Monday, December 15, 2008

the star i know

i just knew you as a star from this world i have run for sanctuary.
and you were the first people who lent his ears and shoulders to me.
we exchange ideas, opinions, facts and fantasies.
you allowed me to enter you fortress' wall
and toured me around those dark hidden chambers.

then i have realized that there is actually a different sweetness beyond chocolates. there is life beyond being awake.
and despite the beer being bitter, we must admit we still enjoyed it.
we may have a gone different streets.
in a world that i will always understand
but chose just to pass. i value the friendship we have.

so in this special day, let me give back those smile. in my own special way.

hehehe....hempey bewtdey, kuya joms!


kiel said...

can it be you are slightly in love with this star?

Anonymous said...

Weeee birthday pala ni mugen. Hihi.

Mugen said...

Maraming salamat Ewwwik!! Flattered ako dude. :)

Chyng said...

Nadistract ako kay Yael...

Oh, Mugen is Joms pala. Haberdey!

gillboard said...

makikibati din ako dito... belated happy berdey mugen!!!

Nagpainom ba siya?

odin hood said...

"and you were the first people who lent his ears and shoulders to me."

sakin din... kaya sobrang tnx tlaga kuya joooooooms!! hehe

wooohooo nameet ko na si kuya joms in person hehe and on his birthday pa! happy birthday!!

Kiks said...

ang sweet naman nito... happy bday mugen.

at talagang me offering. :D

jericho said...

ang sweet naman ng ewik. teka .. batiin ko muna si mugen sa blog nya .. hehe

the donG said...

lupit ng greetings! oo nga kala ko kung sino si joms. si mugen pala.

yoshke said...

aaaaaaw. ang sweet naman.

at birthday pala nya. punta ako sa blog nya, NOW NA!

Yj said...

hahahaha i swear nakaka distract nga si YAEL.... pero ang sweet ng post na toh!!!