Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my top 100 films (19-10)

19. flowers of algernon (1968)

charlie gordon is a 37 year old special person that has an iq of 68. but despite his state charlie is contended with his simple life as a janitor in a plastic box factory and a student in an institution that specializes to people of his alike. until one day, a team of scientist invited him to undergo a series of surgeries and experiments that promise him to triple his iq. the experiment was successful and became famous. but this literally changed his once simple life.

i say: this movie tells us that sometimes the best things in life are in simple things.

18. hihintayin na lang kita sa langit (1991)

a love story accented with hate, jealousy and revenge. it tells the story of four individuals entangled between the love of twoand how this romance ended up in tragedy.

i say: i was still in elementary when i last saw this movie but until now i could still clearly remember it.

17. ora pronobis (1989)

the film tells the story of a middle class family and how they survived the first world war.

i say: one of the philippine's finest.

16.talk to her (2002)

a story of love and friendship. benigno and marco met in a hospital, where the love of their lives are checked in because of seperate accidents that put them in coma. they found and realized a close bond of friendship between them and their love to their girlfriends. until one day, a intriguing news broke out that put their friendship and love into test.

i say: definitely disturbing but its trageic twist will make you realize the justification of it.

15. love actually (2003)

a comedy romance film that portrays a number of love stories in different aspects of love and how they were linked to one another as the story progresses.

i say: although the movie missed one aspect, i still find it one of my favorite comedy romance story.

14. life is beautiful (1997)

the movie tells the story of a jew father during the nazi period and how he used his imagination in order for his son to understand what was happening and survive the hostile period.

i say: i just can't stop myself from crying after watching this film.

13. blossoming of maximo oliveros (2005)

this depicts the story of a gay teen who is torn between his love for a young cop and his loyalty to his very accepting patriarch family.

i say: probably, one of the pioneers in the philippine indie movies. i love this film for it portrayed an idelistic but fighting gay teen amidst his own vulnerability.

12. cinemaparadiso (1988)

a story of friendship between a small boy and a movie reeler in a remote village in italy and how their friendship blossomed and helped the boy to survive the trials in his life.

i say: if this movie is not a 3 hour movie, i would probably put it on my number 1. nonetheless, it is still worth the watch and time!

11.shortbus (2006)

it narrates the diversity of sexuality among new yorkers while revolving around the stories of two gay couple, a lady sex therapist who can't experience orgasm and a lady dominatrix.

i say: an eye openener. both literally and figuratively.

10. irreversible (2002)

the film's story started from end to beginning. it tells the story of three individuals that fell down in a trageic trap of misidentity and misunderstanding.

i say: one of the most disturbing movies i have ever seen. monica belluci's acting was just superb! a must watch


gillboard said...

Life Is Beautiful... One of the few movies that made me cry like a baby!!!

I love that movie..

Allen Yuarata said...

wala man lang akong napanood kahit isa jan. haha.

bryz25 said...

parang mali ata ung oro pronobis? should it be oro plata mata??? first world war or second??

oro pronobis (pray for us depicts life after edsa revolution. lino pointed out that nothing really changed. same human rights abuses are happening.

hope u wont mind.

odin hood said...

life is beautiful is beautiful, made me laugh n made me cry. and parang si dolphy ung father hehehe

malapit na rin matapos ang top 100 films mo hehe dapat may recap

Mr. Scheez said...

Wala ako napanood kahit isa dito. Yung Ora Pronobis nasimulan ko pero di ko natapos. I can't help comparing this movie kasi with Brocka's other film Insiang, which for me has the most near perfect screenplay of all Filipino movies. =)

the donG said...

Life is Beautiful is really good. i've watched it twice and bought a copy of it.

MakMak said...

I didn't know that there was a film adaptation of Flowers for Algernon. I have read the short story and I liked it.

Najua Scribbles said...

Hihintayin kita sa langit, the best!


Aethen said...

life is beautiful my all time fave. I watched it more than ten times.

Great list.

Happy holidays!

kalansaycollector said...

oh cool. how i wish napanood ko some of the said films. ;)

Chyng said...

Wow, Pinoy at Foreign (not american) movies!

Life is Beautiful kahit Italian ang salita, pinanood ko pa din! haha

Maximo, PREMIERE night ko pinanood sa UP! Kasama ang cast! bongga!

Chyng said...

Merry Christmas Eric!

Looking For The Source said...

merry christmas!


god bless!

Looking For The Source said...

merry christmas!


god bless!

Lance said...

oi, Merry Christmas!

Sayang wala talaga akong napanood kahit isa sa mga films na nandito sa list..hehehe


Looking For The Source said...

merry christmas!


god bless!


gusto ko mapanood yung cinema paradiso. ive been hearing a lot of good comment sa movie na yan. darn it.


and merry christmas pala :P weeee

dak said...

merry christmas!

Ely said...

off topic: Merry Christmas!!!

the spool artist said...

yup, hihintayin kita sa langit was one of the first filipino movies that i got my heart and teeth on. and of course, life is beautiful is a genuinely beautiful movie!

xxxborgexxx said...
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xxxborgexxx said...

a vote for life is beautiful
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happy new year
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