Thursday, October 30, 2008

when work talks

"do you remember a single day that i didn't tell you that i don't want to go to work?"

i am into it again, thinking of quitting my current job. the feeling is almost exactly the same as when i was with my previous work. although, the current is way better than my previous company, in terms of a million of things: salary, incentives, work load and even my interaction with my colleagues. but still, i keep on looking for something that will truly make me stay.

promotion? no, thank you. i don't want to put more baggages on my shoulder.
love life? can you just encash it?
additional bonuses and packages? i already have a complete set of the company's freebies and samples.
trip to any destination of your station? like how many miles are talking here? hehehe.

"there is a big difference between work and job. work is something that you do because you are force to do it. while a job is something, that despite of its disadvantages, you still do it because of the simple reason that you like doing it."

last monday, i met with some friends for coffee, a popular way of saying updating one another. then, i noticed the watch one of the guys was wearing. it was trendy and hip. so i asked him where did he get it. then he pouted his lips and pointed it to one of our friends. then the rest was the history, the next thing i knew i was creating an online shop. the result is promising.

"i feel envious with trees because they manage to grow and blossom eventhough they are just standing in one place," mugen.

a friend (?) taught me in essense that in life, it is not easy to achieve things you wanted them to be. you always need to comprise something in order to live with a part of that goal that you are wanting or better yet, needing.

as unfair as it may sound, that is how life goes. we may have our own riskful decisions, unbreakable determination and outstanding instruments to nail it, but still, it doesn't spell any guarantee. nonetheless, i am not going to be eaten out by my own pessimisms.

i can say that i am more determined and wiser than before. probably, just waiting for the perfect timing. i have already learned my lessons you know: never swivel a life turning point just because you woke up in the wrong side of the bed because you will end up broke for two famishing months. i have my plans and so far, i don't want to spill it out. as we say it in our place, "baka maudlot" (it may not push through).

let's just cross our fingers and give it a high toast!

and by the way, someone is going to go down!


Mr. Scheez said...

"i feel envious with trees because they manage to grow and blossom eventhough they are just standing in one place," - mugen.

@Joms - Also take note that they suffered the intense heat of the sun and lashing winds of typhoons from where they are. The same is true with professional life. We too must go through many obstacles and tests, including whether to stay or leave the company, before we grow stronger, blossom and bear fruits. =)

~Kinesics said... tell you honestly, I have been to maybe 10 different jobs here since I was 16 years old. Yes, I started working at 16, continued until I finished college. From sixteen to now, I have had 10 jobs! Those 10 were all satisfying, but for some reasons, I needed to find something that I really LOVE. So far, I have a JOB that I LOVE. And I have the "bestest" officemates...BONUS! :) I think it depends on how much love we are putting in something that we are doing.

One thing I would suggest to you if you haven't discovered your purpose yet; think about the job or jobs you did and did you ever feel like it wasn't work? It was something that you totally enjoyed and you could do it without pay (this is hard, I know!). That my friend, is your purpose. That's the field you need to explorer! :)

A friend told me this once (when I was having the same thoughts as you are having): "I realised that I have been doing this for the last 25 yrs. Broadly speaking I am in the field of learning and service but it has taught me to be constantly on the move, to take nothing for granted.
I was once a frog in a well feeling trapped. Then I jumped out into the vast ocean and visited many lands. Often I burrowed underground and hibernated.
I am still the frog."

Happiness is an inside job,

Niel Camhalla said...

"...someone is going to go down!"

You mean on you? Kidding!

RJ said...

[Pareho kami ng napansin ni Niel Camhalla.]

I'm happy for you. Maganda ang realization mo sa buhay ngayon.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hmmm..ano kaya yun? hmmmm...

sana mahanap mo na yung dream job mo. walang trabahong madali but love for the job makes it much easier, i guess...

good luck sa bagong endeavor ewik. my fingers are crossed too.

peace out!

Mugen said...

A wise professor once said that the moment he stopped longing for things he used to dream, those same things came to him. Hanggang ngayon, I keep his words believing that the moment I renounce the world, the world with come knocking on my door.

Whatever your plans are. Make sure to have a second option in case the first one fails.

Mister Scheez: They suffer the intense heat yeah and the lashing wind too, but look at them, they still stand where they are. As for professional life, my rule is simple: I jump when I know the next opportunity coming is my calling. I don't work for money alone.

proseti said...

work. work. work.
kelangan ko ng work!

Trip said...

wow, online shop. magandang raket iyan. napanood ko sa news na iyun ang pinagkaka-abalahan ng mga pinoy sa tate in response to the economic crisis. ako rin nag-iisip rumaket sa internet. hehehe

seryoso. normal lang naman siguro na hindi ka pa at terms sa talagang gusto mo. baka nga nagkakaroon ka ng agam-agam kung ipapraktis mo ba talaga iyung degree mo o hindi eh. pero di rin ibig sabihin na pag di mo napraktis ang degree mo ay underemployed ka. basta kung saan ka masaya, eh doon ka. :)

Anonymous said...

hayzz..ako din dumadating s apuntong ganito. ayaw magtrabaho...

dazedblu* said...

Happy Halloween -->
Happy Weekends XD

amicus said...

what do you want? what do you really really really want?

and who's going down? ;)

Fjordan Allego said...

2nd job ko na to ngayon and so far, kahit na medyo stressed dahil nag aaral pa nga ako, inienjoy ko naman dahil masaya dito.. siguro ganun lang talaga, kailangan masaya talaga tayo sa ginagawa natin..

Chyng said...

"someone is going to go down?"
- what does this mean? who, ikaw? hehe

ang haba ng comments nila..
i think there's a purpose kung magpalipat lipat man ng work. in the end, you still have the choice to leave, to stay, and to be patient! haha