Friday, April 4, 2008


was a person i knew from baguio. O texted me the other night and invited me for a meet up. later on proposed for a dvd marathon at my place---over night (bold and italicized).
as much as i wanted to play as naive as i could be, unfortunately, if you know the business, you'll know what this person is up to.
i met O when i was in college. we got acquianted inside an affiliation i was into before. O was rather unnoticed, petite and silent. until we held an activity in which we got to know each other---deeper (ehem!).

eventually, we became close until my housemates decided to invite O to move in to our house. since O was always there everyday and we'll be needing extra help regarding city services---it
was a wonderful plan, at first. but wait until you hear the catch.

it didn't take them that long to convinced O and i really never minded household matters because i was really not good at it, up until now. usually i would just agree without really knowing what they were talking about.

basically, they've decided to break my whole life of being single in a room.

yes, we became roommates. they confessed that they were actually waiting for me to react violently and realize that since there was no other space aside from my room, it was given that O will share the same room with me.

unfortunately, i was dumb and mute that time. so they've thought it was fine for me. but for a person who values his privacy so much, it was hell alarming. but there was no other option since the person already paid the bills and moved things. i was left with the option to accept the consequence of being pathetic and just to love your housemate for making up the grandeus plan.


to cut the story short, eventually the simple roommate thing turned into a more sensual fantasy-like roomate relationship.

O made the first move, of course. not because no one will admit that he made the first move, but honestly because it was indeed O, who made the first move (i am reiterating it, close to being redundant. so it should be true).

at first we tried to hide it, making the room as the only witness of that illicit relationship. until suddenly somebody spilled the beans and yes, it was O again---seriously.

good thing, i was an all-in-one-production man and i was able to come up with a good alibi and good acting skit. eventually the buzz faded away and unfortunately, so was those sizzling nights (hahaha, excuse my word).

when i went down to manila, i got involve with someone else and so was O. suprisingly, O was able to run the relationship for more than a year, in which i was forever envious (please don't ask why). until recently, they've decided to separate ways (evil laugh with lightning roars in the background).

but i must admit there was a smile at the side of my lips upon hearing the "tragic news". and being the demoure me, i waited for O to make the first move on and yes! O didn't fail me.

our text conversation lasted a week or so, brought about the boredom and heat of the summer. until the messages was beginning to move in a way as i wanted este expected it to be.

we eventually talked about sex, the relationship that we had, and whatever that came after. O began telling about the reason of their break up, the series of attempts O made to get laid until he began asking for advise on what to do regarding a stranger O met somewhere.

at first, it was quite appealing and i tried being as open as i could be. thinking it was really a turn on for someone to tell these things just for me to get jealous or be challenged. but along the way, i then realized that the conversation was beginning to be brutally and immaturely vulgar. O was sending sick and nasty messages such as "OOhhh...," "all i could think of is sex for the past two months," "i want it to do it right no," "shit!somebody just invited me for sex," and what not.

then everything i struggled to build in for the past week, just instantly crumbled down to its stand. indeed, sex is human and innate drive and i would not wash my hands pontius pilate like for being clean about the topic. as a matter of fact, as earlier mentioned, i am expecting this conversation. but O's hormones was all over the place as if uncontrolable. the messages were indeed vulgar and very nasty. just thinking about it, makes me lose all the adjectives that i have saved throughout years. to sum it all up, it was a major turn off, a disaster, hellish and scary.
seriously, i think O needs psychological help---as soon as possible.

the next day, O texted again asking why i didn't respond back and if i were mad. i was really on the verge of replying back with either "go figure" or "don't text me again, i am going to change number," but i was not that mean. i just sent a message telling O, that i wouldn't be able to make it today because i need to go back to the office and finish some things and then i need to fetch my sister for dinner---which actually happened later on.

O never texted again. probably O was eventuallt ranb over by reality, big time.

then, i just realized if i was just for pure sex then probably it was a nice catch lost considering it has been a long time since rain fell at amazon. but in second thought, i would rather opt with RSJ than doing it with a lunatic, don't you think? hahaha.



oh my... cant comment. ha, ha.. i salute you for backing out though... sex is more than a mere handshake.

Abou said...

he he... tough choice

♥nova-san said...

O sounds like quite a character, and a good diversion for you in the past. Most of the time, rekindled relationships lack the fire and intensity that was there initially. You end up spending more time trying to ignite something that has already lost its fuel.

amicus said...

but O's hormones was all over the place as if uncontrolable.

--naiimajin ko. haha :)

Turismoboi said...

did i miss something?

whats rsj? sori ah namiss ko bang bashin un sa blog mo

i kept on browsing cant read any of it

was that a person?

good choice though!

sori for lame comment!

Sexymoi said...

"O" OA siya ha...

dazedblu* said...

whew, it sounds err.. but i like it, hehe.. i dunno kno? :P

wanderingcommuter said...

kj: i wonder why...hahaha. i must agree...but a handshake could be turn into...waaah...never mind... i am really blaiming the summer heat here in manila. hahaha!

abou: you think so too? hahaha...if you were in my shoe what do you think will you do?

novasan: indeed quite a character! hahaha. wow, i am stunned reading your comment.
"You end up spending more time trying to ignite something that has already lost its fuel."
this line basically hit me before i could jump and avoid it. tsktsk!

amicus: just be careful with the imagination thing, with the summer heat it might take you and lose you to faraway places.

turismoboi: rsj is a new term i heard over the radio. sorry, i really didn't mention it in past post.

rsj means recall sabay ...


hey guys, listen jack called!

hahaha! i really tried as subtle as i could be.

sexymoi: absolutely!

dazedblu: i wonder why? hahahaha

Mugen said...

Impressive! Very subtle ah, but I know what you mean. Ahh hormones. Funny thing, I don't feel mine getting overboard these days.

William said...

hehe Yan nga ba sinasabi ko pagnag-aapartmento nag-boboarding house eh!whaha no further comment. lOL