Friday, April 4, 2008

10 signs of being "magastos" or being decadent---in other words, being ME.

10. three days after pay day, you ended up asking how come you're running short of money again and you couldn't figure where they were spent.

9. you are already thinking of what to buy or where to spend your salary, a week before the actual pay day.

8. you're brave enough to enter a mall, department store or a grocery shop without any list of what you need to buy.

7. when you arrived home, you always forgot to buy things that are necessities and ended up things that were really not that important. despite the fact, that you have been thinking of buying it before you even entered the store.

6. after a week of decadent spending, you tend to save just the exact money for your fares up until the next pay day. regardless, if you don't eat as long as you wouldn't endure long walks just to go to work.

5. its been years now, since you joined the workforce. but you just then realized that you don't have any savings at all.

4. you keep on promising yourself that you're not going to spend decadently anymore. but always ended up breaking up the same promise over and over again. i bet it would still be on my new year's resolution next year like it usually is.

3. you are slave the slave of your credit card. non-credit card users, be warned!

2. when you tried saving, you always ended up stealing to yourself. isn't that ironic?

1. you always have this mind set, that you deserve and its just right to treat yourself after a stressing hard work.


Kris Canimo said...

all true. natatawa ako. the first time i got my 'pay' sa blogging, i spent almost half of it in a day.

sine. kape. ice cream. libro. pagkauwi ko, magugulat na lang si mama pag nanghingi ako ng pambili ng junk foods.

bata pa nga tlaga ako.

*first blood na naman ako. haha

♥nova-san said...

This post made me smile/laugh, because it's all so true! Especially #2. I am such a good saver, but then when decadence hits me square in the face, I end up stealing from myself! It's a mad, sad cycle of saving and spending. It's time to break the cycle somehow!!!

cedeux said...

awww... di ko pa nararansan yan
pero for sure kung may work ako ganyan din ako! hehehe

pero as of now number 1 ang ginagawa ko. i save from my allowance and right after exams i splurge! yippeee! hehehe

ingats palagi wand!=]

an ode from thee junkie said...

i miss wasting money with you!!!

love from s'pore


parang life ko to ah? lol.

blackdarkheart said...

jos ko akong ako ito! tatlong araw pa lang ng payday. nagkukumahog na naman ako sa pera naubos na ng pagbili ng kung anik anik! at wala pa din akong savings account after 3 years of working for the same company

MakMak said...

Ouch. Ahehehe. Reminds me of myself.

Turismoboi said...

well its about time to change right?

wanderingcommuter said...

kris canimo: hahaha. its a good thing your with your parents kapag nagipit ka. while me, i remember knocking on my landlord's door early morning just to borrow 100 php for embarassing!

nova san: hahaha... probably what i need is someone that would help me to control my spending.
when i was in college, i asked one of my blockmates to keep my atm. so that i wouldn't be able to withdraw.
when i ran short of money again and texted and begging her to return my atm, she told me that it was not yet time. she actually didn't attend class for three days.

cedeux: let this a reminder for you once you hit this period of your life. hehehe.

kat: naku, pagbalik mo dito may palagay akong marami tayong gagastusin mula sa wallet mo naman. hahaha

kj: hahaha. can relate din ba?! hahaha

blackdarkheart: parang talamak na problema na rin ata ito ng mga kabtaan ngayon. hahaha! which includes us, take note! hahaha!

makmak: direct hit ba tol?

turismoiboi: indeed, but its really hard to control it!

coldman said...

certified gastador din ako.

kakalungkot. =(

red riding odin hood said...

di pa ako nag-wowork pero sobrang magastos na ako!!!

Lately napapadalas na naglalakad ako papasok sa village namin mula sa hiway instead na naka-tricycle! (15 mins ang walk) kasi kahit piso wala na laman bulsa ko.hehe

Anonymous said...

Money money money. We can't have enough of it really.

Aba may O ka pa diyan. Haha. Masarap din maging single. Pero at the end of the day, parang mas masarap na isa lang ano?

wanderingcommuter said...

coldman: be proud tingin ko may ibibigay silang certificates sa atin...sino man sila?! hehehe...

red: naku, dyan ako nagsimula, nung wala pa akong work! prepare for the unexpected pag graduate mo...hehehe

bino: hahaha. wow!!!may punto ka! gusto ko siyang idugtong sa number 1! hahaha!

O...ooowwww!!! hehehe. (labo ng comment ko)

Cyrille Jan Pauline said...

aray!!! haha.

wanderingcommuter said...

hihihi... hindi nman. ok lng yun.

Anino said...

Pinariringgan mo ba ako,Wanderer?

Lance said...

The #1 on the list really hit me. It was so true and I just realized now na hindi pala un tama all the time... Yeah, that's always what I think when I get to spend a lot. Ok lang kc pinaghirapan din naman. but reading this post made me realize na hindi pala tama. sometimes kc naaabuso ko na ang line na ito eh... (sigh)