Friday, April 25, 2008

10 things i want to do before i die

10. i want to learn how to fly a kite.
when i was a kid, we lived in a condo type building and everyday i would go to our terrace and check if there are any kites flying around.
there, i would just let myself to be envious with those kids below, flying their kites. wishing i know or i could fly one too.
nobody actually taught me how to fly a kite. my dad was abroad by that time and we don't have any neighbors that i could play with. so i grew up just watching kids buying and flying kites.
i tried buying one before. but the kite didn't even take a day. whenever i tried running the kite, it would just keep on hitting the ground.
now, i am just wishing that i was piolo pascual's son so he could teach me how to fly a kite. hahaha.

9. i want to ramp as a model for a clothing line.
i know its already something big just mere thinking about it. but you can't take my admiration to those people walking confidently on run ways. probably its because of the confidence or probably their body too. and i have heard that models never pass a week without sex. hahaha!

8. i want to sing for a band (done)
everybody knows that i am not a good singer. but whenever i think of the fact that gretchen barreto and judy ann santos have their own record, i couldn't simply think of any other reasons why i can't. you could argue the fact that there rich and possess lots of opportunities. but mark my words greta and juday, i will also get into that status and no matter or how much it would take, i will make sure that my album will reach the international market and go 5x platinum.

7. i want to be a travelling artist/philantropist
basically, this is what i want to be, once i am already retired. haay. i could just imagine the serenity of the white sand beach then there goes the ripper in his hawaiian/flowery cloak coming for me---smiling.

6. i want to visit the following countries:
spain because of its beautiful people, rich culture and history.
italy because of the romantic accent and delicious food.
hongkong because of tony leung, wong kar wai and the night market.
mexico because of gael garcia bernal, chilli tacos, buritos, thalia and the mayan civilization.
thailand because of the phuket shows and the temples.
amsterdam because almost everything is legal.
nepal for their marijuana bonnet although i don't smoke pot.
and india for taj mahal

5. i want to establish a foundation that would cater socio-civic developments against poverty and lack or maleducation.
you could only live your life once, so i always believe that you just don't have to live it to teh fullest. but you should also allow yourself to be an instrument for other people to live their life to the fullest as well.

4. i want to play for a broadway musical.
after watching rent. somehow it inspired me to play for a broadway character. i thibnk its so much fun and more emotional than the usual theater play.

3. i want to launch my own art exhibit.

although i still don't know what i'll put in it. but i am thinking of putting visual arts. although my folio is not yet that big to occupy an entire gallery. hopefully, by the time i am already at my 30s, i can or i will accomplish this.

2. i want to mount my own short film and/or video coumentary.
well, i am so into visuals and film and video documentary are one of my favorite. although i don't really want to sound like a poser just because indie films are making its way to the main stream. but i have already been into the craft even before almost everyone joined the wagon. but probably, this would be sooner than any of these on the list.

1. i want to have a child.
as most women nowadays would say, its fine to me to have a kid even if there is no husband.
well for me, this is not only because of social security issues when i grow old. but more with regard of still thinking of having a family of my own.


Abou said...

mukhang magtatagal ka pa ng 200 years old a. ha ha

jericho said...

ah ganun? hindi ako kasama sa reason sa pagpunta sa hong kong. mwahaha. joke!

red riding odin hood said...

i also want to travel to certain places, have my own art exhibit at have my own child!

amicus said...

asteg. i like your new template.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. You want to have a child. Pano kung may bf ka?

♥nova-san said...

Ahhh... you have the travelling bug, as I did. I've been to Spain, Italy and Amsterdam, and I would recommend those places to anyone, especially Amsterdam, as you can do almost anything without having to worry about legal consequences. That must be why I've vacationed there 3x already in my short life. Hahaha.

> Vanny said...

whoah! pursuing a singing career huh! ^^,
goodluck. :)


i'll take u to amsterdam city if u want..

just buy my airfare, and hotel accom, and pocket money..


i'll say amen to number 1.

Mel said...

nice list! apir!

Anino said...

Ang taas naman! Hindi maabot yung iba.

Timmääää said...

Good Job! :)