Saturday, May 3, 2008

we are what we drink

it was deemed unimaginable before, when somebody predicted that there will come a time that water will also be sold to people. now, the thought is beginning to proliferate to almost all households that value the health of its family members regarding the water they drink.

history will also atest that many civilizations before, had fought thousands of wars and loss millions of lives for land along river banks or commonly known as fertile crescent.

even the country has its own share of the story. early mid and southern luzon settlers even called themselves taga-ilog or what is now commonly known as tagalog, to highlight the importance of bodies of water to them. but unfortunately many have forgotten the rich pasts and values of these forms of water.

yesterday's weather was going along with my mood and that was, to the extremes. the heat on the early part of the day until noon was way beyond my threshold. i needed to take a shower every once in a while just for me to get hold of my temper. it even took me atleast a couple of hours just to drag myself out of my bed and meet some friends for lunch.
then all of a sudden, a heavy rainfall poured.

fortunately, i was already on the venue and my friends were also there. when lunch was over, the rain was still at its climax. we were stuck inside for another couple of hours. eventually, the rain stopped. we parted ways and i decided to take a walk to my next destination: to meet another friend.

its been a while since i walk down the place. i was really enjoying the fresh scent of wet summer grass, when i stopped by this scene.

a dirty creek filled with all the trash you could ever imagine. it was located at the side of the elevated grass field facing the main road. it was almost an unnoticeable sore hidden in a wide lush of metropolitan greens. no wonder many of the passerbys never really noticed it.

it sickened me thinking that, i might already drank that water or worst, i am about to drink it.

in reality, i know that most people easily get bored when they hear long words or even words that end with isms. simply because, i am one of them. and probably the most fitting example for such word nowadays is environmentalism. but i am really promoting this advocacy. atleast in your own small ways.

well, it is already becoming a fad these days especially the celebration of earth day just ended. everybody are giving there prohibitions, tips, opinions etc. about saving mother earth and i couldn't just add up anything more.

nonetheless, something just alarmed me.

i thought what people should also consider is the sustainablity of such advocacy. how will such advocacy or actions be sustained by the people? or will this be just like a fashion trend that would last for a specific time frame then disappear? or is it more of lifestyle or a culture that should be integrated within our society?

i know that the advocacy's processes and goals are long term processes and individuals have the tendency to lose interest into something that they don't see any growth or changes, atleast in an instant. we need to let them know that unfortunately, these are the bitter truths that we have to bear. there even some that believes that improvements or even the success of the advocacy could not be felt on their time being. nonetheless, they are still hopefully believing that one way or another, directly or indirectly, it would be for the better good of either the present and/or the next generations to come.

now, back to my day dreaming again.


mike said...

ang mga nagkalat pa man din n'ung dumi na nakunan mo ng litrato ay may kakayahan (na bumili) at marahil nakapag-aral man din kahit papano...sayang sila

Mugen said...

I'm with you on your advocacy. :)

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

you are like so tama kuya! Let's join hands to save Mother Earth!

Bino/Geno said...

Sarap mo naman. U spend the day meeting your friends lang. Hay.. Lunch.. Dinner.. Coffee..

Gypsy said...

advocacy, gawa, gawa at gawa pa. the river of my youth is still one of the sweetest mem'ries I'd keep. My aunt (who had a castilla for a lolo) looked at me with disdain (kulang na lang mapa-YUKK! ala-Kris)when she heard I swam the santo tomas river, but I only flashed my nasty grin.

mikes said...


tama ka po.

sana lang di matuyo ilog namin sa bukid...

Abou said...

siguro dapat na nating maghanap ng bagong planetang malilipatan...


acey said...

i'm with you in this!

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

magsimula sa sarili! wee! pulitin ang itinapong balot ng kendi!

Kris Canimo said...

i think discipline would take a longer time than cleaning the dirty rivers and lakes.

hindi naman rivers at lakes ang nagpaparumi sa sarili nila diba.

oh gud morning. wala pa akong tulog.
pesteng red horse.

Vera said...

one of the most polluted waters (with heavy metals) of the world is found in bulacan.. just thinking about it makes me sick. you just don't drink polluted water now, you also eat it from the fish that swim in them. ang hirap kasi ng walang disipilina. :(

Aracir said...

mahirap na kasing turuan yung mga nasanay nang magtapon kahit saan.

parang part na ng routine nila. yung nanay ko nga, nagtapon ng tissue sa canal, sabi niya ok lang daw kasi nga biodegradable. mga maling akala nga naman.


2/3 of our planet is covered with water.. or should i say dirty water.

it's ridiculous to think that we still have to buy water to drink if our planet is abundant with it.

chase / chubz said...

with a 90% literacy rate.. people don't seem to show that they are educated when they completely disregard the environment.

save mama earth!!