Saturday, April 19, 2008

jobs i wish i wouldn't do or be

whoever said that an idle mind is a devil's workshop, is a genius.
for me, the first week of being unemployed was a blast. i tend to realize many things that i have taken for granted before. there were also times when i felt that i have never been this productive.

but by the time you realized that your wallet is beginning to thin and the days that you don't have anything else to do but warm the couch infront of the tv is becoming a very common thing in your life, somethign would just hit you that its already enough.

so i thought of moving ahead with my being a bummer and find a new career path.

nonetheless, unlike most people, i thought of making a list first of the jobs that i don't want to be. i had a lot of fun thinking about it and decided to post it.

8. security guards aka living scarecrows.
my best respects are always in these brave men. not only because they risk their lives to guard and protect the establishments that they are employed to, but also of the boredom that they have to endure for hours and even days just standing infront of their etablishment.
they are already lucky if they happens to have somebody with them for their shift. but most of the time, they only has a small, old black radio that could only play am frequencies with them. and the surprising thing is i still haven't heard of a security guard that made his way to the news reporting industry or politics perhaps.

7. sales clerk aka the human balete tree
if there was an award for the most number of times called by my teachers to stand and face the wall, it would probably the most common thing that you'll see among my awards when i was a kid.
aside from the embarassment, standing there with no one to talk with for hours would probably be the most grueling experience i have to bear for my entire life. thus, seeing and knowing those saleslady as you walk by department stores standing there for their entire 8 hours shift without sitting would definitely be something.
something refering to the number and the sizes of the varicose veins they have in their legs.

6. promoters or the flyer and ad givers
if there is one thing i used to do in baguio whenever i walk along commercial streets and buildings, that would be collecting ads.
i once asked a friend who actually worked as a promoter before as a part time job, how is it like seeing those ads that you give to be crumpled and thrown into trash cans after you gave it to them.
"nothing," he answered me, " as long as they've received it, its fine with me. basically, i have nothing to do with it anymore once they got it from me. because the profession only requires me to empty my hands with all the flyers my employer gave me and thats it."

after that, all i could think of was, what a very fulfilling job it was.

then when i went to manila and realized how many piece of ads are stored in my bag, i thought this being a good samaritan to them just need to stop. atleast, for mother nature's sake.

5. plumbers
probably one of the most common line that you'll hear from a businessman is that a healthy competition is always a good thing for your business. but with the rare demand for a plumber (for most filipino would actually tend to learn how to fix tehir sink or bowls tahn to pay for someone to fix it) and the number of tubero ads you see on each electric post in quezon city alone (for me its not a complete pinoy electric post without it), is very close to being a bum.

i actually wonder if some people just post such ads to excuse themselves from their family for being a tambay.

4. jolina magdangal's boutique manager or sales lady (i'll be damned if they happened to have more than one sales lady).
haven't i just said enough? i think its self-explanatory. nothing personal jolina. its just that i couldn't believe that i actually bought your album for the movie: labs kita okay ka lang when i was in high school. just think of it as a pay back.

3. care takers
i never really understood this job or if this is indeed a job. probably if we're going to talk about being a thing sentimentalist then this could be perfect for you. but fulfillment and practically-wise, i think i'll pass it.
living inside an abandoned house and just preserving it would probably one of the most boring things to do. not if, you have another job and you just bear it because you're quite uncomfortable with the soaring prices of renting or owning a house in the metro.

2. pozo negro personnel
just mere imagining it makes my entire system to create an involuntary jerk. no wonder i never liked the bathroom especially common comfort rooms. oh, there's the jerk again.

1. and finally, toll gate clerks
one thing i like about myself is i am able to travel a lot. in which, most of the time i take the land transpo. but whenever i pass by a tollgate booth, i always imagine the amount of boredom these clerks has to deal with everyday especially if you are in the night shift and assigned in a very remote place thats seldom being passed by by motorist.
i could just lose my nuts if i am in there shoe.

but if you're just tired of the fast paced and busy metropolitan life why not try this profession. who knows, you might come up with a great 15000 page novel as a bonus.


Mugen said...

I'd love to be a toll gate clerk even for just a night.

Maganda ilalagay ako dun sa medyo rural na lugar. Commune with nature na rin para saken. Hehe.

Kris Canimo said...

ako, sa tingin ko napakahirap ng trabaho nung mga promo girls/boys. ung tipong "hello maam, itong kutsilyo pong to eh ek ek ek" ung mga nasa mall. lupet ng communication skills nila. nkakainggit.

cedeux said...

hay. at least its a decent way of earning. and sabi nga nila... "somebody's got to do THE job"

dati gusto ko magbenta ng ice cream. para libre ako lagi. hehehe

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

nuong nasa elementary ako nangarap akong maging xerox girl at tagapunit ng tiket (aliw na aliw ako dun sa mga perforations)
kaya siguro hanggang ngayon may fixation ako sa papel hyuk hyuk hyuk!

red riding odin hood said...

@wanderer, hahaha very observant! ayoko rin maging security guard, yung tipong nakatunganga lang forever hahaha buti pang wag na lang ako magtrabaho.

@ bulaang katotohanan, ako rin minsan naisip ko rin maging taga-photocopy, kahit minsan lang mukhang nakakaaliw

Turismoboi said...

toll gate clerk


Quentin X said...

