Sunday, April 6, 2008

a good start for my back-to-bum-life

what happened yesterday would probably be the first (hopefully, not the last) productive event that happened after i resigned from work.

early part of last month, a friend from baguio invited me to pass an essay for a video documentary seminar by a local documentary show. in which, only 80 applicants will be chosen. he told me he was interested in joining and wanted somebody to tag along. being the "kaladkarin" friend, i tried sending an essay too regarding their topic: what is you favorite documentary episode of the show, and my resume.

jerik, the friend who needed somebody to tag along.

honestly, i was not a religious viewer of the show. since my heart, like my entire family are faithful for the other network, so i really thought of an episode (and i mean really hard) of one that really marked something in me.

then i thought of this episode titled, sa paglipad ng mga gintong paru-paro, a video documentary about the life of comfort gays during WW2 and common old gays, living in a home for the aged institution. it was a nice choice. since gender issues are one of my fortes (naks!).

basically, the thought of the essay that i passed ran like this:

probably one of the greatest fear of homosexuals is to think of one self when s/he grow old. although i know that some would argue that it is something that is being feared by everyone. regardless if s/he is a heterosexual or homosexual. but i think, that in a society like the philippines, where the right of a homosexual to have a family of his/her own through marriage, is not recognize, there is a higher possibility that they would end up being in a retirement institution. In which there, they would just end up waiting for their sun to set and the worst of all---alone. but this episode had boldly entered such stories that most documentaries has failed to capture and showcase. probably because the target topic was not the majority of the general audience, it is unconventional, immoral or what not.

anyhow, the seminar was really informative, fun and fulfilling.

informative in the sense that i was able to know the basics jargons and technicalities of video documentary. i learned how to make a video research (that was quite different from the research that we do on my field) scriptwrite, shoot (i love!) and video editing (i need!).

i think it was fun. although there were no actual games conducted (which i really keep on looking forward into because of the prizes), they've gave away some prizes such as complete dvd set of there winning documentaries and pins, provided that you'll be able to answer the trivia questions about their show (probably by now, you know that i didn't win anything huh?! )

it was fun because i had a good time listening and jotting down notes or probably it was just because i miss shool. nonetheless, i had fun. period!

fulfilling, because if there was something i felt productive (aside from my blog, pieces and drinking with friends) over the past year this was it! aside from this, it was all stomach fulfilling! now and then, food was serve to us. just imagine the merienda. it was a large size famous commercial halo-halo with asado siopao. athough both were weird combination, it was still a feast!

but if there was one thing that i didn't like about that seminar was some of the participants. there were participants who were so ackwardly being pa-bibo and asking questions just for the sake of having questions (not related with the discussions). as if, they thought that there will be a job offer that would be given to them by the time the seminar finishes. i just can't stop myself from getting goosebumps once the mic was on to them.

but all in all it was indeed a good start for my back-to-bum-life!

and now, since i don't have much to do, i beginning to have a habit of looking for some seminars like this online again. hahaha!


♥nova-san said...

That seminar sounds interesting, and as you wrote, informative. I would like to learn of the behind-the-scenes action that goes in on video documentaries.

As for your essay, it is right on point. It's difficult enough in modern society to plan for old-age, without the added worries of social persecution, particularly in the gay community.

So, you're not quite a bum, because a true bum would just lay around scratching his ass while watching television and eating potato chips, or some other lazy snack. There's hope for you yet. Hehehe! ;)


regardless of someone's sexuality, the scary thing is to grow old alone.

well i am...

Mugen said...

Hey parang alam ko kung anong seminar to. Hehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

nova san: it was and i am really lokking forward for more. sometimes i just think that, whoever thought of social security institutions are genius loners who are also afraid going old.
probably, i am a different kind of bums. though i really don't feel down about it. actually i am enjoying. hopefully, just for the moment.

kj: exactly. well i think aside from what i wrote it will always be on the person's disposition in life that would decide the outcome of his life.

mugen: its a local commercial documentary show and they've even aired something regarding the seminar. so i wouldn't be surprised. hehehe.

chase / chubz said...

wow nakasali ka dun?! galing mo naman.
diba sa gma yun ano?
bloody brilliant!