Saturday, April 26, 2008

the shiva in me--- now, i am screwed!

i am the worst blogger ever.
in my pursue of changing the template of my blog, i ruined everything.
at first, it was quite fun and exciting. checking for some cool templates and sorts. i have decided that i would get a three column template. so that i could maximize the space of my site.
but in my attempt of doing it without supervision, i've lost all of my blog link list, my cbox, everything! and to top it all up i didn't even made a back up of my previous template.
now, i need to force myself to understand these html language.
it has been almost 8 hours now, infront of my computer and i am still trying to figure out how will i change my header's color. so that it'll compliment the back ground.
how come state universities like my alma matter never gave us a curriculum for html-related courses? huhuhu.
i've already tried deleting the html info of my current template and tried changing it to a different one of my choice. but it would still not accept it.

* i am already on the verge of giving up. so please if there's somebody who is techie enough to fix this for me. please send me your email address. i'll be more willing to send you the template. hehehe!

by the way, i am beginning to reconstruct my blog list again. so if you don't see your name on the list, just inform me.

now, back fore more destruction of this!


Bino/Geno said...

Hala. Lagot. Hehehe.


mabuti pa yung iba...

di mo nakalimutan.



Mugen said...

Don't worry, it happened to me before. Kaya ngayon maingat akong magpalit ng templates ko.

Ok yung bago mong template, you should just ask someone how to have a distinction between the three columms. Pare-pareho kasi ang size ng font eh.

Thanks for linking me up. I think this is the first time you did that. :)

Marocharim said...


Not bad. You can hand me over the template in the ideal world, but the pressures of The Corporation are preventing me from doing so. ;)

danieljr said...

hmm. goodluck sa pag resurect ng makulay mong template. :D napadaan lang..

Mel said...

sayang, i iked the black+green desing before though hehe.

fearful that the similar thing happens to me, yung background pic ko na alng ang pinapalitan ko palagi, solb na din naman ako sa 2 columns eh hekhek

♥nova-san said...

Yeah, I noticed the columns weren't looking right yesterday. Well... you can send it to me if you want... I know hmtl.


Kris Canimo said...

ill try to fix the codes. :D
im familiar with html but not expert.

and i can do a header for you if you want :D

Anino said...


Turismoboi said...

ako din pinaglalauran ko blog template ko eh

im getting ready to change my blog din eh pero sa may 2nd blog anniversary ko na hehehe!

dabo said...
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dabo said...

wanderer.. ayaw ko ng hug mo.. okay naman po ako eh.. ikaw na lang hug ko po.. okay lang yan, lahat yata ng blogger, karamihan naka-experience ng crashing ng html..

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

aaw maaayy gaaaad!

kala ko napadpad nako sa ibang site!
nashock ako talaga!
wag ka aalis!

eto ang rubber mallet para sa ating dalawa *toink* dahil paraho tayong ngengorts sa html!

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Nangyari na rin saken yan kaya nga naiba yung template ng blog ko. Hemingways, mukha pa rin namang okay yung template ng blog mo. Hanap ka na lang ng ready na template kasi hirap talaga i-digest yung HTML! Pa-add po uli sa links!:)

Abou said...

pag aralan mo na lang html na yan at css, iba na rin ung ikaw ang me alam. kailangan talaga mag invest ng time sa mga ganyan e.

mas gusto ko new look ng blog mo ngaun... kc ngayon, me link na ko, ha ha. finally.