Monday, December 1, 2008

my top 100 films (50-40)

50. eternal sunshine of a spotlessmind (2004)

what if there is something that will allow you to erase all tragic memories and experiences that you have, will you take it? this film tells us the story of two couples who have decided to wiped off their memories they have with one another. then one day, the two met again and felt something different. basically, the two started from scratch again and eventually realized something.

i say: one of the most interesting sci-fi films i have seen. visually engaging and the kind of film that will make you think even after the show.

49. lady in the water (2006)

a story of different people living within the same condominium and how they figure out, strategize and play different roles in order to rescue a water nymph from a vicious mystical wolf.

i say: not your ordinary bedtime story that is wittingly thought and imagined. now, i am thinking how does shyamalan's kids think after their father tells these kinds of stories before they go to bed?

48. a mother's prayer (1995)

how will a single mother who is diagnosed with aids prepare her (aids negative) son with the life ahead of them? the struggle of a mother to explain her son the complication of life and an innocent son trying to understand.
i say: the issue of aids is always something that tears my heart. the movie will give us a different story from the usual story from which the said issue is always attached. a must see. if this will not make you cry, you might consider calling in your mother and ask her what happened to you. hehehe. just kidding!

47. not one less (1999)
it centers on a substitute teacher in one remote village in mainland china. despite, wei minzhi is just 13 years old, she was asked to look for the entire class. because of poverty, these kids are forced to head to the city and worked there. the teacher told her to make sure that when he returns back the class should not be one less or else she will not receive a penny.
i say: moving and ridiculously real

46. tanging ina (2003)

a comedy film that tells the story of a mother who was left with 11 children by her three dead husbands. how she struggled to bring them up in the most outrageously funny way.

i say: some may argue, why i included this film on the list. but this is one of my favorite comedy films. probably because i know the head writer, who happens to be one of my formers orgmates as well.. hahahaha!

45. criminal (2004)

a very well told film that tackles the story of a young man played by diego luna, who is being assisted by a man to conduct criminal acts just to find out something else--- the real culprit.
i say: magnificent twist that will leave you aghast.

44. bayaning third world (2000)

an alternative way of documenting the life and works of dr. jose rizal.

i say: probably, from the birth of philippine cinema we have seen different treatments in portraying the story of our national hero. but this film is different from the rest since its not spoonfed. since it enables the viewers to think, ask and participate.

43. lalaki sa parola (2007)

the film depicts the story of two men who found themselves exploring life, love and each other inside a lighthouse. i say: nice story. but lacks in the actors' execution.

42. a very very long engagement (2004)

the story tells how a young girl held and work to the promise of her fiancee to return back from a war.

i say: once of the nicest film ending that i have seen. very interpretative.

41. eternal summer (2006)

the typical love of three highschool students who shared love and the pitfall of it. it started with the relationship of two best friends and how it was changed upon the arrival of another character in their circle.

i say: aside from the nice storyboard and execution, what i also love above this film is how it carry your mood through its production. it is, as if, you are actually inside the screen as well.

40. gia (1998)
based from the true story of gia, one of the most famous model ever lived and walk the run way. despite being lesbian, rugged-looking and free spirited. gia has made everyone love and appreciate her beauty. the only problem is, she doesn't know how to love back and the worst just yet to come.

i say: for me, the best film made by angelina jolie. the movie is definitely moving and keeps you wanting for more..
39 movies to go....


gillboard said...

I only saw four of the films in this list. Ang taas ng Lady in the Water ah. It's my least favorite Shyamalan movie.

mel beckham said...

Tanging Ina should be in the top 10. lol

MkSurf8 said...

super laugh trip ang Tanging Ina.

so moved by Not One Less. ;-)

Mr. Scheez said...

I loooooooooove Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Kate Winslet was robbed of an Oscar for this film. One of the finest performances of an actress in decades. Jim Carrey was good too.

I also loooooooooooove Mike De Leon's Bayaning Third World. Filipino directors should learn from Mike talaga.

Great list Ewik! =)

~Kinesics said...

I love Eternal Sunshine....and Eternal Summer! :)


joaqui_miguel said...

Wow! 39 to go! Whew! :)

Chyng said...

Oohh, interesting batch! And I cant wait for the top 20! (wala pa yung mge bet ko dito, hope tumama ako!)

the donG said...

grabe ang dami ko palang hndi napapanood na movies. saan mo ba to nahahanap? parang hindi ko kasi napansin na pinalabas to sa sinehan.


i haven't seen the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, but hey, ive been hearing lotsa good feedback.

a very looooong engagement! FTW!

my-so-called-Quest said...

as far as i can remember Gia was the first angie movie i watched. galing nyang umarte dun.

gusto ko rin yung eternal sunshine. at yung tanging ina. tamang laughtrip! ai ai and eugene really made me laugh! hehehe

Abou said...

a very long angagement. the best!!!! supporting lang diyan si jodie foster at french fil pa sya. ganda ng story, cinematography, acting! nasa top 5 dapat sya he he