Friday, December 12, 2008

my top 100 films (29-20)

29. lihim ni antonio (2008)
at such a young age, antonio already know what he wants. but in such a young age as well, he have also experienced the downfalls of it.

i say: wittingly done. definitely lifted its director and writer after lalaki sa parola.

28. science of sleep (2006)
how can a young man with a vivid imagination live if he can not differentiate reality from dream?

i say: aside from its another gael garcia bernal, the film is very experimental and aesthetically creative.

27. ken park (2002)
the film tells the story of a group of teenagers living in among abusive home in a suburban community in america and how they have cope up with this fate.

i say: extremely disturbing. the film tends to drag its audiences among the issues posed by each characters.

26. beautiful thing (1996)
a coming-of-age film that depicts the story between two boys and how they have proved to their family and neighbor their relationship despite their innonce.

i say: personally, one of the best love story i have seen.

25. priscilla, queen of the desert (1994)
the story of three drag queens who journeyed all across australia to perform an annual ritual as a personal celebration of themselves as humans.

i say: an eye opener.

24. in the mood for love (2000)
a secret illicit love affair that blossomed between the walls of their apartments and how they have hide it from the eyes of people around them and even to the eyes watching the film.

i say: a wong kar wai's movie favorite. you'll be needing to watch it twice to understand the entire movie.

23.chungking express (1994)
the film tells two different stories about a policeman who tries to be the best of his profession and a girl who lives the best of her life: and how the film have weaved the unrelatedness of their lives.

i say: another wong kar wai that will drive your brains 250 km/sec.

22. amelie (2001)
the film narrates the story of a free spirited girl who tried to make everyone close to him smile despite the difficulties of their lives and how she hesitated when fate decided to give her, her share of happines.

i say: i find the film a philosophical one in the lightest treatment a film creator can do.

21. in the time of the butterflies (2001)
based from the true story of the mirabel sisters during the tyrannic regime of rafael trujillo. how these sisters made their voices be heard in a very repressive and patriarch country.

i say: a very moving film that will make us realize that political and social change chose no gender. trivia: the International Day Against Violence Against Women was established in commemoration of the mirabel sisters.

20. starcrossed (2005)
a short film that tells the story of two star crossed lovers who also happened to be brothers.

i say: i can't remember anymore how many times i have posted this film on my blog. ironically, its just to good to miss out.


Eben said...

Wow malapit na matapos ang countdown!Sa list na 'to, Amelie pa lang ang napanood ko...

Chyng said...

Last 20 na, wala pang yung inaabangan ko...

Abou said...

wala yata akong nakita among this set he he i think i need to watch more movie ha ha waiting for the rest of the 100.

Mr. Scheez said...

Syet! Paborito ko Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I've watched it like a million times na. Landi ko, hehehe =)

Dominic N said...
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the donG said...

amelie lang napanood ko sa batch na to.

yoshke said...

i love wong kar wai's films. hihi.
and amelie. nasa top films ko rin yan and in the mood! ( )

havent seen science of sleep yet.

dabo said...

off topic:

Please kindly update the link. Got a new hq.


bananas said...
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bananas said...

always break into tears whenever i watch in the times. the mirabal sisters are THE mirabal sisters. their story is depressing as it is enraging.

dazedblu* said...

Geez, I missed reading this blog, esp yer film countdown.. darn it!

Kewl, I lurv the films you included on this batch, even those prior to this. Haha, now I'm excited with the top 10 ;)

PUSANG-gala said... mean to say you watched all of them? there are a lot of films here in your list that I didn't even know exist......

gillboard said...

Amelie lang napanuod ko dito... di ako masyado mahilig sa Asian films

Mugen said...

Aliw yung picture nung star crossed. hehehehe.

Pahiram nung Queen of the Desert ba yun.