Monday, December 22, 2008

the unveiling

based from what i have observed, blogging could be considered as the new chatting. it is becoming so popular these days that often than not, most of the blogs that i have hopped into are just plain mediocres.

oh no, if you got offended, don't think that i am claiming authority about it as a backfire. because i am still open with the possibility that at the end of all these, i may still be eating my own words.
so why is blogging the new chatting?

some would claim that it is an escape from the superficiality of chatting just to know someone from cyberspace. if you are looking for romance and/or even sex but you always get rejected in the chatting scene because of ... you know. these people think that if it looks (oops!) is not an option for them. then trying or even sounding "intellectual" might probably do the trick. thus, blogging is the best place of building one's ego and image.

unlike chatting, blogging would not really require you to use any pictures in order for you to get some readers. though some actually do (spare me the video blogs please. hehehe. peace!) thus, you tend to build an image out of the entries that you posts. some are successful, some are not.

its just like packaging sharon cuneta or kc concepcion. its not really necessary to have awesome talents. you just need to know the right strategies and techniques in order for you to sell yourself and have, not only good readers, but also established audience and even friends.

the fisherman
when confucious said, give a man a fish and he'll live for the day. but teach a man how to fish and he'll live for his entire life, he didn't think that it can create an overpopulation of fishermen in the seas that fishing has transgresses itself to land and even in cyber space.

how can someone fish in cyberspace?
simple, you just have to hook a "pa-naive," "pa-humble" and self pitiful image as a bait and then throw it on your post. then if someone sympathizes and kisses your ass--- then there goes your catch.

the ackward

just to make things straight i have nothing against body exposure and infact, i believe that appreciation to body proportion is always a relative thing and i myself doesn't have a good one as well. but the existence of the word ackward made everything quite differently. it set boundaries and the moment you utterly expose your body in a general audience that doesn't appreciate such, then the word pops up.

i never believe that there is such thing as art for art sake because if you are going to thoroughly understand it, you create art not for art itself. for there is no such being. you create either for self expression or for other people to appreciate. thus, it should have a purpose rather than associating it to art alone. its a lame excuse, if you'll ask me.

the "E" maniac

ofcourse, blogs are created to jot down something about yourself. something personal from which you want to share to the public. but reality will tell us the anything in excess is bad. thus, we need to know that we have to avoid getting an impression from our readers that the world doesn't revolve on us alone. but if you just keep on rubbing in things about yourself, readers may think that you are just one of those ego maniac roaming around this planet. advertising yourself like a cheap product in tv shopping.

narealize ko lang lately siguro in demand sa states ang mga ganitong mukha.

charice pempengco

arnel pineda


in second thought, MAGKAMUKHA SILA!!!


PUSANG-gala said...

blogging is the best place of building one's ego and image.----totoo yan----so one should be careful in the blogosphere---there are a lot of fake people. Good thing, we could choose who we want to be with....just learn to say no siguro~~~

bulitas said...

kung alam lang ng mga kano na mas marami pang mga magagaling na singers sa pinas bukod kina charisse at arnel, wala na, taob ang mga maraming kano. haha.

dabo said...

oh my gash.. you can't help it don't you?

Niel Camhalla said...

Oh my gash. Ito ba yung war freak na blog na sinsabi ni Dabo?


amicus said...

haha. oo nga no? baka bumenta din ako sa istets!

Mr. Scheez said...

Most of what you've written here resonates with what I think is the trend going on in blogsphere.

Ayan, at least meron na nagsulat para sa akin. Hirap ako mag-ingles eh. Hahaha =)

mel beckham said...

Na-offend ako.

~Virtual kalmot and sabunot @Ewik~


Mugen said...

Remember Ewwwik, in the end, blogging is just a means of expression. Those who are so full of themselves die out in time, while those who can see the world bigger than them thrives.

Hindi ako pwede magpakita ng mukha eh, at least sa katawan man lang, pwede kong sabihin na totoong tao ako. Hehehe.

Chyng said...

Blogging is...
the new Malate!

>> sabe ng friend ko.
Yun lang! (--,)

Mr. Scheez said...

@Chyng - Dahlen, natawa ako sa 'yo. Ganon na ba katindi? Hindi naman siguro, hehehe.

But like all trends, meron itong tipping-point. Pag na-reach na yun, balik na ulit sa normal ang pagba-blog: journal entry. =)