Tuesday, April 22, 2008

being green is always in

if you met me six years ago, you might knew me as an environmentalist rather than a social activist, a blogger or even a bum.
and the feeling is quite nostalgic. since i am currently here in bicol enjoying the rest of my vacation grande, communing with nature and mt. bulusan. hahaha!
anyhow, before i entered college, my activism-life started as green before it became red. i was religiously attending seminars, conferences, activities such as clean drives, tree plantings, eco runs and camps. i even remember one time that i've had the chance to work with some celebrity environmentalists such as chin chin guttierez and roy alvarez.
then when i entered college, i've became more socially inclined. nonetheless, i am proud to say that i was able to carry with me my environmentalist self.
i thought of posting this, because i just noticed that this year's earth day would probably be the most celebrated and recognized specialized day in the world.
when the world ought to celebrate international days or months for the lungs, heart, kidneys and even the prostrate, most people could not be even aware that such exist. thus, my loudest applaud to the various organization that made all of these possible.
well, i wouldn't tackle anything regarding various threats and effects of global warming, illegal logging or being a carnivore for crying out loud because considering the large amount of information that the media has already feeded us, i might bore people with the redundancy of it.
basically, i believe in a different perspective in dealing with environmental issues. although the aims are still in the same advocacy or goal. i believe that by the time human beings has prospered and developed their rationality to intelligence, they have become so human-centered. we have developed science and technology always inclined on our advantage and at the expense of our nature and the billions of other beings just like us who are tenants of the planet.
people should always consider that in everything that we do, we should not only think of the benefits to ourselves as humans.
indeed, life is the survival of the fittest. but how will the process of natural selection takes place if there is no longer any (natural) thing left to perform it?
i also don't want to sound really cheesy or too hard core in dealing with such issues. probably the only thing that i could contribute is for people to understand and comprehend these things to themselves. because at the end of all these, only our selves will be the one that would decide the future of our environment.

have a fruitful earth day!


Anonymous said...

let us all help to save the earth!

green minded ako.IN maging berde!:D

amicus said...

ang inet. plant more trees.
in maging green!

elayas said...

i joined the celebration with cafe cordillera.

earthday jam na kuya!


♥nova-san said...

I wish I were more green. Sadly, I never cared much for the environment, until recent years when the information age brought into the forefront the deterioration of our earth's atmoshphere. I do my little part, recycling, planting trees, etc., but have never been a true activist.

So yeah... thanks for making me feel guilty.


Happy Earth Day!

jericho said...

so you were green, then red .. and now, "greener" and pink? kidding! happy earth day!

dabo said...

ei happy earthday...

--- --

In 1789 Thomas Jefferson said:
“I say the Earth belongs to each generation.

No generation can contract debts
greater than may be paid during the
course of its own existence.”

--- --

i wish big old thom is alive today..

Kris Canimo said...

hahaha. andami ng greeeeeen!

WHITE said...
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WHITE said...

you are so greeen! heheh are you elphaba? =)

wanderingcommuter said...

kurisujae: hahaha...well, theres another way of looking at being green minded...hehehe!

amicus: for the shades, isuppose. hahaha.

elayas: waahh... i was invited with some of my friends din. unfortunately. im in bicol with a more greener jam. hahaha.

novasan: hahaha. i was laughing really hard reading your comment. hahaha. well, feeling guilty is sometimes a wonderful experience. hehehe

jericho: hahaha. green and pink don't really fit my skin tone. hahaha.

dabo: probably if he is still alive, he'll probably invent something to help mother nature...the optimistic side of me talking.

kris canimo: napaisip ako dun kung ano talaga nag tinutukoy mo. hahaha.

white: uhm...clueless. its ok to call me dumb, but what or who is elphaba? hahaha

WHITE said...

@wander: i did not call you dumb. =) elphaba is the green-colored witch in the musical Wicked. ring a bell? if not, never mind about it. hehe

vampire angelus said...

we should all take a proactive role in sustaining a healthy environment.
we shouldn't just wear green as a reminder of earth day.
everyday is earth day. ^_^