Saturday, October 18, 2008

the typical day

"now, i am starting to believe that location has indeed a major effect among gay people."
"why did you say so?"
"believe me, gay people in makati are vicious (mabangis, being the exact word used) compare to the gay people elsewhere.""blame it to the metropolitan life."
"probably, kuya jo told me yesterday that when he went to makati to fetch for something. while he was waiting for the person who will deliver his stuff, a gay guy across the other table of the fast food chain, just literally stared at him from head to foot and would not just let go. in a way, he felt harrassed especially when the guy give him a nod and gave a gesture pointing to somewhere."
" what did kuya jo do?"
"he gave him the finger."
"well, i think that was rude."
"staring at someone to begin with is already rude. obviously, i have nothing against gay people. but the problem of some of us is that they just don't know how to respect other people's boundaries."
"i am with you. respect begets respect. there is a thin line between being liberal and being disrespectful."
"exactly. not because he dresses as such, moves as such and even thinks as such, he or she is already one. so they should stop assuming that everyone is like them and more importantly, every gay guy is always into sex. i dunno, probably, i am just tired of all these. i think that some gay people should begin growing up for not everything in life is all about it. you know what? i am even starting to believe that probably the reason why most people still don't accept homosexuality is because of these people themselves. as you have said yourself, respect begets respect and its just frustrating to know that while some people are advocating for gender yadidi-yadada, there are some who drags the entire thing down. what aggravates it more is the irony that it is so hard to push something up but it is so easy to drag it down and don't tell me its gravity, you, smart ass!"
"well, gay people are still people. and like any other people, they are also sexual beings and even commit the same mistake. probably, the first thing that we need to recognize is we have to stop thinking that sexual assaults are only isolated to gay people. from there, i believe that homophobia and discrimination will be eradicated or atleast minimize"
"i must agree. but the thing is almost everyone in the gay community is perfectly aware of the discrimination that faces them everyday. but if there are still some gay people who keeps on staining the better impression and image that everybody is building, basically, everything will just be put into waste."
"hey! here goes my bus. until tomorrow aron!""later, ewik."

*just a typical day, whenever ewik and aron meet under the same waiting shed in ayala.


~Kinesics said...

I am so with you om this one! I hate it when people do that! I, for one do not assume...ALWAYS. I don't even think that when some guy is nice to me, he's gay or he likes me or whatever.

It's kinda sad that most people do this annoying behavior (not only gay peeps).

I always say this...

"My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am!" :)


Chyng said...

hhmm, the acts of a person doesnt represent the group he belongs.

Will Shady said...

Haha. According my undergraduate sociology class, environment definately does have a factor on social interactions. So I agree with you in this aspect. Maybe you should look at it from the gay guy's perspective. He probably doesn't see anything wrong with his actions since he was never taught about being respectful in public. Who knows but it isn't cuz the guy is gay. I think it comes down to the person and what goin' on inside of that brain of theirs. We all look at a painting with different interpretations. I think this applies to how we observe social interactions between people.

I once took a friend home with me and they did some things that were disrespectful to us as Navajos but we understood that they don't know anything about our culture so we let it slide and told the person later on of the situation. We learn on a daily basis and hopefully grow into a more evolved version of our original selves.

I personally view discrimination as differences between people in which one can't tolerate some aspect of the other's life. Extreme if you ask me. Well back to work for me.

odin hood said...

well yeah the person who was staring/harrasing was a gay guy but i dont think that this should be a gay issue at all... that could very well be a straight guy doing a dirty stare at a hot girl or a woman being aggressive on a hot guy.

there are rude straight men, just as there are rude women, just as there are rude gay people.

joaqui_miguel said...

Discrimination happens within the gay community.

I have experienced it myself. :(

I agree with Odin. :)

Ronnan Tristan said...


Lance said...

hahaha! if only looks could kill...

wapak! ang far out!

Diablo said... everywhere, so we have to be subversive.

Anonymous said...

Kuya Joms is hot kasi. Hihi. Di maiwasang di titigan. Agaw pansin. :)

Mugen said...

That's why I hate people watching. I don't like to stare at guys who are hot.

Who is Aron?

RONeiluke, RN said...

nakakailang yung mga ganung eksena... i'm not saying that gay people, especially the effems, are all the same...just talking bout own experience... some are almost close to harassing you... hehehe!

Fjordan Allego said...

tingin ko rin kaya hindi maiwasan ang discrimination sa mga gay pips ay dahil na rin sa ginagawa na ilan sa kanila..

Tim said...

Let's put it this way - if this same person would be stared at by a girl, would he still feel harassed or not?

Mr. Scheez said...

Homosexuals are still men. Sometimes they manifest the inner male animalistic instincts.

yoshke said...

"there is a thin line between being liberal and being disrespectful."

i beg to disagree. haha. to quote House, there is no thin line, there is in fact a Great Wall of China between them. Hehe.

i dont see this as a "gay" issue kasi kahit babae ang gumawa nun, it bites pa rin.

ako lang naman yun. ewan ko yung ibang tao. haha

blacksoul said...

Some gayrs are really mean.Dito sa amin lagi akong inaaway.I have no idea why.Kaya ko sigurong agawin bf nila in an instant kaya ganun nal nag galit sa akin hahahaa