and expensive.
then the woman looked at the old potter. she looks very old and exhausted. though she has a very touching smile that covers her weary face. the woman seeing the old potter's situation could not refuse to help her. so she carried the pot and promised to wait.
but the moon was already at its peak. while the stars were started beaming at ther as if watching her in the dark . but not a single trace of the old woman's shadow could be found.
the woman was already panicking. she needs to be home immediately because her family is waiting for the dinner that she have gathered. but she was torn with the promise she have sworn to the old potter.if she will leave the pot on the place where they have met and run to her family, someone might pass along and pick it up. but if she will wait for the old potter to come back, her family might starve. if you are the woman, what will you do?
most of us will claim that patience is a virtue. it gives positive promises for those who are willing to wait. but i always believe otherwise.
i don't agree with the saying promises are made to be broken. on the other hand, i believe that we need to seize one's life by the moment, for there are a lot of other people who are also wanting the same opportunity one may have.
"the world will never stop revolving just to wait for a person to catch up," as f. sionil jose said. it will keep on revolving regardless how much or what it will cost you. all of us need to move with it, but not necessarily moving in the same current.
in life there are two kinds of promise breakers. the first are the people who sworn a promise just for the sake of promising. usually, these are the type of people who just give out promises that doesn't really have any weight or value for them, in order to acquire or avoid someone or something. then break it eventually.
while the other kind of promise breakers are people who sworn their word with all honesty. but because of unforeseen turn of events, they are forced to break the promise after weighting that the latter event is more crucial than the former.
right? just trying to justify something.


dak said...


patience is the virtue,

but not of my...

cos i am impatient.

i think the story revolves more on choosing our priorities. what is your priority?

a lot of people say that they are too busy for this and that, but what is really your priority?

it's unfair to hear the word busy, bcos how come there are people who are busy when others are not? I think it really depends more of what we really prioritize.

odin hood said...

in all honesty id probably wait for the old lady potter.

but if she's ridiculously late then id leave the pot and go home(or i could take home the pot hehe) after all she sorta promised she'd be back before the day ends. She broke her promise first...

Mugen said...

Mukhang heto ang pinagkwentuhan natin nung isang araw ah.

Not all promises are broken. Some gets fulfilled. In my case, since I've broken it, consider such even one of my failures in life.

Lance said...

sounds true..hehe

dabo said...

tinamaan ako...

RONeiluke, RN said...

sini ang mga tinamaan dito? (ron raises bot hands and feet)

peace out!

Lance said...

yep, respect nga naman talaga...hehe pero bakit all caps and may (!)..hehehe
hope everything's ok.. thanks


It's really easy to say a promise, but to act on it depends on fate, honesty and trust.

Looking For The Source said...

wait. baka nmn nagcollapse na ung old lady kaya di na nakabalik?