Wednesday, April 23, 2008

kiss MARK

it just occured to me, how come kiss marks are so controversial amongst us filipinos or probably to other nations?

i remember one time, a classmate from college walked in to our early morning class with band aids in her neck. i dropped my jaw saying in my head she should have just not done that. people in college are not preschool not to know that it was kissmarks that she was covering with band aids. but it didn't end their when one of our mean and playing naive friend asked her about the band aids. she answered that she fell from her stairs and got bruises on her neck.

i knew, i have one hell of an imagination. but i am really having a hard time imagining, how you'll get bruises on your neck by falling at the stairs.

later on, she confessed that her boyfriend just went up to baguio for a visit and probably miss each other a lot.

second incident was at my previous work (naks). he was a good looking lad, probably a bit older than me. he has this northen spanish features in him with long, dark brown, curly hair. he was the fanatsy favorite on our floor, i must admit. then one day, he sat beside me like he usually does. it was hours before i have noticed that for the first time ever he was wearing turtle neck that day. yes, the office is quite cold bvecause of the air conditioning. but that clothe is always on the bottom of the list because you still have to consider the weather by the time you go out of work.

at first he was really hesitant in spilling it. but eventually he confessed, when another officemate saw kiss marks on his neck. he said that he went out last night and saw some of his guy friends. he was really wasted that night and just woke up seeing those marks on his neck. the thing was they were all boys that night and he's straight.

well it seemed like some of his guy friends weren't. hehehe

anyhow, going back to the question i posed earlier. how come some people tends to hide it?

well, it should be given right that if you have a partner, you'll definitely kiss. and most of the time, it could be so intense and it would not always be on the lips.

in addtion, i don't quite understand as well why people are ashamed of having one. they tend to hide it and conceal it with anything that they could think of and come up with the weirdest possible alibis for it?

tell me the most cliche reason again; conservatism of filipinos. yes, it will always be the reason that we could tell for almost millions of questions especially when it comes to being moral. but i am proud to say that we should not be ashamed of it, we should not conceal it and i must admit it i am even missing the feeling of it.



hoping it mark something in you too.


red riding odin hood said...

i had a kiss mark on the neck, happened only once before but i never tried to hide it when in fact i shld have hahaha i wasnt ashamed of it but i should have been more careful because my mom saw it! i just told her i dont know what it was or when it came from. of course i didnt think she bought that, but since then she became more suspicious. hehe

♥nova-san said...

By kiss mark, do you mean a hickey?

Well, for me, I would hide it because if my father ever saw something like that on my neck, that would be the end of me forever. I grew up very conservatively, and to be engaging in such action, well, it was considered to be cheap for a girl to do that.

Here are some tips for removing hickeys, in case:


Hope you get "marked" soon!

amicus said...

madali lang yan. wag magpapalagay sa nakikita. kaya doon (sabay turo sa kung saan man) ka magpalagay.
musta bicol?

cedeux said...

haha, nice one!
oo nga naman bat itatago, sabagay, ako rin man tinago ko. haha. concealer anyone? hahaha. buti na lng meron si ate kaya ayun.

mas maigi wag na lng pumasok or lumabas kung meron...=]

wanderingcommuter said...

odin: hahaha, hindi lang pala kiss mark ang tinatago mo. hehehe

novasan: hahaha. i never had the problem about hickies and i know what it meant when you said conservative. its just that i am living independently so it life spells differently nowadays. hehehe.

but ill sure take note of that website. hahaha!

amicus: yan din ang sabi ko sa mga kaibigan ko. hahaha. eto medyo bored. haay wala na talagang magawa. hahaha!

cedeux: hahaha. hindi titigil ang mundo ko para sa isa o maraming kiss mark. inggit lang ang mga taong magbibigay ng magkaibang kahulugan duon. hahaha

dabo said...

never had kiss marks before.. ha ha ha.. i want one! now na!

dabo said...

ohhh ang tsikinini.. he he gusto ko sa adams apol ha ha ha

Turismoboi said...

back in college sa ust

pumasok me ng may kissmark ng hindi ko napapansin na meron pala ako nun, kita sa polo kahit may white undershirt

it was a BIG issue among my classmates and laht ng makasalubong ko napapatingin but then again

KIVER lang!

paki ba nila!

sab said...

i would be proud of it. at least someone's getting something. haha!


oh, i had that b4, and still went to work with it.. oh my, prob was i didn't know til somebody told me.

now, it's always in my tummy.. love 2 b kissed n there.

mrs.j said...

ayan ang sakit... namuo!

Pathbinder said...

"the thing was they were all boys that night and he's straight."

That's quite a statement there! :)

But IF(notice the caps lock) I were to get one, I'd hide it. Because then, my friends won't be able to:
-stop looking at it
-stop talking about it
-stop teasing me about it

Pero marami pa akong kakaining bigas. >:) Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I never had kissmarks before. I have one resembling kiss mark but that was because of my scratching. Hehe. I'm kinda light skinned so it shows easily. But for some reason, I cannot get kissmarks easily. I guess my ex partner was not kissing me that hard. Hehe.

vampire angelus said...


meron akong nakita, isang beses sa may malate. papasok na ako ng eskwelahan nun, dumaan yung sinasakyan ko sa isang magsyotang koreano. at ang lalaki, kay daming marka sa leeg at balikat! nakakaloka.

makwento ko lang.
lagi kong sinasabi sa boypren ko na sa tagong lugar ng katawan nya ako lagyan ng tsikinini. para walang makakakita. di ba?

Abou said...

nangyari sakin minsan, me naglagay ng kissmark nang malasing ako, waaa kakahiya nun. buti na lang me kaibigan akong nagtitinda ng Avon, binentahan nya ko ng concealer ha ha

Toilet Thoughts said...

haha. Never pa ata ako nagkaroon nyan. But usually I'd get momentary allergies, but as I scratch one portion, perople would always mistake it as one heck of a hickey. Sana nga tsikinini na lang di allergies. hahaha.

wanderingcommuter said...

moral lesson para sa lahat:
after magquality time, tumingin muna sa salamin at hanapin kung may marka sa katawan. para hindi pumapasok na offguard sa mga bagay na hindi mo alam. hehehe

second, ipalagay sa mga lugar na hidni nakikita. kadalasan, mas masarap ang mga parte ng katawan na tago. hahaha!

Charmaine said...

Interesting to know.