Wednesday, April 2, 2008

choose happiness

well, its been a long time since i've last posted something. but don't worry it has been for a good cause---or so i thought. after hundreds of post regarding my work, now, i could finally say that i am an official bum again.
yes, over the weekends after posting the last entry and tons of soul searching-as cliche as it could be, i have finally decided to quit work.
i didn't go to work for the last two days now and by tomorrow i am going there again( for the last time, isupposed) just to pass my resignation letter to my immediate supervisor. i know, i'll be needing to expect lots of compromissions and sweet talks again. but it would be different this time around. for i really stand firm about my decision of resigning.
i have already informed some of my close friends about it and even my family: and probably your guess is as good as mine about the first question they've asked: what are your plans now?
well, i will stick with my original plans of still pursuing law. in what school? with regard to what school? that is still something i really need to think about. nonetheless, it would still be at the top of my priorities.
second, i'll still be working. basically, because when i was in my first year whereas, i was still a fullt ime law student, i really couldn't imagine myself spending the rest of my 5 or more years sitting infront of law books memorizing and analyzing rigid text. i will still be screwing my self with work and studies at the same time.
where? that is something you need to watch for. but rest assured or as much as possible it would not be the same line of work that i previously had. because that would forfeit the purpose of everything that i have did for the past couple of days.
today, if there is one thing i am really looking forward to, that would be hitting the beach without thinking that i need to be in manila by the end of the weekend. i really miss the feeling and i am not going to put every second of it to waste. before the real and serious thing happens again this coming june.
finally, if there is one thing i have realized for the past days that would be, chosing and taking happiness is not always an easy thing to do because there are bunch of considerations that you need to consider. but with the proper attitude, timing, plans and guts eventually everything would just fall into their proper places.


Kris Canimo said...

i always believe that it is really important that you love your work, and you love what you are doing.

pursue your law schooling. if thats what you really love, more than anything else, if that will make you happy, go grab it. :D

hell, im back.

Mugen said...

Looking forward to see your out-of-town pictures. :)

Princhecha Fiona said...

"chosing and taking happiness is not always an easy thing to do" Oh so true. But what comes out of that choice is always well worth the 'sacrifice'. =p

♥nova-san said...

Choosing happiness is definitely not easy, because for one, the consequences of doing so may not be easy to manage. In your case, because you are so young, choosing a happy path is still relatively simple as you still have time and resources to back you up in case the consequences of choosing happiness become too difficult. But for someone like myself, who has a baby and others who depend on me, I cannot easily choose happiness over certain obligations, as the consequences of my actions might negatively affect those that are dependent on me.

But once upon a time, I was just like you, throwing caution to the wind and choosing the paths of happines. I've quit many jobs when I was younger in favor of traveling to Europe - all on a whim. So, congratulations to you for choosing to live life and trusting that everything will fall right where it needs to be.

Mel said...

happiness is something we generally WANT but not necessarily NEED, nevertheless, i stand by your decision... we're young and got lots to find out still... just hurry back from your current wanderings para hindi mahuli ang lahat, you know, walang regrets, hehe


Jepoy said...

Wish I can do the same and grab my own stuffs out of the office. I've been literally crying over the past few days and I feel like I'm having some clinical depression already.

But hey, that's just me, I've stood firm on my decision to quit this ob, but the outlying question would be when (?).

Wish I could have the same courage as you do. I'd have to second Nova-San's comment. Its quite hard if you have people depending on you.

For you kiddo, good luck and God bless. Choosing the path for your own happiness is never easy, but has always proven to be rewarding in the end. Take care!

Jepoy said...

Before I forget. Kung makapagresign din ao soon, sama naman akos abeach! hehehe!

CM Remarkable said...

uyyyyy, kaya pala nagparamdam ka.. i hope that you will be happy with your decision in life.. ako, malapit na rin, hahaha

Karl - Your Work Happiness Matters said...

Choosing happiness at work or in your personal life is one of the keys to enjoying what you do. If you don't want work at your current job make sure you have a plan and stick to it. You may get caught in a cycle of inactivity that only makes you feel worse.

Good luck!

Whitelight said...

God bless kuya wander....happiness is where your heart is.

jericho said...

uy gagala! sana makita mo ang happiness sa pagliliwaliw..;)

Carl said...

tama ka. sabi nga ng guru ko, the real winner is the one who wins over the most difficult of times.

but am i one? i know you are. law school ka na pala this sem. good luck sa iyo kapatid. you deserve good things.

Abou said...

hay... hirap maging masaya no? pero sometimes it is just a state of mind. just don't go afar looking for it. dahil kung minsan it is just there in a place where we left off, in a place we thought was an empty space...

wanderingcommuter said...

whitelight:, can you share me your whitelight.
karl: i usually get this comemnt from people i know. they tend to tell me that i should always plan the decisions that i make. but over the years, i tend to realize that life is so damn short for you to plan it. and most of the time, you end up getting frustrated. thus, knowing myself i tend to seize the moment. enjoy it but without stagnating myself into it.
CM: i will try my best!
jepoy: the offer is open. but this is not the classy and commercialized beaches.
mel: for me, happiness is a need rather than a want. rest assured guys, i would still keep posting my blog.
novasan: probably, for me its always not a matter of age rather it is a matter of the context or the situation you are at. it is indeed correct that having a family is one of the top priorities in considering one's personal happiness. nonetheless, i think that having a family is happiness itself. but you are correct that choosing one's happiness would really indeed affect other people's situation.

sayang naman. but probably if i were in your shoe i would take the europe option, selfish me!
princhecha fiona: hopefully. i am just crossing my finger for that.
mugen: indeed, i would post some!
kris canimo: but to begin with, dito sa bansa natin, it is rare as a blue moon kung makuha mo ang isang trabahong gusto mo kaya i think majority of the people here are having the same sentiments that i previously had.
on the other hand, there are other cases in which people just learned how to love the work they are at.

jericho: sama ka? hehehe...

karl: you definitely are one... thanks dude! may you also find your happiness which i think is already around.

abou: i'll keep that in mind, abou! thanks...ikaw pagpautloy mo lang ang paggala mo sa boracay!

Whitelight said...

kuya wander, i'll just shimmer off to you my white light hehe