Friday, April 18, 2008

a foreigner's nightmare

when i was a little kid, i always dream of having a foreigner partner---either an european or a latin american would do. but of course, if it would be possible, i would like to have both.

believe it or not, at the age of eight, i already thought of having penpals. i've already done a prank collect phone call to united kingdom from a phone number me and my yaya saw in a local tabloid. probably that is why, i always believed that yayas are your child's first bad influence without you or the parents even knowing it.

when i've reached my emotional, intellectual and let's include my physical maturity, then came the internet. such a perfect timing!
i would definitely bald my eyebrows, if someone would claim that they were not hook nor engage with cyber-chatting during their first months of knowing the internet or up until now.

indeed, the internet is such a powerful thus addictive thing. and one of its most amazing features is its ability to minimize world distances. i couldn't just imagine how an almost 3 months world exploration trip by magellan from spain to limasawa, would be just a click away over the internet. if only ferdinand magellan is still alive, he would probably die of extreme frustration.
anyhow, i must admit that i WAS also hooked in chatting BEFORE. for a while, it gave me hope of fulfilling my dreams: of having an european or latin american partner or both without even going to the DFA to get a passport or bug the embassy for a visa. the internet has this unique capacity of luring your targets to go here in the philippines, instead. then let them bring you abroad. ofcourse, provided that you know the language and the operations of the cyber world.
but it never really took me that long to realize that the truth there is in cyber chatting was as thin as a dandelion's petal. while its lies were as big as my own egoistic illusions.


now, i am just surprised to see how our streets are filled with foreigners commonly with their filipina partners.

for before, it was always the subdivision's week long chismis topic, if one of our neighbors brings a foreigner partner to their home. but now, as time goes by and as the number of filipinas who walk the streets together with their foreigner partners increase, the more the issue fade away and become a usual scene: like a three year old street children crossing philcoa during rush hour alone.

in addition, if there is one thing i also noticed and i could apply to economics, that will be the issue is in an inverse relation. filipinas who marry foreigners are becoming younger and younger. as their foreigner partners get older and older.

but don't get me wrong. i don't really have any problems nor prejudices against filipinas getting foreigners as their partners. provided that this is indeed love that they found with them.

not to mention that i know, its quite inappropriate to think of something bad to your fellow filipinos. probably the same feeling you have if you believe and favor brian gorrel than dj montano. but whenever i walk inside a internet cafe especially at night and see a group of women sharing one computer station, giggling and keep on fitting their faces in the screen, i just can't stop thinking bad against them.

i even remember one time, when i sat beside this middle aged woman who was talking over the computer's head phone. she was talking to an old Caucasian guy, who could already be his grandfather at the top of her tiny and irritating accent. she kept on saying caring and adoring words to the man. then suddenly, in a flash she made a complete segway and asked for money for her coming birthday. she reasoned that she needs to have a new dress and thinking of throwing a party. i never knew the old man's decision. but at the back of my head, i was really dismayed of what i've heard.

while there was this old american guy, probably in his 80s that i have talked with before. he told me, he has a filipina fiancee in cebu. she was only 19 years old and guess what, they've also met over the internet. isn't it surprising?

but what was more surprising about it was, what the old guy told me next. he told me that he was quite confident with her young fiance because he boasted that the girl and her family were not that well off. so there's no way that the girl will leave her.

i almost fell in my seat when i heard the man's reasoning. like calvin, i wanted to crush his throat and throw him across the pacific and back to his country. i never imagined that some foreigners' actually think this way to our people.

but in second thought, you could never blame them. because as the old filipino saying goes, may usok dahil may nag siga (there is a smoke because someone lit a fire).

now, after writing this, i've just realized that all i really wanted as of the moment is a psp, a laptop and new pair of jeans. and that's it! i am no materialistic nor a delussional hopeless romantic fellow. no more partner. if it would come, then let it be. it wouldn't really matter now if its a local or a foreigner. que sera, sera.

*ding!* uk_hottie: hi!

geez, i never thought that it was this fast?


red riding odin hood said...

hahahaha gusto ko rin psp, laptop and new pair of jeans!

cedeux said...

i can't help not to think bad but that's how life goes now. degrading it may sound but that's the reality.

we have a computer shop here in the province and believe me, madami pang mas malala jan. that's how powerful the net is.

oh well just like odin i need a new lappie and new jeans! hahah

Abou said...

ako din psp, laptop, and a new pair of jeans! kahit a new pair of jeans na lang ha ha!

Aracir said...

tama ka diyan! marami na akong nakikitang puti dito kahit saan ka tumingin.. sayang nga lang matatanda na =D

thanks for dropping by pala

♥nova-san said...

Awww... how powerful the internet is... forming relationships spanning across the globe. Even I, remarkably, have found lost relatives, unknowingly (hehehe!), through the internet, so finding a partner from Europe or Latin America should be an easy task.

I have noticed that many older, successful men here in the US have been looking for love in Asia, particularly SE Asia and the Philippines. They leave here and "order" brides from Philippines and Thailand. Because they are old, it's less likely they will find a young wife here in the US, but because money is the deciding factor primarily in SE Asia, he can very easily "buy" love from a beautiful and young SE Asian woman.

It sickens me also.

Turismoboi said...

ako psp lang

MakMak said...

Wah. Ako din all of the above!

Mugen said...

Given that I have a Caucasian partner, what I'd really ask is the Genes. Haha.

Anino said...

ANg galing naman ng konek.Ito ang gusto ko nitong nagdaang buwan:

Puting pantalon-tsek
Part-time na trabaho-tsek

chroneicon said...

"the more the issue fade away and become a usual scene: like a three year old street children crossing philcoa during rush hour alone." - now, this is my nightmare. bihira ako mapadpad sa philcoa. i hope this isn't true.

dabo said...
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dabo said...

at kailangan talagang 3 year old ang tumawid sa philcoa ng rush hour no?

ha ha ha.. ang galing sa impact.

--- -

sana kinatay mo na yung foreigner dahil sa mga sinabi niya.. pusang gala.. ang kakapal ng mukha nila, ano siya.. benevolent assimilation part two..

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

produkto ako ng pagsasama ng isang lokal at isang foreigner, may 20 years din ang agwat ng papa ko kay mama.
Sa pagaanalisa ko mas maganda ang pagsasama kung pareho ang lebel ng pagiisip ng 2. parehong propesyonal ang magulang ko, isang inhinyero at isang nars. naging maganda ang at puno ng pagmamahalan ang pagsasama nila at ako yung naging resulta.

nung nagaaral pako sa manila naging hobby namin na bilangin ang mga foreigner na may kasamang mga pilipino/pilipina na naglalakad sa mall.

nung nakarating ako kina mama, isinama niya ko sa isang binyagan sa filipino community, nagbilang din ako ng mga puti na may asawang pilipina.

ayoko pa naman ng math....hahaha

chase / chubz said...

the pinay with a foreigner husband or bf.. we call them yayas. eheheheh
i know its bad. but it funny.


agree ako WC.. kung 19 ka at 80 yung partner mo sobra pa sa "love is blind" yun.

dhobby ghene said...


I agree with you...

acoh rin, gusto coh rin ng new laptop...