Monday, December 8, 2008

my top 100 films (39-30)

39. eating out 1-2 (2004 and 2006)
a comedy film that dwells into the issue of sex and sexuality.

i say: a lighter way to put up the issue of gender rather than ridicule and slap stick comedy.

38. ploning (2008)
what is life ahead for a woman who have learned to wait for the love that will never return.

i say: in fairness to this film, aside from the quotable quotes, it will leave you thinking and relating to yourself.

37. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
the biographical film of the story, journey and life of cuba's most famous political (and shirt) icon, ernesto che guevara.

i say: don't worry the story didn't dwell to much of the revolutionary side if you are not into progressive movies.

36. boy culture (2006)
it narrates the story of a male escort and how he has been entanggled with his own complicated notion of life, love and sex.

i say: well thought and gives a deeper meaning with "alternative" lifestyle.
35. the dreamers (2003)
how much would give out for the sake of art, film and the revolution? this was the question given to three teenagers during the height of the youth movement in france.

i say: disturbing... it will leave you questioning your own self--- how much?

34. mal educacion (2004)
what if you'll wake up knowing that the education being thought to you was all false? and above all, the person who will debunk this will be your very own teacher?

i say: you know why i like gael garcia bernal? its because he attacks the institution with a valid ground... a real life thing!

33 pan's labrynth (2006)
a girl who created a fantasy amidst the war and internal conflict she is experiencing during the spanish civil war and when her mother married another man.

i say: nicely weaved. never thought that this someone could actually put in something very heavy into a bed time story.

32. km. 0 (2000)
a spanish film that dwells into the coincidentality and inter-connectedness of life.

i say: almost realistic, if not for one character, just look for it yourself.
31. beautiful boxer (2003)
after her appearance, thailand's mua tai personalities learned to never judge someone from what s/he looks like. based from the true story of the first transvestite mau tai champion and her struggle for acceptance and quest for the right place to fit in.

i say: sexist and chauvanist beware!!! be warned, not all people who wear high heels cannot make a flying or a round house kick.

30. bath house (2005)
a story of a man who struggled to look for his self and his own space in the shadows of bath houses in manila.
i say: realistic, wonderfully written, minus the direction and the actors...


Abou said...

among this set, i've only seen one. Beautiful boxer. brave character. his choice is even braver.

gillboard said...

wala akong masyadong napanuod sa list na ito.. Pan's Labyrinth lang.

nova-san said...

From this set, I've only watched the Motorcycle Diaries. I love Gael Garcia Bernal also. I'm partial to all of his movies.

Oh, and some of the best roundhouse and flying kicks have been from people who wear high heels!

Mugen said...

Biased ka sa mga gay indie films ha!

Pan's Labyrinth is too dark for a bed time story. I had bad visions before I slept after watching the film at past midnight.

jericho said...

i've seen most of these films. gael rocks! and hot to boot! ... perfect as che guevarra... hehe

bwisit! said...

i love the dreamers and bad education. the kids in the dreamers reminded me of some of my brother's friends. well, it reminded me of myself back when i was still obsessed with movies. trip ko yung scene where the cinephiles would sit in front of the cinema so they would receive the images before every one else does... bad education, on the other hand, was truly wicked. i love, i love aldomovar! baklang bakla siya.

Chyng said...

Yun na, pasok nga ang Beautiful Boxer! Pero bakit mas mataas ang rating over BathHouse?! Oh well, list mo yan! hehe

Uy, eating out 1&2 ha..
Parang dapat ko icheck yung Male Culture.. Hanapin ko yan!

~Kinesics said...

:( I haven't seen #38 and #30!!! :(

I loooooooove Pan's Labyrinth!!!


the donG said...

ni isa wala akong napanood dito. kahit ploning. may nagrecommend sa akin ng pans labyrinth pero hindi ko rin napanood.


bath house pa lang napanood ko. though interesting silang lahat. wala kasi akong dvd at tv sa kwarto. tsk

Aethen said...

Ayos! Kasali ang Ploning! I hope they'll best in Oscars