Somebody's got to do it.
IMHO, the Philippines need more well-trained plumbers. We need better sewerage systems and less leaking pipes. I also wish my parents have heated shower water and mixer taps for the sink. A long shower using cold rain water is punishment even if the water pressure is right.

chase / chubz said...

my father know someone who is a security guard and now a lawyer. nag work and study xa. very pesistent guy.
i dunno wat happen to him na.

i don't crumple the given ads. i dunno. parang sign of respect lng. i crumple it if im out of sight .e hehe

Ary said...

Being a singer in the mall(people who sell/promote videoke microphones) is not really my dream job. I feel like its a very shameless self-promotion kind of job.

Although I salute those who are in those field coz it takes a lot of gutts to do their job nicely. Not to mention, doing it in a mall's hallway.

Ely said...

natry ko din mamigay ng mga flyers nung college days ko sa Baguio, baka ikaw isa sa mga nabigyan ko. LOL. I felt bad pag nakita kung tinatapon lang kaya kung minsan naawa ako sa mga flyer girls/boys pag ndi tinatanggap mga inaabot nila.

sa hirap ng buhay ngaun, in reality, mas mabuti na mga to ksa magnakaw. hehe.

acey said...

haha. cool list!


ha? buhay pa ang store ni jolina?

WHITE said...

there's nothing wrong with these jobs but sana naman yung iba ayusin naman nila ang trabaho nila because i've noticed that they become absorbed to the 'lowliness' and monotony of their work. in effect, lalong nawawala ang respeto ng mga tao sa kanila since they project that 'lowly' image.

these are decent jobs and i might try one of these one day...=)

dabo said...

nakapagbigay na ako ng flyers ng ilang beses sa mall pero alang sweldo, nakatuwaan ko lang..

i enjoy it a lot.. siguro dahil alang bayad..

--- --

i have thought a story to write about those promodizers.. it's about two women, one is a middle age nanay having an argument on the street with a promodizer.. it's about being insensitive.

coldman said...

alam mo kung ano ang nakakatawa, pareho tayo sa number 1, lagi dati pag nadaan ako sa toll gate, lagi kong sinasabi na ang boring naman ng trabaho nila, pero kahit papano magpugay tayo sa mga toll gate clerks! ang tyaga nila ! =)

Anino said...

Ako,nasubukan ko na ang maging isang maskot!hahaha.

Mataas ang respeto ko sa mga maskot natin! Muntik na kasi akong himatayin sa loob ng isang malaki,masikip,mabaho (pinakamabaho) at mainit na maskot ng Cerelac!

Anino said...

Kahit ano pa man sila, kahit maskot, iginagalang ko. Mabuti na yan kaysa naman nakatambay, adik sa droga o kaya ay nakatihaya upang mabuntis.

Sila nga ang matatapang na lumalaban upang mabuhay.

wanderingcommuter said...

mugen: yeah probably for a night, but the job as a career, feeling ko hindi ako tatagal. hehehe.

kris canimo: naku, i remember a friend who worked as one. sabi sa kanya model daw ng isang product yun pala promo girl. hehehe. mas pakapalan daw ng mukha yun. secondary na lang ang communication skill.

cedeux: yup. somebody just has to do the job. but hoepfully, not me. its not a matter of descency into it, its just that i don't find myself doing it.

bk: may palagay ako adik ka rin sa amoy ng photocopies. hahaha. naku may psychological explanations yang like na yan.

odin: hahaha. parang kasi naging security guard akjo or any of the jobs that ive tackled, tubuan na lang ako ng ugat at maging one with mother nature. hehehe.

chase: hahaha. ang galing naman nun. gagawin ko siyang inspiration. promise! hahaha.

ary: hahaha. mas guto kong trabaho yun. videoke all you want. libre na binabayaran ka pa. hahaha. wala ka pang kaagaw sa mic...hahaha. saya!

quentin x: i think the bottom line is the philippines still has a long way to go.

ely: sinasabi ko na nga ba you look familiar...hahaha!!!

acey: thanks!

kj: habang buhay pa si joline, buhay pa rin angs tore niya. hehehe

white: very wells aid, white. totoo. sana lang talaga despite how most people see these job. sana mabigyan din sila ng iba pang opportunity to excel to other fields.

dabo: hahaha. ibang kalse ka ring magtrip...hahaha. quite an interesting story. tuloy mo then send me a copy of it. iworkshop natin. i am actually finishing one as well. kaya hidni masyado makapag update.

anino: wow, ang bigat ng statement. mabigat kasi alam nating totoo.

TL said...

This will be my first time to comment on a post with a lot of comments. I hope no one will get jealous hahaha...

I love this post! Its a clear view of who you are.

anyway, I'm in the HR business. Let me know ;)

Kris Canimo said...

haha. oo tama. pakapalan! nyahaha

Toilet Thoughts said...

Musta? akala ko tuloy mo law school?

Pansin ko lang common denomination ng lahat ng mga trabahong nabanggit mo, ayaw mo lang ma-bore gusto mo laging action, or at least ung di kakalawangin ung utak mo sa di paggamit. hehe.

@BK: naisip ko din mag photocopy, kasi nakakahigh ung amoy... hehe

dabo said...

ingat ka kay TL aka Kupal.. HR business daw.. illegal recruitment agency ang racket nyan..